Saturday, April 27, 2013

Looking through your eyes ;

Do you know that I camwhore quite often - okay fine, I camwhore almost everyday even if I look like a dung. Other than vanity, I just want to see how much I change from time to time. I just browse through my camwhore picture from last year's CNY and oh my god, I am so glad that I am still breathing now.



So ROUND.... like O  O  O 

I can't explain how much I hated the fact that I used to look that way and think the picture is appropriate to post up on the world wide web. 

As a girl, we always want to look pretty and make people pay more attention at us , or eager to be praised. I suggest you to keep the fake act right now because I could totally read your mind. 
Don't frigging tell me , you don't want anyone to tell you that you look pretty when you put in extra effort to dress up -.-

One thing I absolute hate about girls is when guys tell them they look good, they just put on some innocent kitten act ( which I am so eager to slap their face off) and shake their head like a sad child then tell the guys that they look ugly.
For god sake, if A guy tell you so - you can shrugged it off but when GUY(S) - note that... G U Y S  ( yes , with the huge S there) tell you the same thing over and over again. You should feel happy and say thank you. If you don't want to sound so narcissist and confident then give them a stupid innocent shy smile. I just get so sick of some girls looking so pretty and getting praised then go all .,,, NO LA NO LA. I SO UGLY...YOU SEE I HAVE A PIMPLE ON MY FOREHEAD AND IT HURTS * insert the stupid goldish face*

Damn annoying lor!

Of course we have to look nice in pictures in order to post up , ps so instagram can more likes lol. 

And this is me, in glasses and bareface-d

This is the best picture I look without contact lens.

Do you know how much contact lens would change how you look ?

This is me with colour lens and make up!

And this is me with colour lens and WITHOUT any make up.


I actually feel blessed that I have a very deep double eye lid and honestly, the only thing that I really like on my face is just my double eye lid. And by discovering colour lens like this, I have the chance to actually a highlight on my face. I always envy people who have totally perfect features - high nose bridge, plump lips , sharp jawline and honestly, with all those features - they must be really pretty or handsome.
As for me, I think I can only make my eyes a highlight because my nose is too flat , my lips is so thin and weird and my double chin will never leave. 

I have started to wear color lens ever since I am form 5 and I have been purchasing them online.

I always scared that I would go blind when I purchase these lens online so I very pussy , only buy two from the shop. I remember how shock I was then I realized my eyebags suddenly go all invisible when I put on the contact lens. No joke. The first colour I bought was brown and honestly, I don't wear crazy colours. I buy lens colour that blend easily with my clothes and of course , not too obvious in colours because I don't want to look like a freak. 

All my lens are purchase from LENSFREEDELIVERY .

I have been buying from them since forever until I have decided to intro you guys these chinese-based online FB shop. I have a few people asking me where do I buy my contact lens and some of them even speak out big brands which I will never buy. IT'S RM 150 per pair if you buy colour lens with enlarge feature. Those optic shop con people one! Just because they open a shop, they charge more and claimed that all the online sellers would spoil our eye. 



I can wink you until you die pls. wtf.

Akira, the owner is such a patient lady because before I purchase .. I ask her sorts of question like how long can I wear, what is the best , will it spoil my eye and typical question a customer will ask. Contact lens is not like clothes. If the clothes is damage, you can just throw away but if you the lens is expired, you would go blind forever! So, I think it's appropriate to ask.
She never once answer me rudely or get mad. She wouldn't force you to purchase more than the amount you wanted either. 



And now, as a super LOYAL customer of LENSFREEDELIVERY - I can assure you that it is completely safe because my eye doesn't have anything wrong besides being really dry. I wear them more than 10 hours so I think it's legible lah. Just bring an eyedrop everywhere will do. 

I know that you are going to say , because I had make up on and my eyes will look better in pictures . That's not true because the lens already make my pupil look bigger so I don't really need to put on eyeliner or so. Plus, my double eyelid actually look deeper after I wear them. ( tsk no, I don't do eyelid sticker damn mafan.)

Zoom in picture to my eyes.

You should know that I didn't even filter and edit this because my eyebags is so visible. 

And this is me without make up.

You realize how different my eyes look right?

Now, I am going to tell you which series and design/ colour I always buy and have bought from LENSFREEDELIVERY so it would be easier if you guys wanna buy the same.

OMFG, why am I such a saint today?

I can't believe I am sharing this goodness with you when I can actually have nice eyes with those lens all to myself. Maybe, I am really in a good mood lol.

This is my ALL TIME favorite!

When I wear black, I feel like my eyes look extra bigger than usual.

This is me in IFAIRY BLACK with only mascara. Look at my swollen lids TT but this is the only picture I have with I fairy black.

I tired Barbie Candy Grey, Pink and Violet before and I'm too lazy to find the pictures. Violet and pink isn't that obvious though. Honestly, I really love grey lens so I recommend grey.

I tried , Violet, Grey and I just purchase green which I am too scared to put on. This is the colour TOP wear though so we can have couple colours :D

I have tried Brown, Grey and Violet. Brown is the best.

Here is the brown and omfg , how many pictures I have of myself -.-

This is honestly my favorite series other than Sugar Candy. The outer layer of black, are actually attack outside of your pupil and went over your white area - making your eye look bigger.

I have tried all , I swear.

GREY and BROWN is my choice.

Blue is not really my thing because everyone seemed frighten to see me in it ):



My choice are Black , Brown , Grey and Violet. 

In brown. 

In grey.

In black! :)

I am currently wearing Grey !

The price range of the lens are really affordable. 

I got mine for RM 25-30 per pair . NO JOKE. RM25-30 per pair and I still can see shits! HAHAHAHHA. You don't know how happy I am when I find out that it's so cheap. They also sell anime and dramatic lens which cost a little higher er, maybe around RM50-60 . It depends on the quantity you purchase too.

If you are interested , please go to LENSFREEDELIVERY by clicking the name 


PM Akira directly on her facebook. 

I swear this girl is nice! :p

I hope this helps you guys :)


Friday, April 26, 2013

F*CK you.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The first.

What's up!

I really love my contact lens and I wish I have enough pictures to blog about where I got all my lens from, these two years. I only started to put on colour / cosmetic lens since two years ago after I leave highschool because I realized how much it changes my look and make me look less crooked eye. I have a little lazy eye when I stare at something in a long time and I'm pretty afraid that it would get worse though.

Look how pretty my eyes look even without any eye make up. ps self praise is no praise lol. 

But I am emphasizing on how the contact lens changes me, oh well.

On a friday , I actually went to lakeside to place a booth wanting to clear up my stocks . Unfortunately, there isn't anyone on fridays because people normally doesn't have classes on fridays . I can't say that the sales is pretty bad but it just didn't meet up my expectation. I just hated the fact I sit under the rain . Even if there's a shed, it's still raining.

It's my first time and overall, it's actually fine.

I don't think I want to place booth anywhere soon unless there is people helping me, though.

I was quite surprise there are people whom actually come over to check us out. I didn't expect there is any previous customers to come and visit but oh well, it made me feel really great that RR have loyal customers. 

we are all from RR without any make up.

You can see how tired and bad we look.

Without these girls, I don't even know how RR could actually survive the way through. How much I want to share more dreams I have with them. The companion actually works a way in achieving things. And trust me that, you really need people to bring you up instead of thinking of how to pull you don't every single time.

I have more than just two of them and I feel blessed.

Thus, those who comes in and leaves my life after a while - I would hold the door for them. If they decides to leave, they are never worth the time . We shouldn't just waste their time either. I'm sick of watching people leave. I'll watch running man instead lol.

We have perfect teeth *peace sign*

This is a different kind of experience I have gain.



So please visit RR .

lots of loves.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Yellow Launched.

I swear my hair colour changes every single day. 

One day, it's red then it became brown and suddenly, it became a little darker brown then black. I don't even know what colour hair I have now so when people ask what hair colour it is, I'll be like uh.... it was suppose to be red based hair( but then it looks like orange that day wtf).

I don't know how to take care of hair and I don't think I will want to do rebonding or relaxing though.

this post is about me skipping my college for M2Upay launching event.

I was just right on time!

I can't believe I reach home one and a half before the event starts and then get lost in KL. I went all the way to Sentul wtf but thank god that, Maybank building wasn't that far . The traffic was just insane though. I got so pissed off and panic in the car , ALONE. gr.

I wanted to take picture of everything but it seemed to be so rude so..I kept my phone after this picture.

Everyone was staring when I hold my phone up , like I am doing something very sinful so I pretended like I didn't see them stare and casually put my phone back into my bag....while I go like - shit shit shit inside me. lol.

They even have simple scenarios of using the app and dance performance.

I was sitting at one of the booth because I don't have a booth myself. I didn't want to open one because I was lazy and nobody helps me. But I totally regretted it after seeing the crowd TT

What worse is MY NAME CARD IS NOT READY wtf.


I camwhore LOL

They prepared simple lunch for us and everyone was talking about things that I don't understand. They told me because I'm young. Either way, I still feel stupid.

Got interviewed and embarrassed myself.

I could see a few of them not convinced about everything I said. I do feel upset about the way people judges but it's true that everyone judge the book by it's cover. 
It's just that,
if you want to say anything bad about people, at least make sure that you're as good as you expect people to be.

I know I should say things like - I should do better and accept all the things which they said, which is not true.
But really, I don't want to fake a girly weak personality for the show so that people would like me or actually pity me so I could get all the attention , people would side me.

I prefer to be respected.

Even if I am no good , you can always give your comment and point out the flaws. But when these comments are going to hurt my dignity and self-respect , I think I could choose to accept it or just ignore it. Or maybe, to just point out yours as well to remind you that NOBODY is going to be perfect. 

Cut it short.
I just 不甘愿。 

WTF ( Can't believe I googled it in pinyin and then paste the characters here lol)

Pictures that a nuffnang member took for me. Still up even if I am not unglam because I have nothing much to post -.-

Tell me what can I do about my legs.... sigh :/

But it feels good to be called ' youngest entrepreneur on the floor" though.

GOT PROUD OF ME ANOT, HUH HUH HUH? * insert teeth smile*

So, I was trying to take my ootd in the middle of the hallway and not caring if people stare at me or not. Even the person holding the camera is shy. And, I'm like thick faced ):

Okay la, this one shy abit. 

Look at people photobombing at the back, gr!

Still got photobomb -.- 

Like the coordinate except for my flats.

I should go for shoe shopping soon wtf.

Red lace dress!

I am suppose to wear this during CNY but I chose another outfit. I have bought so many of them and didn't wear it. 

I went home early because I don't have booth. The jam was again crazy so I camwhore...

I realized I have the habit of camwhoring in the car , lol.


Yes, I didn't move for 15 mins grrr!