Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mart 130

I just came across this draft which I've prepared a while ago but forgotten about it. This post was probably half a year back but I decided to not let it go waste. I believe that there are more but we will just take one step at a time because there is too many that I want to share. 

gosh, this formality isn't me at all. 

By saying that this is my favourite place for brunch in Melbourne will be a lie because every corner of the streets has a hidden gem that is yet to be discovered. However, Mart 130 is definitely one of the famous one. Besides being featured in 'Unfold' series which is a famous short clip in Malaysia, I think their unique location plays one of the huge role of their popularity. This cafe is located at Middle Park tram stop for tram 96 - which is pretty cool. 

A refurbished place. 

I've always appreciate that.

Well, this would be my favourite spot of the place. I love how that they use natural lightning. It was pretty cold when I visited so the sun gave me a lot of comfort. The table used are actually old benches if you notice. And they have a railing with a flat top that enable you to put your coffee away if you were to have your meal since the place is pretty limited. This is simply very innovative of them. Every cafe in Melbourne city amazed me. Every single one.

I hope you find calmness in this picture. 

Because I feel at peace that time. 

my view.

A cup of cappucino priced at $4.

I was a little disappointed when I see no coffee art. Melbourne is a city filled with art. Undoubtedly, they have good food presentation that satisfied the tastebuds. Their architecture are fascinating. I just expect every kind of art in every little things in that city.

random selfie out of no where.

Poached eggs, Harris Smoked Salmon, fresh spinach with sour cream with Organic Sourdough Toast

This is too raw for my liking. However, I like how their poached eggs are on point. Their sour cream does go well with their salmon. Personally, I'd prefer something heavier as my first meal of the day. I need those energy to sustain me through the day, literally.

Bacon, Spinach with Caramelized Onion and potato hash, topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce , sourdough toast 

I'd prefer this compared to the first one. I love caramelized onions alot and everything just goes well with bacon and potato. This dish was filling and indeed perfect. Though it was slightly heavier, but I think it satisfied my tastebuds. 

an appreciation post for this.

I was glad that it was kinda empty when I visited so there is no need to squeeze around or to queue. The weather was a little cold but the sun shining through was making it really comfortable. Actually, this place is famous for their corn fritters but I didn't order them which I instantly regret because I was trying to make a choice between the smoked salmon and corn fritters. 
If I were have another chance to visit this place again, corn fritters would definitely be my choice.

This place screams for picture perfect.

flower & I - just for laugh.

Mart130 Cafe
107A Canterbury Road
Middle Park VIC 3206

Friday, February 19, 2016

Brew & Brownie.

I am back for more coffee break updates!

Brew & Brownie, is one of the independent coffee stores in York. I've always been a fan of independent coffee stores and glad to be able to visit them in different city. 

It's a classic cafe down the welcome street of York - their vintage tiles, brown paper menus clipped on the board , wooden counter ( which is my favourite kind) and classic jam jar lampshade would make you feel like you've step into a hidden cozy counter. Another tick on the box is where they have jazz on the play while it was raining heavily outside. 
My friends and I feel very welcomed and relax , especially after running under the rain to look for a roof.

They serve brunch and famous for their sandwiches. Since we have all eaten brunch somewhere else, we are here for their famous brownies and cakes. 


We settled down with both of their famous Brownie. I believe that they name their place brew&brownie for a reason.

After contemplating and bickering about which we should order, we settled with peanut butter brownie and classic chocolate brownie.

I would like the peanut butter one compared to the chocolate flavour. Chocolate was really rich and it is not much to my liking. The hint of sweetness in peanut butter was just on point. I was really glad that it was not as sweet as I thought. I do not appreciate cakes that practically taste like I am eating sugar cubes. 

The brew was amazing.
The beans are sourced from Carvetii coffee, one of the artisan roastery at Lake District. Another thing I love about the UK is , every city have their coffee beans sourced from different artisan roastery. I would want to have a taste of their classic black coffee but I can't give up on a good cup of cappucino sprinkled with coco powder on top. To have a good taste of the brew, black coffee should be the choice but I keep rebelling over this. 

The three of us have Cappucino, Latter and Macchiato and funny how the cups are so distant with size. 

good brew and brownies on rainy days is a bliss. 


 5 Museum St, York YO1 7DT

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Nothing inside.

It has been half a year since I left home to the UK. Ever since I step into the UK, I never once settled down. I have been travelling to different places, almost every weekend. My schedules are always packed and I am often tied with a lot of things - assignment, day trips, short getaway and some activities that I never thought I'll be engaged in. I can proudly say that I am a busy person here which do not allow me to have time to have homesickness. 
Well, I am pretty independent - if not, I have to force myself to be because drowning in unnecessary sea of emotions is dreadful. I have been there and done that. There is no way that it will happen again.

It is all good in the day because I have companions and infact, interesting conversations. The more people we meet, the more we realize how much of a person we have become. It's either you want to be as good as them or never want to be like them. You just learn - from meeting new people and also, travelling. It changes your mindset and everyday you aim to be a better person the next day.
It is all positive until you come home at night. Where you take out your shoes, open the door and turn on the lights. The lights are on and your things are still where they are before you leave the house, however you still feel empty.

I feel empty. 
It feels like I come home to nothingness. Not enough to call it lonely, but I felt so alone. 

I don't feel like that every single time I come home but some days where things gone wrong, that is exactly how I feel. It is nothing that I want to feel but it just hits, you know. And it just hurts out of no where. The only comforting voice I want to hear is from my grandma's. So I pick up the phone and called. 

" What do you want?" 

That is the first thing I get from her every single time I call her. However, she will be smiling over the screen that warms my heart. I shake my head and say nothing much.

I guess this is how it feels like to miss home.