Friday, July 31, 2015


I can never get enough of this city. 

And I believe that my insta followers already had enough of pictures of me with KLCC as the background. 

I returned to troika to give another restaurant a try. There are three restaurants under troika sky dining. This time, I have my favourite italian cuisine in Strato. I visited Strato twice in a month time with same birthday occassion. 

Now, let's get to the food which most of you are concern of. 

I didn't manage to the pictures of the surroundings because I was having hard time climbing up the stairs with my dress. I would advise girls to take note when they are heading upstairs to the seatings. You don't want to give anyone at Claret Wine Bar any free shows. 

Instead of having soup as starter, the girls and I ordered antipasti platter to share.

Cured meat antipasti platter with pickled mushrooms, artichoke, sundried tomatoes, grilled zucchini and toasted sourdough bread 
RM 60

It was stated that this plate serves 2-3 person. However, I think it can serve up to four. Grilled Zucchini and Sundried Tomatoes actually play a bigger role than the cured meat. I do not really like pickled mushrooms though. It's strangely uncomfortably sour to me. Besides that, it was all good. 
Well, it feels good that everyone is sharing a plate. Feels a little bit like family. 

Linguini pasta with crab, chili, rocket and crab sauce

Nothing beats handmade pastas. The linguini was at the correct texture to go with the sauce. As you can see, the sauce is actually like soup. The generous amount of crab meat surprised me. If you love aglio olio , I recommend you this dish. 

Black and White Fettuccine Pasta with Salmon and Salmon Roe , Cabonara Sauce
RM 55

This dish is new to the menu- heard that it was only a month old or so. This is my favourite pasta dish of all since it features both black and white Fettuccine. Black Fettuccine is made from Squid Ink. Definitely a good combination in taste and presentation. You can see their generous amount of salmon and a hint of salmon roe. It was very yummy. Perhaps that their cabonara sauce is not as flavourful as the one you could find outside. But that also show that, they use natural premium ingredients and not preservatives to make it yummy. 
So I mark this as my favourite.

Good pasta, good Italian meal. 

Definitely, we should order pizza. 

Pizza and Pasta is the main character when it comes to italian food. 

Scallops, Sundried tomatoes , shredded romaine lettuce, mozzarella, garlic aioli 
RM 55

This is also new in the menu so you couldn't find it online. I love how Strato always add new things every month or so. Their pizza is really good so , I think it is a must order. Perhaps you can skip the starter and order this as starter. 

It's crunchy yet, soft. Definitely one of the best pizza they have around the town.


They also offer mains which has nothing to shout about.

Grilled ribeye steak with ricotta, tomatoes, rough chopped basil pesto, onions and white balsamic dressed leaves

I will always choose pasta and pizza when it comes to italian food. And also, this is the reason I love Italian cuisine compare to another cuisine. 

Compared to the other two restaurants in Troika, the place is a little smaller. And you could not enjoy the nighview unless you are facing the window. This position is ideal for couples where couples are allow to sit side by side, probably enjoying the night view and have pizza together. That will be my ideal date lol. 

We also opened a bottle of red wine ; well, it was SH's birthday. 

Italian food never disappoints. 


Tuesday, July 28, 2015


My stripes and ripped jeans ootd , which was my first attempt street basic. I hope I don't look too bad in it. 

Is it just me or serving toast is a trend now? 
There are many places doing special sandwiches or toast in a very creative way, no matter in savoury or dessert form. I love bread since forever.

I went to Haraju-Cube to try out their Japanese Honey Toast. Their toast are coated with Honey, and this is definitely something different from where else. Definitely this place is Japanese inspired. 

Butterscotch Milk at RM8.90

This taste heavenly to me. It's slightly creamy with strong butterscotch taste with milk. In other words, they just mix butterscotch with milk until the texture is thicker. 
I went back to Haraju-cube twice and still order it , despite knowing that it's going to overlap the calorie count. 

Wafu-Tuna Toast at RM12.90

This is the savoury toast which has nothing to shout about. A piece of toast spread with generous amount of tuna with different toppings. However, the potato salad was good. I had all of it to myself.

Strawbelicious at RM25.90

One of the most hyped product around as mentioned by the staff. Even before they tell me, I already set my eyes on this toast. Nothing goes wrong with strawberries especially when it comes to Japanese. I love Japanese strawberry crepes and this taste way better than I've imagined. 

I was struggling to cut the outer layer off


the owner whom is standing at the side gave up and came to lend a hand, lol.

There are eight fairly cut cubes in the toast. Each piece of them are spread with French butter which makes it totally crispy on the outside. While it's very fluffy on the inside. The outer layer is harder which most of the people would skip that. As for me, I ate a little of that because it goes so well with the ice-cream. I hate how the toast becomes too soft when the ice cream is placed on top for too long. I think the outer layer goes out. 

This is definitely something new ... and yummy.

and this is definitely not for two person. 

One honey toast should be share between three instead. It's really filling. 

and having the strawberry one is not enough so I went back to have more! #pig

Azuki-Matcha Honey Toast at RM 25.90

This time I have Matcha , which comes after strawberry on my favourite list. I love how there are always red beans which goes with the matcha ice cream. The toast taste the same . The difference is the topping that goes with it.

Their matcha ice-cream is really good. And I love how they freeze their red bean paste. Red bean would be the best to go with green tea. 

If you do not like sweetness, I would suggest you to have Matcha Honey Toast. If not, please order strawbelicious. As for their signature ' Haraju-Bomb' will not be my choice because their combination is too much for me to take. However, every Honey Toast has their speciality. 

Last pic of my ootd before I end ;


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Old songs.

Have you ever came across a song on your playlist which you didn't listen to for a long time - that makes you think about someone? 

At one point, you actually forget about downloading it. It might be a song you downloaded a few years ago, or maybe some new ones with lyrics that speaks your emotions. This particular song will give you chills , from the tip of your hair down to your toes. It makes you uncomfortable but addicted at the same time - you just hit the replay button over and over again. 

This song will remind you of someone. And, you miss them because they are no longer here in your life. Or maybe, they are far far away from you. Someone whom gives a big impact of you in your life. Someone that brings you happiness but gave up on you. Someone that hurt you. Someone whom was almost everything.
This song will bring you down the memory lane , taking a stroll in the past. It will make you think and think - think what went wrong and the consequences if you took a different approach. It's going to sting but not hurt. It's going to be filled with broken pieces which you can never mend. Once you missed the timing, things are not going back to where it was. And all you do is to play those memories like a movie scene in your head for the whole 3-4 minutes by following the rhythm of the song.

And in that few minutes, it gives you a roller coaster emotion. But when the song ends, it brings you back to reality of where you should be - making you realized that there is nothing much you can do but to just see them in your mind. 

I hope that one day there will be such a song that reminds you what I once meant to you. 


Turning into : Come Home by One Republic.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Saturday, July 18, 2015

St Ali, Melbourne Weekend in Garage 51.

Coffee hype has always been around. However, it got lighted up somemore during the Melbourne weekend. It was just a three-day event over the weekend featuring the champion barista. I was so glad that Matthew Perger dropped by Malaysia with his World Tour, regarding to his brew and coffee. 

And he is also one of the reason which I love St Ali so much. 

I believe that I have mentioned about St Ali, in Melbourne, a numerous of times about how good their coffee is. You can read back about my visit to St Ali in Melbourne by clicking HERE

It was a very enthusiastic morning for Matt's brew. 

He was at Garage 51 which is just a turning away from my house. 

The crowd definitely came for him. You can already see how good he looks from far, haha.

St Ali's beans was used the whole day. However, Matt only brew until 2-3pm. 

St Ali's classic Flat White for me. 

I hope that I don't sound too crazy like this. But it gave me the same feeling I have when I'm in Melbourne. I can't believe I can have such a good cuppa in Malaysia. 

Trust me when I say that it's different.

Ming have her classic Cappucino. 

Cappucino is always my first choice but I know that St Ali serves better Flat White. We must always go for the best despite not being the first choice. 

Appreciation post for these goodness. 

Besides coffee, we also have food to fill up our tummy. 

Awesome Garage Breakfast at RM19

Homemade hash browns, smoked chicken ham, diced mushroom topped with free-range poached egg and hollandaise sauce. The presentation is definitely something since it's all stacked up. 
As you can see, the poached egg was perfect. I love how they caught the time right. However, the hashbrown did not meet up our expectation of how it should be. Instead of being crispy or downright soft , it was very firm on the outside and it wasn't soft enough. I don't remember hashbrowns was like this. The ham was too cold. I guess, the only thing that satisfy me was the poach eggs. 

Succulent Chicken Piccata at RM 25

I'd prefer this dish more since it is more delightful. They used chicken breast and it was fluffy. Pairing up with crispy poached egg which was perfect , it was overall good. This dish is really filling and definitely a good one to start off your day. I would love it if they get more generous with their salad. 

And I guess, the food needs to catch up with the good coffee they serve.

Coffee Societe serves super good coffee. But the food always get left behind. Well, there is a lot of room for improvement. 

give me better food. 

And finally the highlight of the whole visit to St Ali ; I don't even get to see him in person in Melbourne. 

Matt doing what he does best. 

*cough* and you can't deny that , he is very good looking.

At one point, he reminds me of Justin Timberlake. 

Justin Timberlake and coffee. Well, sounds good heh. 

And a picture of friendly Matt and I. 

I was actually a little shy for the picture request. I also get to see him brew up close. 

This might be something small. It is in my field of interest so I appreciate it so much. I never thought that I would fangirl over a barista. It must be the visit to St Ali which made me fall in love with their beans - *cough* and their owner. 

Before I end this post, let me appreciate it once more.

Matt's Brew. 

Appreciate little things in life. 

Now, I need more coffee.