Wednesday, September 25, 2013


There's a Saturday where we all met up for lunch . Most of us have a bad headache because we party too hard the day before. I can't deny how bad my alcohol tolerance is. We were supposed to have uncle jang but , JS had a bad sorethroat . So, Xiuming suggested to dine in Wondermama in Bangsar Village. 

I like this place. I like the varieties of food they offer. 

Cham with Coffee Jelly at RM8.50

I love this drink so much that I had to snap a pic to insta it. I know that you can get this drink at normal kopitiam near your place, but the coffee jelly made a difference. What more about the big portion of this drink. And, I love the 80's vintage looking cup !

Beef Nachos at RM14.50

Xiuming emphasize how good this is and I agree with her. It's R E A L L Y good , I swear. It's a much try if you visit this restaurant.

Must go back for that!

Prawn Katsu Buger at RM 21 ( I think)

This is my order and I think it's pretty nice. The prawns are really prawns , not just flour. I didn't want spaghetti because I had enough of that. Nasi Lemak would be too heavy so I chose this instead. I didn't finish the fries ):

I was dead hungry so I didn't bother to snap pictures of other people's food. And, I realized that I only blog about my own food. I'll remind myself to snap other picture next time. 

WONDERMAMA is Wonderful~~~