Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thousand miles I walked step by step , just for you .

I swear I already typed the full post ytd and planned to post it up here today
so just now I'm trying to find the post and I couldn't find it , guess
I didn't save it and now , I'm too lazy to type back everything .
It was like so loooooooooong and now , it's gone ! stupid -.-

I finally changed to blogspot , YAY ?
Blogdrive since 2005 and now , I'm leaving it .
It piss me off so so much and now I give up already.
Photobucket and flickr is like so slooooooow .
My memory in photobucket is full memory edi
and if I want upgrade , I need to pay .

Stupid photobucket , go die xD

So ,
I'm trying to simplify it and I actually already forget what had happened.
Oi , you don't expect me to remember everything that happened
a few days ago right ? LOL.

Tuesday ,
Reached Starbucks,Taipan around 4.30pm
and I told them I'll be there at 2.30pm .
When I reached , they gave me that kind of stare TT

Was trying to study at Starbucks and it fail terribly.
I'M SERIOUS KAY ! I brought my workbooks but then..sigh.
I spend an hour to answer two sejarah question -.-'
And then I give up of doing it , too many distractions . LOL.

Alot of pictures with Suetteng : D

there's more in facebook.
If you're too lifeless , you can check it out in facebook.
If you don't want to then dont . wtf.

Xuehqi' momma come over to fetch us to Ryan's house .
Stuck in the traffic for like an hour so we camwhored.
Don't give me -.-' look , I throw slippers at you ar !!

Again , in facebook.

When we're camwhoring in the car , the lorry man behind the car
was like giving us that weird stare and I laughed , hee.

Reached Ryan's house around 5pm , went to his tv room
to watch thai horror movie named "Coming Soon"
and it scare hell outta us . We screamed then Ryan gave us that stare.

Suetteng : *opens the toilet then screamed*
Me : *screamed*
Ryan&Xuehqi : *stare* what happened?
Me : Idk , i see her scream then i scream.

End up, Suetteng make me go into the toilet with her.
So I stared at the wall for like 30 seconds .

Finished the movie and don't watch if you don't have guts , seriously.
I still can remember the face of that stupid fella
and you know what , she don't wear slippers and she doesnt have that much hair
and she like to come her hair . crazy fella .

Suetteng and I went over to pyramid , walk around
then to Forever 21 :D

Sigh , girls girls *shakes head*

Walk around aimlessly , have a good talk tho.
Dinner at Kimgary's then back to Ryan's around 10pm or later.
Talked in the room for a very very long time .
Reached home around one something .
Before that , pictures .

Went online then out to KL , again -.-'
back around 3 plus , slept at 4 .

Will update soon and I seriously need to study.
Don't give up on me : D

Miss Cal ? *eyebrows*

There he is .

Love Car Car , lol.