Thursday, December 31, 2009

There's a line between us , are you gonna cross over now ?

Hello , it's the last day of 2009 already and yes, I know it sound damn cool.But, it's not end of the world yet so,I'll still be as annoying as ever =p

Year 2009 have started really well and yeah , there're ups and downs and upside down.I don't know how to explain that but everyone do have hard times to go through, especially in high school.Met alot of new people , they come and go.Received alot of text messages stating : forget the sad times and everything.Well tell me , how could you forget it when it's like sticking inside your mind.Okay friends, don't get angry.I'm just saying the truth *innocent face*

I'm so glad that everything will be a history for me when the clock strikes twelve.Not I don't appreciate memories that I've been through with everyone that I've spend time with.Just that sometimes, it's not worth it at all. Everyone will have their own thoughts.I think I'm right , they think they're right but end up,we realise all of us were wrong.We were too piss to think , to picture the whole thing but what is done is done. We couldn't do anything about it anymore but just move on with life .

I've nothing much to talk about, this year.It makes me so speechless about everything that I've been through.

Nothing much and ,
Happy New Year's eve.

30 December 2009

31 December 2009.

Don't ask me why nowadays I always camwhore with my tongue sticking out :)

I didn't realise till people told me about it. I feel so good laughing with you people about it.I swear , she didn't even came across my mind when I was typing that post because I thought everything it's over and we've moved on and do not care about each other life.She may made a fool out of herself but , it actually proves that she gives a shit bout' what i'm thinking inside.Hmm, or I should agree with you guys that actually,she's like admitting it when she's denying from the start.I get the laughing point already , friends. LMAO , should I be grateful that she actually gives a shit or what?

What do you think , friends ? =p


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bad Romance .

搞笑 by Show Luo Zhi Xiang .

那一條牙膏 在對我傻笑
na yi tiao ya gao , zai dui wo sha xiao

chao xiao wo yong yuan yong bu diao

想睡就睡 想鬧就鬧
xiang sui jiu sui , xiang nao jiu nao

hao kuai le shao le ren lao tao

藍色的碗盤 多買了一套
lan she de wan pan , duo mai ke yi tao

wo wang le mei ren bei wo dong xiao

要多少替代的丑角 無辜的陪笑
yao duo shao di dai de chou jiao , wu gu de pei xiao

cai hui rang we neng zhen de wang le ni de hao

我在搞笑 藉著熱鬧 掩盖着心跳
wo zai gao xiao jie zhe re nao yan gai zhe xin tiao

邊哭邊笑 偏要說著 一個人真好
bian ku bian xiao pian yao shuo zhe yi ge ren zhen hao

當人群散了 突然覺得我可以死掉
dang ren qun shan liao du ran jue de wo ke yi si diao

wo shou bu liao

還在搞笑 害怕回家 不知怎麼熬
hai zai gao xiao hai ba hui hia bu zhi zhen me ao

這麼多年 早就習慣 有你的撒嬌
zhe me duo nian zhao jiu xi quan you ni de sha jiao

wo xiang wo neng ao

但是至少要讓我知道 你好不好
dan shi zhi shao yao rang wo zhi dao

我們的小狗 食量變好小
wo men de xiao gou , shi liang bian hao xiao

yan shen li chang chang xian de wu liao

牠習慣睡覺的床尾 少了一雙腳
ta si guan sui jiao de chuang wei shao le yi shuang jiao

suo yi ta chang chang kan zhe men kou sui bu zhao

我在搞笑 藉著熱鬧 掩盖着心跳
wo zai gao xiao jie zhe re nao yan gai zhe xin tiao

邊哭邊笑 偏要說著 一個人真好
bian ku bian xiao pian yao shuo zhe yi ge ren zhen hao

當人群散了 突然覺得我可以死掉
dang ren qun shan liao du ran jue de wo ke yi si diao

wo shou bu liao

我在搞笑 卻在醉後 眼泪拼命飙
wo zai gao xiao que zai zui hou yan lei pin ming biao

你的離開 失去多少 我計算不了
ni de li kai shi qu duo shao wo ji xuan bu liao

忙完了一天 突然覺得又何必辛勞
mang wan le yi tian tu ran jue de you he bi xing lao

dui shei xuan yao?

還在搞笑 是否擁有 麻痺的療效
hai zai gao xiao shi you yong you ma pi de liao xiao

唱一夜歌 卻避不開 催痕的曲调
chang yi ye ge que bi bu kai chui le de qu diao

我徹夜胡鬧 希望聽到有人會提到
wo che ye wu nao xi wang ting dao you ren hui ti dao

ni hao bu hao

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Don't feel sorry .

Everyone have rights to speak out on everything and anything.I know I don't have rights to stop people saying , bitching , gossiping about anything that have to do with me but, I just wanna ask those people who have stabbing a knife at my back , Don't you people feel ashame and guilty at all spitting those fake stories out of your mouth? When I ask about it, you can give me that innocent looks and push the blames to other people who told you but, you did say it too so why are you people pushing it to another person.In other words , why are you being a coward infront of me while you're so brave blabbering everything behind my back?

Sometimes people are too lazy to think about everything so I wonder , what are their brains for ?Before making any conclusions, please think twice.You just know a little bit then you make conclusions already.Well before that , go get the whole story first. If not, throw your brain in the drain.

Feel offended ?

Well, what can you do about it ? :)

xxxxxxxxxo .

Thursday, December 24, 2009

You have a smile that could light up this whole town.

Merry Chritmas Eve ?

I didn't know that I posted up the post
so this is the edited one so yeah : )

Spot the mini fedora ?
It's so adorable lor !
XuehQi lend it to me for that day
and it's bloody cute, Imma get one soon .

Didn't upload all the pictures here
because there's way too many of them .

Slept later the date before
because I wanted to finish the movie.

Bryan reached around 730am ,
fucking early, i know .
Then yuhung reach not long after .
Went up to mamak stall to eat .
Solomon meet us there .

Set off to ou , after that.
Bus ticket was sold out so we have no choice
but to take the 11am , one .

Walk around ou with all the shops closed.
Idk who's idea to put those bag in the trolley.
Well, that's so smart lor !

Walked to the other end of the mall and we found a garden.
IDK why we started to camwhore .


Walked around the mall then ,

settle down for a drink.

this drink is awesome .

After that , walked to the other end to the station .


Get all the places wrong and stuff .
Set off from ou to genting not long after.


Reached the cable car station half an hour or more later.
Waited so long for the cable car -.-

Someone farted , LOL.
When we were lining up and yes, the smell
is like omg then Bryan was like : Who Farted?!
The fella infront with pink shirt kinda look back.


In the cable car .

Walked to First World Hotel , went into the room.
First thing is to lie on the bed ! so comfy.
Then put all the drinks into the fridge and stuff.
Out of the room , then .

mini fedora .

People couldn't just make up the mind
and couldn't agree when other's give suggestions
but still end up in Snowworld.

Spend around 30 minutes or more in snow world.
The slide was funand everything was nice .
Imagine eating ice-cream in snow world .
Trust me , the ice cream taste extra yummy . =p

The boys throw those ice/snow at me
and it went inside my shirt and yes , inner wear is wet too.
Everything was awesome =p

And , the boys except for Bryan
went in and walk a round or two without the jacket and gloves.
Crazy people , aiks.

Went for flying coaster next .
I only remember that XuehQi was making alot of noise.
From the beginning till the end , she was swearing -.-

Back to our room around 5pm

Cute colours =p

even the chips is in pink , sho cute !

vodka : )

Vodka taste really good ,
ten times better than beer , at least.
Face turned to strawberry colour , not long after.
People assume that I was drunk
but, I seriously wasn't . I think :)

Got changed and all , then set off to Highland hotel for buffet dinner.

The food wasn't bad .
65bucks per pax .

Not all the desserts taste nice tho.
There's few one here.

Solomon ate the cake & chocolate . I ate strawberries : )

i like this :)

Was damn lifeless after the meal.
Played around with the food , then we faster ran off . lol

Hang out outside Highland hotel, then.
Freaking cold outside TT

very fail jump shot xD

idk whose idea was it to took off the clothes.
Well, they really did took the clothes off.
Boys Boys Boys *shakes head*

Solomon damn cute : )

* >> *

See the picture above ?
We were inside the machine and trying to take picture like that
then some lala girl came to us and chase us away. LOL.

ChenHui joined us , then.
Decided to go for some rides .
Venice Gondola =p

Sat in separate boats .
There this cute boy sitting with Solomon , gr.

sho cute , right ?

boys -.-

ChienWee left us , then .
Didn't have anywhere to go
and finally, people want motion master =p
Took quite sometime to line up for it
but time pass really fast when you're with friends.

Solo's hand -.-

Was trying to take a group picture but failed -.-

take two , still failed -.-

Yuhung's long long hand =p

I likey . They look so lovely , omg D:

Was damn excited when it's our turn,
after so long .

Motion Master was okay , with the 4D and everything.
It was too kiddy tho . Talking about chasing a school bus.
I like it when the air came out from the back .
The cartoon is like damn near lor , I was trying to hit that thing
then XuehQi laughed at me . OMG , so embrassing TT

Went back to our room to chill.
Some talk otp with girlfriends , some dancing
and I was stoning like crazy .

Drank few cans of beer and as usual ,
face turned red again.
Ate rocky . And, it's damn nice to eat 5 at one time.
Try it when you're emo .
It's damn syiok =p

After awhile , we decided to go out from the hotel room.

XuehQi came down and join us ,
then headed to Starbucks .
Genting is freaking cold at night .

drunktard face .

then , Back to the room after two hours, I guess.
Yuhung's laptop battery died so yeah.

Went back to room and the boys start calling their girlfriends again.
Sigh .

Then we cooked maggie mee in the kettle.
OMG, I so smart =p

Solomon said , OMG , I can camwhore wei.Call me camwhore king.
Me : -.-'

Yes , added crabstick . So efficient =p


Watched some violent movie , as in very violent .
Couldn't sleep so drank a little bit of vodka and beer
and then finally fall asleep at 430am or 5am.
That's after we finishing talking .

Woke up around 8am the next morning.
Wake the boys up but they said , they already woke up before that.
Washed up and everything.

guess what they watching .

The boys stick their eyes to the screen.
Paid attention like crazy .
I should have take the picture of their face, LOL.

After everyone got ready and stuff ,
we packed our luggage and messed up the room.
The furniture is everywhere LOL.
Bryan's idea.

Wanted to go for buffet breakfast but it was so crowded
so, we gave up and decided not to eat the breakfast there.
Put our luggage at the bell counter
and, then headed to McD for breakfast .
Aiyo, damn expensive lor the things there.

This is up cos solomon likes this picture .


Was suppose to go Outdoor Theme Park
but many of the rides will be closed
so no theme park TT so sad, omg.
Walked around aimlessly and stuff .

XuehQi left to her parents
then, we went in to Ripley's Believe it Or Not.

I don't feel lucky after I sat on that -.-


Ties .

We went in this tunnel and seriously,
it made us feel real dizzy.
As if , we're turning upside down
and we stone inside there for a quite sometime.
Cool tunnel Cool tunnel.

Checked out the skyway cable car
and it was close and not sure whether we got bus
and stuff so we decided to take taxi back.
I feel like puking in the car .Was really dizzy .

Went to ou , then .
Decided to have lunch at TGI Friday's.

camwhore !

i like =p

Mum came real late, as in very very late.
Fetched us home , then we headed to sunway pyramid.

Spend rest of the time at redbox .

All went home around 10pm or later.

I'm so sorry lah , I'm really lazy to elaborate every single thing there.
I can't remember too TT.

Ahma right , what to do D:

Thanks for the people who can make it.
We should go somewhere else , soon enough :)