Saturday, November 30, 2013

Perception & Thoughts.

Just like any other normal person, I always hated Sundays because it's a reminder of us that tomorrow we will get back to work, to school or to something that we are definitely not looking forward to unless you have any other special event . Some people mark Sunday as the beginning of the week and some mark them as the last day of the week ; for me , it really didn't matter because tomorrow I'll still need to drag myself up to something I don't look forward to the next day.

I think alot , alot more than any other person does - other than being on holidays for too long, I have always been thinking alot even if I have something occupied. 

And out of these thinking which normally does no good, sometimes it brings to another level of understanding . I can't say that I'm VERY good at reading people, or stand at people's side and think but I'm sure that I could do better than 6 out of 10 people out there.

I think it's pretty unfair for someone to judge another person based on their perception in life which is not the same with the other. Different people have different perception of thinking ; in being successful , happy or ridiculous over little tiny whiny matters.  Just like , some people think passing a grade is good enough and some think wants a result in flying colours , or some people think being able to finish a book in a day is a contentment and some would like to finish a tv series .
The most realistic example is , some people think that having a professional degree is going to have much more in life than those who just literally graduated from highschool.

I couldn't say it's wrong to have your own ground to stand on of what is right and what is wrong. I just think it's very unfair to judge people by academic results in overall. I am not defending because my results are not in straight As. I am just feeling unfair for those who never see how much one put in effort to reach what they are having. Some people might not have a good brain so they put extra effort in what they do , so I think they deserve this. I think people who works hard deserve everything they have and it's respectful. & of course, the results on the paper which get you a job is important but having that piece of paper doesn't mean you could look down on people who don't own it - because , people have different dreams and want. Maybe getting a job , leading a simpler life is one of their dreams.

They say the winner in the society are those who is highly educated , and those who are working in a professional field and that's why my fam is pushing me to head for a professional degree , because they think not having one couldn't be working out in this society - and I agreed. 
it doesn't mean those who don't have as much as education than those professionals don't deserve to live. I see how hard my family struggled through work , because most of them don't speak perfect fluent english and most of them are drops out due to family problem. But look at me now, I grew up completely fine and blessed because of their hard work. I'm truly blessed , being able to study through and live without worries.

It's never wrong having your opinions, but it's also not right to stick on your own opinions. Sometimes, it's nice being straightforward but when being too blunt and crossing overboard of hurting another's feelings is unnecessarily stupid. 

Everyone have feelings. Words Hurt. 

We think before walk. & yes, everyone judges but doesn't have the right to comment and made sure the other person agree. I might not agree but I respect because that's the least I could do for.

I'm saying this in a third party view.

& honestly if they want to find which kind of people excel in life, 
it will be judge by the figures on their saving books in the end of the day.


Friday, November 29, 2013

Temporary Escape ; at Lewisgene .

I am really obsessed with coffee art , besides looking nice to be in instagram gaining more likes than my own selfie - beautiful coffee art makes me happy. I'm a slave to caffeine so I do take homemade nescafe at home. I could only hold myself back to coffee for 2 days max , because I crave for it so much. It's nice to have beautiful coffee art , but the coffee isn't good - the whole point of my perception of bliss and beauty is destroyed. 

I do blog about coffee break, but not as much as food post or ootd post. Sometimes when I blog about things like this , I wonder if I've lost my purpose of keeping this online site of me which I want to jot down my life  - which includes my thoughts, feelings and things I do for me to read in future. I really don't care about the stats anymore, as you realizes I've remove NN from my blog . 

I want this blog all to myself . 
I want to share what I am concern about , what I like and what are my thoughts in certain things. 

And I've mentioned that I find various place to read , to have a good coffee or spend my afternoon alone to enjoy the peace. Life's hectic , I would like to live as the character I read - feel what they feel despite being happy or hurt or anything else which I've never feel before in my life. It's like a getaway mentally , and when the book is close - the character is gone. If the feelings I feel for the character remains, this means that I'm reading a good book.

Lately, the only place I would thought of is Lewisgene which I have blog about it more than once because I love this place alot. There might be alot of people in the noon or evening, but the maximum of noise level is bearable. I don't want to go to a coffee shop which makes me feel like I'm in the market. Besides that, they opened till 1am which is good because I could have late night coffee date with my friends or , continue to have a peace of mind.

I don't like noises and I sometimes hate to talk , which is contrast with how I'm supposed to be.

Oh well, people change and grow up.

I think, I've grown up over years.

This is the outdoor which I prefers to sit at night. As for noon/ evening, I would suggest to sit inside because the sun is gonna shine directly to your face which is pretty annoying. The view in Solaris is not superb but good enough to not be a construction side. 

This was just a random night with Jacinth , together our late night girly talks about everything. It's nice to talk - and I have been talking all the time. It's rare to find a good listener , to be patient enough to listen and not to judge. And , I'm grateful for being lucky. 

Mocha , which was really good . 

The chocolate on top was fine . Even I don't like chocolate, I don't bring myself to hate it. You gotta love how the coffee mix with the chocolate on top. Bitter , with a little sweetness. You don't even need sugar cubes anymore.

The french toast is really nice . It's soft and fluffy - yes, fluffy.

And also, the other day I brought CK to this place because it's one of my favorite - as you can see. I'm glad he thinks that it's good here, more over cheap . The tea time set is really nice . 

This time I chose Cappucino instead.

Don't you think that the cup is so cutee? I love the cups they are using. 

Pancakes with bluebaerry jam and strawberries.

The pancake is just fine , it wasn't as fluffy as I expected but I love seeing pancake serve with strawberries :3

The waffle which everyone loves , and dying to try. I'm sad that the chocolate was too much but the waffle was crispy enough for my delight. I don't really like it too soft. It'll be a ten star love for chocolate lovers.

Aside of being a good place to spend sometime alone , it's a rather comfortable place to catch up with your friends and have a good laugh over nothings. It wouldn't be like those cafes who unable you to hear your friend. I don't get why people would wanna speak too loud. 

Have I mentioned that I hate it when people raise their voice while talking to me. To them, it might not be yelling but to me, it is. I hate it when people raise their voice at me for no reason and over little things , it spoils my mood and not to mention, it hurts my feelings. I guess girls would understand what am I talking about - the different tone the people ( especially the boys) use on you and your friend who look better than you. It's so difficult for me to say that, not all boys are the same when it comes to this. I hate it but I bare with it. 

At frustrating time like this , learn to get over it or walk away. Noone deserves to feel less than they are ,or smaller than they imagine. Everyone deserved to be treated the same - we are living in the same world , the same air; Malaysia's might be more polluted than the other countries. 
I get over it by spending time alone, because I don't want to feel like this.

Try getting your own getaway in life.

Oh well, this is what I wanna share with you - together with my current favorite cafe at, Lewisgene. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Coffee Chemistry Signature @SS15

It's great to have sometime for each other despite having busy schedules everyday due to college or uni. I guess, school isn't the term for my friends and I anymore. I'll have to shake off the habit of using that term because in a blink of an eye, we're all turning twenty next year. Compared to aging, I'm afraid if I'm going to fail in my future. 

I'm lucky enough to have a long break until next year but Xiuming had to suffer through her designing course. As much as I hate to follow instructions , I would still choose to refer to books than cracking my brain to design a project which I have no idea of. Compared to being a professional, I think people who are in the designing field are more amazing. It's nice to have people who make things pretty.

We decided to have lunch at Coffee Chemistry after RR photoshoot . Wanted to have breakfast at The Upstairs Cafe but it's not open. By wasting time thinking where to go, we are already having brunch. 

Why do my green tea latte look like algae here? 

It's pretty good and I don't really order green tea latte unless I have a cup of coffee on the same day. I could take two cups of coffee max a day and in return, I'll need to suffer the very fast heartbeat which will make me feel uneasy. It's crazy how caffeine can work. 

The coffee art is cute tho .

Rose Latte,
which beats my green tea latte flat. It was her choice of drink and really, that girl is pretty good with coffee aside with Bernice. 

I'm going to return for the sake of this . 

Ming's Spicy Carbonara which was okay. 

It's really watery but the taste was great - or maybe, not spicy enough. 

Al- Funghi Mushroom Olio Pasta ,
which is always my choice in Coffee Chemistry. It's in olive oil texture and drier than the normal Aglio Olio. It's so good with mushrooms, and I like mushrooms. Besides that, the calorie count is lower. 

ps. Try to avoid cream based or carbonara sauce if you're planning to lose some weight.

Winking with my food for instagram but I forget to post. 

What are you doing, Ming?

I really love this picture alot. We are so happy and carefree.

More peace.

We do take alot of good pictures together.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

PLOY @ Work Clearwater.

I guess most of you guys who love fusion dining or dining with good ambiance have heard of Ploy @ Clearwater . I suggested this place for Jacinth's birthday because I'm being all selfish wanting to try out this place - 1) They have squid ink pasta which I'm dying to try. 2) It's pretty in pictures. 3)  It's just pretty.

And we have a hard time to find this place because it's pretty hidden. The ambiance is much to my expectation and I really love how quiet it is. I enjoy the beauty of silence , which people call them awkward moments . 

We even ordered a bottle of red wine ... then I pour it over my chanel, ha ha ha. ):


The squid ink pasta was just fine and I hear that there are better ones around. My friends told me that my lips went black, so as my teeth . Really, this is not recommend for the first date but my friends and I have zero reputation so ...yeah.

I like the portion , which the boys is complaining that it's too small for them. In another thought, I think it's not worth it to pay that price for such little portion. 

And more pictures taken that night after a whole full of laughter and catch up ,

Loving this picture because our smile is so wide. 

And a pathetic group picture because noone else send me the others. Besides that, they are all taken with Polaroid.

It was a good night though. 

I don't recommend this place if you are big eaters. Maybe you should visit here for the ambiance or when you're on diet. After all, I'm willing for pay small portion of fine food for the ambiance. 

Till then.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Food Foundry.

Sometimes, it's funny how things used to be back in highschool. Hell alot of unnecessary dramas is created when things go wrong. To think back, if each of us sat down and take a deep breath - maybe things wouldn't turn ugly. It's really sad to have someone who done so much for you not by your side anymore. 
I'm so glad that I could break through this barrier of ego and dignity with them and meet each other again.

It have been almost 3 years or so since I met up with them girls. They brought me to a new place for brunch , which I've heard about for a quite sometime.

It's funny how they have such cute and pretty place for brunch in the midst of the old flats. I could see a hlaf naked man watching tv from my car lol. I love how they do simple deco interior for this place , with old books , white walls and wooden chairs. It's clean and comfortable.

And here's the food,

Fiona's Burger - which I forget the name . The serving is generous with the price of RM 22.90 . The fries is amazing . I stole from her. I can never say no to fries.

Here is my club sandwich , which is pretty big. I have to separate the sandwich into two, each side because my mouth ain't that big.

I forget about Mel's food.

And most of all,

The crepe cake.

Each of them is RM13.90 per piece. 

Earl Grey Lavender Crepe Cake.

I swear this is damn amazing. I love how mild it taste like. A little hint of lavender with earl grey tea flavoring. It's good. What I'm missing out is a good cup of tea.

Salted Caramel Crepe Cake.

I love the little crumbs on top which is a little salty , pairing with the caramel topping. Gosh, it's heaven.

And us ;

I cannot explain how much I love this pic with Fiona. This is so asian. LOL, the peace pose.

And Mel whom always motivate me of losing weight. I wish that we both could reach our goal soon. You know that it's nice to have someone to feel the same with you in certain things.

It was a good afternoon, I could say. A very good one . Just girls, catch up, stories to laugh at and lastly, very very yummy good food. 

Can't wait for the next.


Monday, November 18, 2013


I have been spending quite alot of time alone in a coffee shop , reading books particularly John Green's.

And I don't understand why they think that is weird , or boring. Or maybe , it's just because I do not have a habit of reading since last time. I didn't find the enjoyment of reading but now, I do.

It's nice to get lost in the world of books, feel the characters - their emotions, feelings through the writing of someone . When the book close , the sadness and pain you feel for the characters will be gone so as , the happiness. But in reality , it will remain there forever like a scar.

If your world is too hectic , pick up a good book and read. Get lost in a moment , and not to be yourself in your own identity. Sometimes people want to escape to be found.

Get a good cup of coffee , and read.

You know you deserve this bliss of enjoying peace , love.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Not a full stop .

I just realized that I always forget to take photos , or maybe too shy to take photos during huge gatherings. And, gatherings is usually held at night so we only have maximum three hours during dinner. Three hours is not enough for eating, catching up and lastly, taking photos. Sometimes, we got too caught up with things that forget to do so. 

Personally, I think taking photos often is good. Like what people say, it's an evidence for memory and also something we could reminisce in future.

The other day , we have a celebration for the november babes from High school. I think it's nice sitting in a long table and see each other after a long time. ( btw, we graduated from high school for 2 years old - incase you assumed that I'm a 25) 

We settled down at Alexis in Bangsar for KW, ST and Bernice's birthday.

Prince Jeffrey aka KW. 

I like that bow, a lot tho .

We have the same name except for our first name , no joke. 

I think it's still irony to call someone who have the same name as yourself ; it's as if you are calling yourself.


Sadly, this is the only presentable picture we have that night because it was all busy ):

KW again :)

We have the same smile ; like literally. I think it's true that people say that if we hang out too much , we will have something in common. For us , the smile we have while camwhoring. 

Solid evidence , of the same smile heh.

It's really nice to catch up once in a while , for a good dinner and dressing nicely all together. Have I mention I always dislike people who doesn't dress up appropriately? I mean, why do you want to meet me with your pajamas in a mall? It makes me feel like you are reluctant to do so. I'm really particular about the dressing part because I think it's a kind of respect you show to the person you are hanging out with. I'm pretty sure you don't want your friend to wear something awful and lazy when he/she come and see you. You would feel that you didn't matter that much to that person, right? You don't need to be in suit or tie , or an evening dress - just don't go out looking lazy. 

Gosh, I think I'm over particular about this. 

Oh well, just think about it.

goodnight, love.