Thursday, October 31, 2013

Then, I realized.

I can't recall since when I have become dependent on caffeine. I remember I don't like how it tasted like, when there's no sugar involve - until I read an article saying that it could help to increase our metabolism rate. And slowly, I learn to take the bitterness.Then it will slowly taste good. 

Just like how things are .
You might hate it now but when you do it continuously, you will start to enjoy it. It will slowly be a routine, and then a habit that you don't realize you already have.

I was with a book and this cup of cappucino alone in the cafe. After a whole ten minutes of reading, I wanted to take a break because my eyes are tired. So I put my book down and bring this cup of goodness to my lips, taking a sip and look around. After that, I realize that everyone have a companion in the cafe. Some of them are couples , or with their group of friends , some just came after work since they are in their office attire.

Looking around , and suddenly it hits me that I am all by myself.

Don't get me wrong, I am fine being alone . It's just that, that day hit me a little harder than usual that - I am actually feeling lonely. 

Just, very lonely.

I wasn't upset or sad over anything. I wasn't feeling awkward or ashame of myself , being alone. It just a kind of empty feeling in my heart when I realize I couldn't come up with any names whom I want to be with, right now. And , that make me realize how independent I am.

I have friends , but literally feel all alone..

I am not sure whether this is a good thing or so. I do ask people out, and sometimes go all pleading them to have time for me. And slowly, I just get lazy of making effort. Even if they want to hang out, I just feel so lazy. Sometimes, I even want to go home early to just surf the net. 

So I put down the cup of coffee and lick the foam which is stained above my lips , thinking why am I liking to be alone.

Was it for the peace , or the fear of having dramas , or maybe I'm tired of talking to people. It's just not fun to keep on talking or keep finding topic to talk about. I'd like to listen now because I have been talking my whole life through lol.

So that day, I had two cup of coffee which I know that I'll regret later at night. 

I pick up my book and read again , getting lost in the words of John Green . I picture every scene in my mind, feeling myself sink in the world of his writing. 

Then I realized that, I cure my loneliness in the world of his writing ; thinking that I am the character in his book. I can't believe how much I don't enjoy being myself. Sometimes, I just want to disappear like I don't exist - you know? 

I want to be the author of my life. 

But sometimes,
I wish someone could do it for me because maybe, they will do a better job at it. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I am pretty sure this place contrast with my outfit again. Now, I'm hating how my own fashion sense whenever I step into a place doesn't match with it. It just doesn't go along when I want to take pictures.

The other day where the girls wanted a chill hang out after dins. We decided to head to Citta Mall, which was pretty random. Instead of taking coffee, we went over to Wondermilk. I only know that they have adorable rainbow cakes . I didn't know that they actually have drinks or dine in. The only Wondermilk I know is in publika , and it's pretty small. 

I love how vintage the design is , 

Look at the contrast of my army tee and the background. And trust me, this is not the first time I feel total out of place. I need some floral vintage dress or something.

Lol, I was smiling because posing for too long is getting weird.

I had Caramel Milk , and it was good. I like Caramel , alot. I can't say that I am into sweet things , but caramel is one of my favorite flavors. Even just a little, is enough to satisfy my taste buds and I wouldn't carve for anything some more. Even if you're going on diet, you shouldn't cut off sweet things right away. Maybe take a sweet once in awhile when you feel tasteless in everything you eat. Somethings , eating clean does make you feel this way.

And more pictures taken of me with my cup of drink , with pretty background that doesn't match with my outfit and a pot of flower .

Sometimes, I wonder if I should move to tumblr instead of blogging. I just don't like typing too much. I've started tumblr - follow me! Check on your right.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another Sunday.


That was suppose to be a halloween make up but I guess, I'm not gonna celebrate halloween again. I never celebrated halloween anyways. I was too lazy to remove my make up after the wedding lunch so I just throw up a tanktop with cardigan , with comfortable leggings and head to the twins tower. It was supposed to be just walking around , doing window shopping. We were so full from the lunch but in the end, we went for tea time .

It was crowded everywhere , even Harrods was full so we went to the Ben's . I still remember how angry I was when I missed the teatime with Jessie the last time .

Hello to you too.

Sometimes little things count and this totally made my day because I was pretty down that few days for , no reason. 

This will be my favorite coffee art , lol.


And the three tier goodness ,

Gosh, my wink failed.

Sad to say, it wasn't as good as I expected eventhough it's cheap. It's around RM59.90 for this set with two teas , not exchangeable with coffee. I think delicious was so much better - taste better and because we can order coffee too. As much as I like Earl Grey tea, I still prefer to satisfy my addiction towards caffeine . And the choices of cake wasn't good though. They chose brownie because I didn't want any cake. 


My make up is seriously very thick. I suddenly feel like the stepmother in Snow White. This is a different kind of red shade which was is darker , no matte based. In other words, definitely look wicker . 

Do I put off this well - you judge. 


And as romantic it is, we went out to the park and take a stroll . Obviously skipping dinner because we had too much in a day. I was so happy because I finally bought a new book :)

I always love lights . 

I'm not sure if my dream is to have an apartment being able to look at beautiful city lights or a normal house which I could have a swimming pool for pool party. 


Friday, October 25, 2013

Styling Icon ; 2NE1 Park Bom

It have been a while since I've blog about clothings. I wanted to use the word 'fashion' but I don't think I'm qualify to use so. I'm getting lazier these days. Now, I'm going all comfortable and casual. By following the trend, I actually bought a few pairs of leggings to pair with my long tees. 

I always like complicated prints . Before this, I was crazy over animal prints. I have alot of it now so I go a step higher by buying bohamian or rather messy prints. It might seemed a little too exaggerating to be put on but trust me that it will make you look slightly slimmer. Especially those complicated prints or digital prints which focus on your waist - it definitely work magic.

And ,
I got these style inspirations from one of my favorite kpop girl group, 2NE1 - my bias, Park Bom.

Look at how beautiful she is.

I cannot deny that it's obvious that she undergo surgeries to look like this but it's not going to change what I think of her. She has an amazing voice , not to say one of the most perfect figure in the whole industry and those long doll-like legs which I love ( because I have a pair which I hate alot out of every part of my body).
As I fan, I just hate how people just comment on how much surgeries she have been through instead of her singing. Like seriously bitches , have you listen to Don't Cry acoustic version live -.- 

But that's not the whole point of it. 

Right now, I want to talk about the way she dress on stage or off stage. She normally wears bodycon / tight dresses. She looks amazing in it because she really do have the body to do so. I love how she wear those dresses with complicated prints on it. 

Like these.

I think this is misfits ?

The lastest , Kesh x American Apparel design :)

Mary Katrantzou .

Which obviously, is altered shorter .

Mary Katrantzou , again in Falling in love.

Givenchy! - which is my favorite brand currently because of the prints.

I love her dresses , practically with everything she wore on stage with those prints. It's just amazing how the stylist alter the dresses to show off her assets. The givenchy one is obviously a shirt , but look at how amazing it is on her and looking like a dress.

Besides that , she did wear plain colours and 'normal' designs too . Not alot of people liking girls wearing such crazy prints. I hate how people restrict girls should tone down in fashion, wearing paler colour or softer tone. Please -.- Not every girl wants to go all the fairytale style all the time. I like to be a bad ass, kenot izzit -.-

The middle one is Mary Katrantzou and the right one is , Alexander Wang latest collection which is so pretty!

She does look good in mini bodycon dresses, no?

She even rock in pants.

I know that you are gonna mean and say that it was all the stylist job so there's a few airport fashion photos.

Still amazing as ever, Bommie. 

The other day where I have to go on wedding dinner, I didn't attempt to imitate her but looking back to the pictures, there's a reminder of her in how I dress. So  I did this post featuring her and actually share my thoughts about what I would like to wear. 

I got all the accessories in B&W . But my nails are in mint blue colour! 

And of course , thick make up featuring thick eyeliners but with basic fake lashes together with red lips . I chose a darker red instead of bright red . It does look exaggerating but I like.

what I wear ;

The print is so chinese oriental. I should have keep it for CNY instead lol. 

Don't you realize how bad ass (GZB) I look?

This is something that Park Bom wore before . You realize the resemblance of  both dresses?
And the price is gonna be heaven and hell , lol.

That's what I wear for the wedding. 

I am starting to buy more bodycon and crazy prints stuff - even shirts. I guess, this is my current hots for clothings. And people, I am finally not wearing slippers ok! :)

I guess, this post isn't anything much but my effort of finding bommie's pic pays off right?

till then.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Taste of local.

I really do miss coming home and see my grandma cook a table of good food for dinner. It lasts until a few months ago until my grandma had to quit cooking because my siblings and I are on diet , and honestly nobody would eat rice anymore. Either way, she still cook once in a while . I guess this is the time where she can finally let herself loose. She have been cooking since forever and I think it's just time for her to just go out with her friends for karaoke or to head out with my grandpa.
And even if she cooks , she now cook western food instead of chinese.

You have no idea how much I miss eating chinese food . Even if I dine outside , it would be western , japanese or korean because my friends and I normally don't head for chinese. My definition of chinese food is , a round table filled with people with a few dishes and rice. That is the chinese I demand for.

So , I went to Petaling Street which the tourist call it - Chinatown for dinner. It cracks me up when they say it's becoming Bangla street which is true. 

This picture is supposed to be artistic but all I've got is just an iphone4s .

And so , we settled down at the famous Kum Lin Kee . 

It has more 'feel' sitting at the cranky old table by the road side, looking at people bargaining price for the fake branded goods.

The must have chilli and lemon , lol.

Claypot lou shu fun .

I have been craving for this for a quite sometime. I still think the puchong one I used to go with my girls is the best.

What's the point of visiting that place without the famous hokkien mee?

I can say that the quality did drop a little but it's still the best. 

This is a super tourist picture! 

Even though this is not the ideal type of dinner I want but it's good. Good enough to make me feel so guilty the next day about how much calories I have taken in. I guess, once in a while is still going to be okay :)

And this post is also to tell people who thinks I don't go to hawker stalls but only up scale restaurant , that I'm just a normal person. Of course, everyone would love to read about restaurant who have pretty designs and good presentation of food. I love mamak  , especially Murni. I don't post about them because it's not pretty . But the food photos came out pretty good so it deserve to be up here. 
I mean, 
How can someone think that I don't eat hawker stalls?


Now, I'm craving for them again.