Saturday, December 31, 2016

of 2016.

Last year, I was in London counting down to 2016. Now, I am home waiting for 2017 to come. 

This is the very first time, I am actually a little sad that the year is going to end. It made me realize how unhappy I was a few years back , desperately wanting closure and refuse to accept what I deserve that made me unhappy. This is also the very first time where I feel that my wishes of having ' a great year ahead' do come true. As reluctant as I want this year to go on, time doesn't wait for anyone. 
But hey, I've earn a day since there is 366 days this year. 

There are too many things that I want to recall in 2016 but, I don't think a post could fit how I actually felt. I guess the habit of not reading as much as before is giving me difficulties of not being able to decipher all of them into words. 

About 2016 ;

1.  You are good enough if you are comfortable with yourself and do not let other people tell you the otherwise because I believe that no one knows you better than yourself. 

2. Art is my new interest, particularly paintings. 

3. I went to so many art museums, galleries and exhibitions.

4. I refuse to waste time on people who doesn't deserve my time and have no patience on people who never deserves my patience. 

5. I like being alone because I am not too fond of the idea of people invading my personal space. I don't like it when people get too close. Having boundaries makes things less complicated. 

6. I traveled to more 10 cities this year and realized that there isn't just a way of living. Different cities portrays different lifestyles. And, I realize the beauty in every one of them.

7. I don't want to hang out with people that makes me feel tired. 

8. Action speaks louder than words and words are empty, but words sometimes hurt too. Hence, always think twice before you talk. 

9. Being respectful is so important - The way you behave and treat people leaves room for judgement. No matter what you're going through, the bare minimum in respect is expected. 

10. If they are listening, there is no need for you to repeat yourself.

11. Be realistic , not materialistic. 

12. Focus on being better, not complain to feel better.

13. I refuse to stay in a place for too long because it is the only way to stay ahead of sadness. I move to move on , not to forget. 

14. Goodbyes are never easy but life goes on. 

15. My coffee addiction is getting out of hand. 

It wasn't a review of 2016. They are facts to myself. 

My thinking has changed over the year after meeting different people and seeing different place. I've found what I desire and what I dislike. I guess, I could say that I've found myself in my 20s. My family told me that little things will make you change and time will change your perspectives towards things. Now, I can finally understand what they meant.

I'm so thankful for my family, allowing me to see the world. Without them, I could not possibly living this life. Sometimes, I get so emotional knowing that I can never give them the life they are giving me. This year, I've learn a whole lot. And, it is probably the best year in my entire life so far. 

I'm welcoming 2017 with an open arms and I wish that it will be better than 2016 - carefree and happy. 


Friday, December 2, 2016

Fera at Claridge's

There is no doubt that there are many good restaurants in London. Talking about Michelin's star restaurants, you will definitely need more than a month to visit them all. I've pick out a few ones which I've read online to try out. 
My favourite one would be - Fera at Claridges. 
Hence, it is right up on my page because I need to share about it. Not to mention, I am having a birthday lunch with a friend whose birthday which is just two days before me. It is a kinda birthday celebration for us and we made the right choice stepping in here. 

This is a flower boutique right down the corner before Claridges and I stopped by to look at how beautiful they are. And, it matches my outfit. 
The perfect colour paletter - and I got to emphasize that I do not always go on pantone. 

This one Michelin star restaurant requires booking in advance - probably a week before but I suggest the earlier the better. And is located in Claridges at Mayfair. 

I found out on that day that Fera means 'wild' in Latin and the famous chef, Chef Simon Rogan did a splendid job of connecting the whole concept of the restaurant to nature. He did mention that this restaurant is his art deco space , which I couldn't agree more. I love the settings and the slow music they play at the background. 

As much as the beautiful settings did sway me away, nothing is more important than quality food which I was expecting a lot. 

Complimentary bread and I am not lying about this is the best bread I've ever had in London. It's freshly baked everyday and they offer different types from time to time. The butter was more to the creamy type which goes perfectly well. 

Pea flour wafers at Fera

I couldn't exactly explain how it taste but this whole thing surprise me. The edible flowers are tasteless but it goes so well with the thin wafers and cream on top. It's savoury and just like how appetizers should be like. I give a thumbs up for this - not because it surprises me with how it taste, but also it's beautifully presented. 

 To start with.
Caramelized cabbage , scallions  , chef special brulee 

First main ;
Marinated chicken thigh,  calcot onions, malted parsley root with brown sauce

Second main ;
Codfish with horseradish, kale and artichoke 

Dessert ;
Celeriac ice cream, salted caramel and hazelnuts with caramelized cherries 

This dessert is a hundred percent perfect palate cleanser because the ice cream, which tasted so much like sorbet, melts in my mouth instantly. Instead of sweet, it's sour which ignites my tastebud after the whole routine of savoury food. The cherries are sweet and the cake was just okay - as it's not as soft as I expected. 
But overall, it's so good - not to mention that it's so cold which is nice. 

mascarpone macaron wafer with apricot-orange jam with thinly scrape white chocolate.

This melts instantly in your mouth like cotton candy. And also, this marks the end of the course meals.

The chicken was great as it is flavorful and not to much. I love how the thighs was soft. The fish was otherwise just okay, or maybe I just wouldn't like fish being served this way. But, I could guarantee that the fish is fresh. I guess the starter and the dessert made the way to my heart compare to the others. 
Fera is special because they change their menu every season. And sometimes, they do have different menu presented to you when you visit them which gives you another surprise. I did check the menu beforehand but was presented to the latest one since it's the beginning of summer.  

I guess one of the reasons of why they have really good reviews is because they constantly update their menus and their staffs are polite and super attentive, and not pushy to promote us anything that we don't want to have. The best part is, the atmosphere is so relaxing - probably perfect for a Sunday lunch date before the whole hectic week starts. 

Look at me, being all happy. 

And probably one of the best dining experience I have in London. 

I couldn't really state the price or confirms anything here since they change it occasionally. So, it is better for anyone of you whom wants to try to check it on their official website.

I think this is a place where you should drop by if you happen to have time in the noon in London. This restaurant may not be as famous as the others but definitely worth a try- and not to mention that it is not one of those that you can come across on social media. It's better to visit before it gets busier. 


Fera at Claridge's by Simon Rogan
Claridge’s, 49 Brook St, Mayfair, London 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I've read too many articles and quotes about 'forgive and forget' . 
Forgiving a person when they don't even feel sorry for hurting you does makes you sleep better at night since you don't carry the hate and anger to bed. However, by doing so, you are also allowing that person or the same incident which has broke you apart to be likely to happen again. 

I am so sick of the quotes of telling people to forgive someone else that hurt them. Why do we need to pretend and accept it all when we are really in pain? That few words doesn't ease the pain. The pain was horrible. The tears were real. The trust was betrayed. And the excuses we find for someone whom tend to hurt us are just a blatant lie to ourselves. 

Why do we need to go through all the trouble to lie to ourselves when we are already hurt? 

I am not a saint, and I don't just forgive people when they are not even sorry. I refuse to find excuses for their wrongdoings to me when they don't even want to explain. I no longer want to spend a second on those who want to manipulate or lie. I lost the will of staying at the same place when I have many reasons to walk away and improve myself. I do not want to be in the same phrase where it involves too much of hypocrisy. I have no patience on people are always pointing out people's flaws rather than reflecting on their own. 

I just have no patience on people who never deserves my patience. 

This isn't a movie. We are not the main characters of the script where we are expect to be good and take all the pain until someone else come and heal it. The truth is, the only person you need to heal and forgive is yourself. 

They said that I am weird because I enjoy going to coffee shops alone. It looks like I am a loner but trust me - it is better than dealing with people's bullshits. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016



I'm back with more travel posts which I've been accumulating. I cannot believe the amount of pictures I took everytime I travel. And, I am actually grateful for snapchat's existence which allows me to record what I did each day. 

I'm going to make it simple by showing the places I visited when I was in Copenhagen. Besides , it could be a guide for you if you were to visit this city. I was only there for basically 72hours which was pretty short - but managed to cover quite a few tourist spots pretty leisurely. I'm never an intense traveler and I really hate rushing. 



We started off with an early morning, grabbing sandwiches by the train station and headed to our first destination. As much as I want to leisurely sit down and have a good breakfast, I know that I cannot afford to waste anytime. 

1. The Little Mermaid



This bronze statute is the icon of Copenhagen, where it based on a fairy tale love story where the mermaid comes and sit by the rock to look at the prince whom is sailing over the sea every single time when he is out. She is there, waiting for the love of her life despite knowing that there wouldn't be any happy ending. 

The story was beautiful and this bronze statute was definitely meaningful. Unfortunately, the background was heartbreaking. Look at the factory releases smokes into the air - sigh. It was supposed to be a beautiful view but the industrial area has ruined it. 


It was still ridiculously cold despite being in the middle of March already. Nothing beats a good cuppa in the cold. 


2. The Marble Church


It is also known as Frederik's Church where it is famous for its rococo architecture , located at Frederiksstaden district.

It wasn't in the itinerary but we just happen to come across it by strolling through the streets.  



There are many art galleries through the streets and they happen to be very very quiet. I guess, everyone just enjoy the peace. I love how they are always quiet and there is not much noise. This city brings me peace.
Not to mention, there is art every corner - and I didn't mean by having galleries throughout the street . I refer to the people, the surrounding and most of all, the peacefulness I could feel when staring at a good piece of painting. 

3. Nyhavn


The famous colourful house along the river. This place is definitely a tourist spot as every corner is covered by overpriced restaurants. There are also small museums and gallery which we didn't visit. It was beautiful and the sky was breathtaking. 


Look at how beautiful it is. 


Compare to the sun, I actually prefer gloomy weather. People said that the light and sun will make us feel better. The night will make us wonder. For me, I often chose the night where everything seems more clear. Gloomy weather gives me peace. I enjoy the feeling of feeling nothing and everything goes into the same tone. It pleases me to have no ups and down. 





Meet my best friend and travel partner throughout the year. 

4. Rajissimo Churros


He is pretty enthusiastic. 


Yummy Churros with a pretty Danish girl. 

It is a must to try Rajissimo Churros. And, we have it by Nyhavn since we are already there. It is not as thick as I thought but it's crunching and goes perfectly with caramel , topping with icing sugar. 



After that, I was in need of coffee since it was cold. And we came by a beautiful small cafe by the canal. 


5.Rosenborg Castle



This castle is in Renaissance style where it was held that it was designed as typical Danish building during that period of time. Now, it's open for public as it exhibits the Royal Collections, pormoting the royal Danish culture back now. 

I felt funny because the castle look pretty out of place as the surroundings were all modern architecture. I guess, they are keeping this castle as the main attraction. 

Compared to the castle, I actually love the garden more - which is known as Rosenborg Castle Garden. The garden is really beautiful. It was almost spring but it was still cold so we didn't manage to catch the flowers bloom. It's nice to take a stroll at the garden especially during the cold weather. I think this would be a perfect place for couples to stroll around before the sun sets. 





The garden was bigger than I've expected and also, they are really well-maintained. 


The little maze right beside the castle. 






Stroget is the most high profile street which is car free. From souvenirs shops to high-end brands, I believe that this is a street where I must visit to see how their shopping culture is. In Malaysia, we have everything in the mall whereas in Europe countries, everything is by the streets ( which I personally prefer because I am that kind of bimbo whom wants to carry the shopping bags are stroll around the streets like how I see in movies lol) . 



7. Copenhagen City Hall


The city hall is located not far away from the famous Stroget street , located on The City Hall Square in central. I believe that if you are in the central, you could hardly missed this magnificent building by Martin Nyrop. I didn't visit the place and also, it was closed on the day. I've read reviews about it saying that it is exactly necessary to visit this place unless you are into architecture and interior design. 




8. Tivoli Gardens


Tivoli Gardens is located a few minutes walk down the street after the city tall where it is a MUST visit amusement park for everyone in this city. I guess the luck wasn't on my side because I went the first night and it was under renovation. Since I couldn't see how it is on the inside, I took a few pictures with it as memory purposes. It was a pity , really. At that point of time, I thought that 72hours is definitely insufficient. 



9.Conditori La Glace


This bakery are the oldest since they are founded on 1870 and voted as the best confectionary in Denmark. This old-fashioned coffee shop offers pastries and different kinds of cakes with the recipe which was passed down through generations. 
- which I've blogged about HERE

This is a MUST visit. 




The trip to this city was short but amazing. It's about the quality and not the quantity of days you spent in the city. The only thing I regretted not doing being in Copenhagen is where I couldn't be able to visit their famous National Gallery and to scroll through the pieces. I should have insisted on squeezing some of the time in. 
Well, some things are meant to be that way - isn't it?

Feeling blessed that I could witness such beautiful sky on the way to the airport to my next destination.

farvel, københavn