Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another Sunday.


That was suppose to be a halloween make up but I guess, I'm not gonna celebrate halloween again. I never celebrated halloween anyways. I was too lazy to remove my make up after the wedding lunch so I just throw up a tanktop with cardigan , with comfortable leggings and head to the twins tower. It was supposed to be just walking around , doing window shopping. We were so full from the lunch but in the end, we went for tea time .

It was crowded everywhere , even Harrods was full so we went to the Ben's . I still remember how angry I was when I missed the teatime with Jessie the last time .

Hello to you too.

Sometimes little things count and this totally made my day because I was pretty down that few days for , no reason. 

This will be my favorite coffee art , lol.


And the three tier goodness ,

Gosh, my wink failed.

Sad to say, it wasn't as good as I expected eventhough it's cheap. It's around RM59.90 for this set with two teas , not exchangeable with coffee. I think delicious was so much better - taste better and because we can order coffee too. As much as I like Earl Grey tea, I still prefer to satisfy my addiction towards caffeine . And the choices of cake wasn't good though. They chose brownie because I didn't want any cake. 


My make up is seriously very thick. I suddenly feel like the stepmother in Snow White. This is a different kind of red shade which was is darker , no matte based. In other words, definitely look wicker . 

Do I put off this well - you judge. 


And as romantic it is, we went out to the park and take a stroll . Obviously skipping dinner because we had too much in a day. I was so happy because I finally bought a new book :)

I always love lights . 

I'm not sure if my dream is to have an apartment being able to look at beautiful city lights or a normal house which I could have a swimming pool for pool party.