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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Meteora Cafe.

Xiuming texted about the new cafe or brunch-like restaurant which is much to our liking in town , at Taipan which is consider near to the both of us compare to Mont Kiara & Publika. We were pretty glad that the cafe trend is mushrooming around Subang right now. Either way, I still haven't find a place where I would visit often as they will be very noisy. I still think that it's pointless if you have the best coffee in town and if it's noisy - the marks will drop down to zero. 

I like peace , with my coffee. 

So, we head to Meteora Cafe which is located right infront of Murni in Taipan, USJ for breakfast. 
I don't usually do breakfast because I can't wake up early. If I do, I only do it for XiuMing and she is always sleeping when I reach her place. So this time, she came and pick me up instead which is super inconvenient. 

The place is cozy . It's pretty comfortable. The service is really good because it made my day by wishing me a good morning with a huge smile. I really appreciate these little things . It makes me have a good day.

And this is our brunch , as overall .

I think their coffee was just nice, not too strong or too mild. It's probably RM10 a cup, and worth paying. I guess, they should work on the coffee art more. But overall, there's no criticism in taste.

The big breakfast , with a complimentary with yummy bread for RM25.

I honestly think that it's a little pricey , and I do not like how they dipped the can mushrooms in the whole bowl of olive oil. But the others was good especially the tomato. I'm still impressed about how good it taste. Not to mention of the bread which you could eat without the butter. When the people asked for comments , I suggested them to give choices of jam incase of people not liking the butter. It would be great if I had Heinz strawberry jam with the bread.

My portion of breakfast , which I could finish. It has been so long since I finish my food and now, I'm starting to feel guilty. 

Ming ordered Pancakes with Churros. They have two large pancakes and three sticks of churros , which will be a good choice since it's not too heavy. I would want that set, but I wanted to try something different. I think this should be a sharing portion because it's too feeling but couldn't satisfy your tastebuds.

I can't believe we catch up for almost 4 hours , and god why are we missing on so much on each other's lives. I'm glad that my friends bothers to keep in touch despite having busy schedules everyday. It's true that highschool friends are the ones who stays the longest. You should contact yours asap - never leave new friends for the old ones.

And the lastly, a picture of me winking and the nice lights they hang at the ceiling. Overall, I think this place is great !

Friday, January 24, 2014

In HKD #5 - Old Hong Kong.

I always admire things from the 70s or 80s because I think these periods are the times that people start to improve in everything - technology wise , fashion or lifestyle. I don't even exist in that period , and I wonder if I am missing out that much. There's wars and guns is still used. The law isn't strong enough and there are night clubs which only rich people could afford , car don't exist and I am really curious how could people improvise that much during that period. 

And tbh, what I am concern about is their fashion back then. Gentlemen are suppose to be in suit and tie while girls will be in a dress with prints or cheongsam. It was so beautiful , and pretty formal. I don't have the real idea of how it was because I only see all these on the television but I think, everything was simple and prettier back then.

I'm so glad that Ocean Park had this themed walkway , which resembles the old Hong Kong back in 80s. I took a few pictures to share .

Don't all of these remind you of the TVB shows we watch on AOD?

I like this ! :)

This vintage mailbox.

The way they use to do advertisement by sticking posters on the wall by the street is allowed unless it's about sensitive topics. If we do this now, I think the government will fine us. 

For the paos !  and they even have fake tables and cartoons of empty glass bottles .

I appreciate the effort so much.

Hating how my sweater doesn't match with this picture. Oh well, just think of me travelling back to the past.

And not to forget, the Christmas decorations they have. Is it just me or I think the Christmas tree over there just look prettier than the ones back home? The cold weather really gives a lot of Christmas vibe. Now to think back, how did I enjoy Christmas here with such hot weather.

If Kevan is in this picture then it will be complete. After this picture, one woman just came over and yell because they're closing already.

I appreciate little things like this or maybe, I just think too much for a person. Oh well, have you ever find out anything that makes you feel overwhelmed - like people who still keep tapes , buildings which reminds you of something , poems that give you feelings or goods that was used by a famous figure. I haven't explore mine completely yet - I hope you found yours.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Good Batch.

I heard of The Good Batch in Damansara Uptown is good for their brunch for a quite sometime. It's also regarded as one of the most 'must try' place for a good brunch. So there's one day where we have public hols , we decided to give them a try. Damansara Uptown is where the famous Village Park Nasi Lemak at. 

We park pretty far from the place because there's no parking around since there are a few restaurants on the same row. My mood straight went down to zero when I see the queue outside the place - in a good way, this place is THAT good. I also realize that it opens till 1am , and I really hope that they extend their business hour until late night. 

So we waited outside with sun shining right on our face ):

I like this picture alot ; so artistic - don't you think so?

I'm glad that there's only four of us so there's no need to wait for a big table or so. I guess it was only 10 minutes or maybe lesser. The crowd is crazy inside. 

This will be on tumblr!

And as usual , I'll get a cup of cappucino. The coffee art is pretty and also, it taste fine. You can't compare this to Artisan ( which is number one on my list) but it's better than Coffee Stain. I guess it's too mild for me , and I should have add another shot .

This is so artistic. 

And here comes the food pictures!

I had this dish which is called, Hangover Mess which around RM20 . It taste really good. below the two sunny side ups , there's my favorite capsicums and beefs in cubes together with ptato. I don't know what is the green sauce , but matching it with the mayonnaise - it taste sooooo good! 

The other two boys had the same dish since it's highly recommend by JS whom already tried it before. Aside of that , it's one of the most famous dish there. It's called the Portobello Road since the fried feeling inbetween the sliced tomato and eggs , are portobello mushroom. This is RM19.90 and I guess this portion is too small for guys. It's not exactly very little but a big eater would complain that it's not enough.

I love the ambiance in The Good Batch. They did a good job with their interior and five stars for their service. I don't know how could the waiter/waitress have such huge smile on everytime they attend us, and they attend us very quickly despite there's a huge crowd. Sadly, this place is too noisy. I don't if it's because that it's public holiday but I couldn't stand the noise. 

Nothing will be completed without Red Velvet cake ;

We had this in the Fat Spoon on the same row and gosh, it's so good because they warm it up before serving. Of course it's nothing compare to the one from Upstairs Cafe . I love Jacinth because she take nice pictures of me , and eat red velvet cake with me - thumbs up for saying no to chocolate too!

So, how did you spend your public holidays which falls on a weekday?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Growing apart.

I've decided to reread my old blogpost today from long long time ago - from I'm sixteen and the only thing which is important to me is to make up my mind where to go for lunch on friday afternoon after school or, what movie to catch with my friends. It was all so simple back then that all I could do is smile right now , realizing how carefree I was. All I want to do is to spend more time with my friends before we part into separate ways in future , which is already happening. It was so yesterday , or yesterday had already long gone that I didn't seem to realize it. 

It's never nice to come across to old photos , or take a step into old memories even if it's nostalgia. Because after all the happiness and pleasure you feel from the past, it will be replaced by emptiness and the numbness you feel right on your chest that will remove the curve of the tip of your lips right away. It's another kind of complicated feeling we will often feel in life , but not realizing it. It's always something regretful for us because we never cherish the moment we had when everything was perfect - when we only have a few names to remember when we want to do something, when we only back that few friends up in situations because we are altogether, when we are doing things without caring about the consequences , when we do random lame things knowing that we will later regret in future , when we only have the few of them filled up our 'true friends' list. 

I sit down , looking back at pictures I used to take and then remember the things I used to do with my close friends . Slowly the memories just play like a continuous movie in my mind realizing that I've spent my most innocent , carefree and youthful days with them. 

All I could say that ,
Damn , everything was amazing.

Then it's continue by the heartbreaking reality that I've realize that we are slowly going far away , almost getting apart. We see each other in school everyday , despite being in different class and still caught up with each other's life. But right now, all we could do is to talk through social app or look at each other's life through pictures which is not involving us - all of us. You see them wearing new clothes , taking pictures with people you don't know with the same smile you used to see almost everyday , doing new things which don't involve you. It's heartbreaking knowing that, you couldn't be part of the memory they are making right now and in future. And so, the memories you used to have is more appreciated and you feel blessed you took a part in their past , filled with happiness. 

And this is us during prom , in year 2011 when we were seventeen.

Oh, we used to have so much good times together .

When there is no arguments , no new people coming inbetween the slits , no grudges but just innocence and pure friendship. And I guess, they say highschool friends are the most valuable and most remembered is true. Because we were all so innocent and slowly changed into a more matured person . Then, we change our perspective in life and the way we want to have fun. We meet new people, try different things and have new favorite hobby which we don't do together. 

I guess, this is what they say by growing up. 
I never knew that growing up , might actually grow us apart . 

And I hope that no matter whatever incident encounter in future and how far away we are from each other ,
we will remember the things we once do together , the place we used to go , the happiness we used to feel and the times where we only had each other. 

I'd hope that we will remember that ,
We are not just high school friends , we are each other's backbone - we can always fall back into each other no matter what happens. 


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Black and Floral.

I've been craving for Red Bean Bag since I'm in HK , and finally after a few weeks - my friends and I decided to head to Publika. This is the last meal we are having with Kevan because he's going back to UK , at night ):

And , my favorite Skyscraper!

And then, the butter slide down to the other side of the plate 

So it looks like this!

I'm sad that I forget to inform them not to put chocolate syrup over it. I don't think this is a one person's portion despite it's a light meal. I couldn't finish it though and not alot of people fancy pancakes on the table so it's left there , until the waiter bring the plates off the table. The boys had their dream wedding ceremony discussed which required minimal of money , making us girls -.-  

My friends are weird, I swear.

Kevan! :)

And more group photos as if, this is the first time he's leaving.

The boys and the girls each have a row.

Then the people decide to photobomb Jacinth and I.

And finally, a self-taken group photo .

We laugh pretty hard when we realize how the first two picture goes . 

It've been sometime since I do the #whatiwear post  ; so before that this is my ootd for the day and I was so upset that I didn't manage to find my shoes to match with the outfit. My things are all over the house ):

And my girls ,

I thought that I could be cute but the picture shows otherwise... oh well , screw all the cute innocent rubbish.

And we head to Coffee Stain by Joseph for coffee break because my favorite Coffee Societe is full. It was in desperate measure though - Coffee Stain will always be my choice :)