Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I don't know how to blog when I don't have pictures.


Sunday, August 28, 2011


Oh hi,
I'm just do a wrap up of my outings to idk where.

I have been going out quite often lately and always never have pictures.Everyone is too busy talking,gossiping and shopping so noone bothers to take pictures.

Oh well, last time everyone only cared about taking pictures and post it up on fb or blogging but now it seems like,everyone stop updating their fb and even stop blogging. Most of them are on twitter now and noone can deny that it's really addictive.
If you don't have one,you should sign up.

I forget when I took this but this picture is kinda long ago and I forgot where I took it.

And last Saturday,
I was out to Taylor lakeside campus for Hallyu festival. It was so disappointing.I expected a super big event kind of thing but it was just a few small stores with a few kpop goodies. They don't even have Rain and Mblaq. They don't even have the very popular Super Junior.Abit fail right?

they give us free kimbap which is the korean sushi kind of thing and a cup of korean tea. I hate korean tea so much,mg. It tastes like they boiled the tea with popcorn.

The performances were entertaining.There's a few groups who had done well. Those who danced MonaLisa made me and my sis burst in laughter.Gosh, we laughed the whole performance. There's this guy who combined 5 snsd songs which is gee,genie,oh,hoot and mr taxi into one performance. I enjoyed that alot! He was doing great tho. Was fascinated for the whole 8 minutes.

ft island's booth.

My sis got more collections than them tho.

It've been a long time since I use s95 :p

On friday,
I went over to Midv with ze friends.

At a jap restaurant in gardens.I will definitely go back to get this bowl of ramen later.I loved it.The miso soup tasted like heaven :O


got a new iphone cover :p

toilet break.

then to,



Back home round 830pm then have a short heart to heart talk with mingli.

Woke up round 10am tomorrow morning, which is on Saturday. Off to post office and then,to Xuelin's house.

Bangsar off we go.

Banana leaf for lunch,omnomnom! So delicious and it's so cheap, mg :p

Walked around the boutique in Bangsar and found nothing);

The puppy in one of the boutique. So small and adorable.

After awhile,
we went to midv again -.-

Wanted snowflakes but long queue so gongcha,we go. Yes, again! haha.

And found nothing.

Then to empire for dinner. Had lameeya and it was nice! Went over to the pet shop and stare at those cute puppies. I really wanna adopt one , omg. I want teacup poodle tho. It's so rare in Malaysia and it may cost a bomb.

So adorable right?

And today,
I went down to KL to do some shopping. Got a number of things and satisfied. :p

off to pyramid tomorrow to catch a movie.

Haven't been home since then.Should nerd at home.



Saturday, August 27, 2011

I love you.

Guess who?

K, I look cmi in all pictures.

Judge me all you want.

twinnnnnns (:

the one lying down is the younger one.


Younger one left and here comes babybel!

And then, he comes back(:

k getting crazier.

You just have to remember ,
family is everything and everything starts from love.

If you don't love your family, how could you even be happy?

Nothing beats the smile of your family members. Their smile is priceless. Everything I see the twins's smile,my heart sinked. Well, not in a bad way. I felt so grateful and happy that they existed in this world. They wish they are not growing up,I don't want them to face the reality, the materialistic world.Most of all, I don't want them to lose that smile of theirs, the smile just come from the bottom of the heart.

I love my family.

I love my dad, he is a superman.

Who ever tend to break my family up, I swear I'll kill them.

ps. Happy Birthday,Jasper ):

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spm is so near.

one word,

Monday, August 22, 2011

The present.

I received a later birthday gift last week.

My birthday is in June so yeah, a super late gift.

Totally 100% handmade with tender,care and love (;

The total love cover page!

A a little content.

ps. Don't so kepo , can or not! (;

Oh well,
there's just a few pages and infact almost 3/4 of the book is filled in with. And every page is so beautiful and meaningful.

K, I almost died in bio class while reading it and even my bio teacher flips through it and praised that it's so pretty.


I totally love it.

I do not know how to express this feeling or even describe it when I have the book in my hands.It's now safely keep in my cupboard. I love it.

Thanks girls,
stronger everyday (:

Friday, August 19, 2011

Your whisper is the Lucifer.

Hello Hello.

Before anything click HERE first.
Support RaqulReed , hoho (;

The previous post was so emotional , lol.

I just read it back just now and realize that I sound like some moaning bitch and really,I felt so much better letting everything out here.

who am I going to tell this kind of things to.

It's just sound so wrong.

Wednesday was a public holiday so I went for dress hunting in Pyramid. Yes, Pyramid again -.- Oh well,
Nothing in the end.

Feel so shitty maaan TT

BarBQ plaza for lunch and almost die because I was too full. It was a very satisfying lunch instead. I think girls who put on thick eyeliners shouldn't eat there. The smoke there is gonna ruin your make up. I didn't put eyeliner that day so yeah.

Walked around and tried looking for nice dress but nothing caught my attention other than the leopard print one.

It's overpriced and also, not grand enough.

I'm expecting something more tho.

The rise of the apes for movie. I'm not sure whether that's the title or not but the movie was incredibly surprising. Totally love the storyline and all.

There's a few scenes where I almost teared.

Oh well.

KimGary for dinner. Hang around and home around 930pm.

Just like another hang out day.

Wore heels the whole day and it kills me. I have a backache until now.

Till then.