Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Taste of local.

I really do miss coming home and see my grandma cook a table of good food for dinner. It lasts until a few months ago until my grandma had to quit cooking because my siblings and I are on diet , and honestly nobody would eat rice anymore. Either way, she still cook once in a while . I guess this is the time where she can finally let herself loose. She have been cooking since forever and I think it's just time for her to just go out with her friends for karaoke or to head out with my grandpa.
And even if she cooks , she now cook western food instead of chinese.

You have no idea how much I miss eating chinese food . Even if I dine outside , it would be western , japanese or korean because my friends and I normally don't head for chinese. My definition of chinese food is , a round table filled with people with a few dishes and rice. That is the chinese I demand for.

So , I went to Petaling Street which the tourist call it - Chinatown for dinner. It cracks me up when they say it's becoming Bangla street which is true. 

This picture is supposed to be artistic but all I've got is just an iphone4s .

And so , we settled down at the famous Kum Lin Kee . 

It has more 'feel' sitting at the cranky old table by the road side, looking at people bargaining price for the fake branded goods.

The must have chilli and lemon , lol.

Claypot lou shu fun .

I have been craving for this for a quite sometime. I still think the puchong one I used to go with my girls is the best.

What's the point of visiting that place without the famous hokkien mee?

I can say that the quality did drop a little but it's still the best. 

This is a super tourist picture! 

Even though this is not the ideal type of dinner I want but it's good. Good enough to make me feel so guilty the next day about how much calories I have taken in. I guess, once in a while is still going to be okay :)

And this post is also to tell people who thinks I don't go to hawker stalls but only up scale restaurant , that I'm just a normal person. Of course, everyone would love to read about restaurant who have pretty designs and good presentation of food. I love mamak  , especially Murni. I don't post about them because it's not pretty . But the food photos came out pretty good so it deserve to be up here. 
I mean, 
How can someone think that I don't eat hawker stalls?


Now, I'm craving for them again.