Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I am pretty sure this place contrast with my outfit again. Now, I'm hating how my own fashion sense whenever I step into a place doesn't match with it. It just doesn't go along when I want to take pictures.

The other day where the girls wanted a chill hang out after dins. We decided to head to Citta Mall, which was pretty random. Instead of taking coffee, we went over to Wondermilk. I only know that they have adorable rainbow cakes . I didn't know that they actually have drinks or dine in. The only Wondermilk I know is in publika , and it's pretty small. 

I love how vintage the design is , 

Look at the contrast of my army tee and the background. And trust me, this is not the first time I feel total out of place. I need some floral vintage dress or something.

Lol, I was smiling because posing for too long is getting weird.

I had Caramel Milk , and it was good. I like Caramel , alot. I can't say that I am into sweet things , but caramel is one of my favorite flavors. Even just a little, is enough to satisfy my taste buds and I wouldn't carve for anything some more. Even if you're going on diet, you shouldn't cut off sweet things right away. Maybe take a sweet once in awhile when you feel tasteless in everything you eat. Somethings , eating clean does make you feel this way.

And more pictures taken of me with my cup of drink , with pretty background that doesn't match with my outfit and a pot of flower .

Sometimes, I wonder if I should move to tumblr instead of blogging. I just don't like typing too much. I've started tumblr - follow me! Check on your right.