Friday, September 30, 2011

Of fangirling.

Bang Cheol Yong.

Thunder /CheonDong
Park Sang Hyun.

Lee Joon.
Lee Chang Soon.

Jung Byung Hee.

Yang Seung Ho.

And they are


created by

Jung Ji Hoon.

Jtune Family (:

I love Jtune family.

They are just like mini-Rains.Can't wait for them to be as successful as Rain.I'd wish they have a private jet each.


ps . Just fangirling (:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Of Sexy beast.

Rain's enlistment date is Oct 11 which is like next next next week?Honestly,I truly hope he isn't joining the army.He have not been on screen for a quite sometime already and yet,he's leaving the industry for 2 years.Although he have new movies coming up but it isn't the same anymore.I want to see him tweeting everyday.Sigh :/ I'm sorry bout being fangirling here but yeah
Ah,oppa ):

ps first time blogging from phone anyways.

Look at how cute he is (:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sometimes I wanna hide.

Sometimes we should put our dignity aside , throw our pride away and do things we want to do.We can only be young and crazy once and time isn't going to turn back for us. Time machine doesn't exist.

Why should we live under everyone's control?Why should we give a shit about what people say? Why should we live under their expectations and follow their orders?Why should we give up our own happiness to satisfy other people?Why should we please people?
Most of all,
why are we living a life we don't want it to be.

The fact is,
We can't freaking please anyone.

Just do whatever you want to do no matter how stupid or crazy it is. Just do it.
Because in the end,
everyone is going to judge you,to try to break you down,to tear you.

The truth hurts.

live for yourself not somebody else.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Everything's fading away.


Have been on hiatus for a week to rearrange my emotions. I have to tidy up my emotion since my trials is like next week. To be frank, I've only read two chapters of history and did a little maths.I feel so helpless and useless.

I don't really on my desktop anymore since I always go online with my phone. The main purpose of on-ing my desktop now is to sync my phone to download all Rain's and Mblaq's new picture.Yes,I'm a huge fan of Jtune family. And so then,I finally bother to transfer pictures to the desktop. Out of no where,I just feel like blogging with my pile of pictures. I still have some with my friends so I might do another post or so.

In school,

Oh, I'm a spm student.

I feel kinda regret for not paying attention since beginning of the year. I can't catch up,seriously. Emo ttm.

And the other day,
checking my clothes up for Delta's pink day photoshoot :p

My pile of pink clothes.


the rat my grandpa caught -.-

Had a big family reunion dinner 2 or 3 weeks ago? I'm not sure though.The dinner was so good and cheap indeed. I've always love place with good air-conditioning.But, this place changed my mind.It's very stuffy and so but really, the food is really good!

Baby Bel (:

camwhore (:

And the very next day, I went down to KL for dress hunting since I don't wanna rush last minute. And of course, after I've bought it,I'll stop complaining about what I want and stuff.Just so you know,I complain 24/7.

Went to Pavillion , Sungei Wang and finally to Lot 10.

Wanted snowflakes at Pavillion but the crowd is extremely crazy so for snowflake,we went down to the sungei wang's outlet.Have been carving for snowflake for a quite sometime already and the weather was terribly hot and so yeah.

Sesame sensation isn't that nice tho, I think Japan Combo taste better.

I'll always be loyal to Soya Ice Series ser 4 + taroballs! :p

Walked around sungei wang to check whether there's any good cheap stuff. I bought a box of fake lashies only ): Wanted to search for some flats or so but,failed. I think I need to buy shoes and new slippers.Mine is so old already ):

and guess what I saw,

fake beats for rm25 each.

I was kinda attracted to the pink beats.So cute! :p But who knows what will happen if I'm using it.If it explodes or something then die TT

And on monday, (during the raya hols) we went out.


On saturday itself , we went for YUEN steamboat!

the amount of people fighting for chicken wings.

The chicken wings finished in 27 seconds and yes, we timer-ed it.

Went out with my sister to pyramid the other day and try ZenQ dessert.

It tasted like crap.

It's a buck cheaper than snowflakes but the portion is like 2 times smaller and the taste is so disgusting.I've no idea why is everything so slimy. Their taroballs isn't chew-ish enough.I totally hate the combination of it.Most of all, the ice is so hard and it's very sweet.

Ew, I'll never go back there anymore.
Imma stick to snowflakes.

Last week, I went to snowflakes again.

This is what I always order! yummm!

And on the same day itself,

My mona lisa reached.

Like finally, I've been waiting for so freaking long! The packaging was pretty but I was too lazy to take details of it. I think Mblaq's album packaging is better than Rain's. Rain's is always big and not much of details and MORE expensive -.-

Went out to Bangsar on saturday with Xuelin.

Walked around with her and her sis around Bangsar village and chill.And,I realised all the cars in Bangsar is expensive and pretty. Saw this really pretty sport car though.

Then to Nirwana Maju for banana leaf rice.

Best food ever !

Then hang out around the place, went over to alexis around 730pm for XuehQi's surprise party.


It was okay but over creamy.The fruits on top tasted better than the cake.The creamy part is tasteless but the crust( or whatever it's called) is sweet and it directly melts in your mouth.One piece is 15bucks, double price of secret recipe's cake.I'd prefer secret recipe's durian cheesecake tho!

Not only the price is better, even it tasted better.
Personal comment.

Got home around 930pm and watched some videos till 4am, wtf.

Woke up around 2pm the next day and went out to KL again. Pavi to Lot 10 then back to Pavi.Back home around 6pm and decided to go grocery shopping.

Brought the twins along!


Had KFC for dinners. Was kinda full since I had heavy lunch in Pavi already so only Cheesy wedges will do (:

And yesterday, every last minute plan.

Xuelin fetched me around 1045pm to hang out. And the next moment,I get down of the car to pack my clothes to sleep over at her place and wanted to study -.-

But we end up in Bangsar around 1130pm.

Ate chicken wing for supper. There's such a dramatic scene in the restaurant. Some break up or so.

Missed the road and went up to KL. Almost got lost and so.But luckily we managed to remember some roads. Oh well, was kinda scary then. Firemen everything where and so.

Such an experience (:

We slept around 330am .

Went to McD and have lunch. Wanted to study there but it started raining.From outdoors , we move inside.And the environment is so noisy and nothing go inside our head -.- So we decided to go to snowflakes. JENG JENG!

Went around ss15 and there's no parking so we went and pick Cyn up first.

And finally have my snowflake!

Home around 4pm , watched a lil tv then fall alseep and up till now.

So much plans huh?

my trials is next week.

Good luck to me.