Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ruyi and Lyn.

Ruyi and Lyn is already winning due to their creativity, giving a twist in chinese cuisine by modernizing it. 

The chinese restaurants I often go to always has bright lights and red table cloth. Not to mention that they have a huge stage in front with floral-dragon kinda decoration. But Ruyi and Lyn has a freaking well-equip DJ booth at the stage? I was really surprise at what I see there. I can never get over it. They even have a runway at the entrance which makes you feel like a superstar. 

The runway when you first enter. 

Their menu shines - so good selfie pictures. 

Instead of classic crackers they serve at the usual chinese restaurants, Ruyi&Lyn serves pickled appetizers which was good because I like sour stuff. 

Ruyi's Famous Sushi at RM43

This is a must order because this dish is the one that make them all famous. They made Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak and Mango Sticky Rice in sushi form. This portion is really fine that I think is only for a picture purpose. The taste wise was okay. I personally love the Mango Sticky Rice the best. 

Instead of ordering ala carte, we decided to go for set menu since it's perfectly planned by the restaurant. We could not make up our minds of what we should order on the menu because the way they name their dishes makes us goes WOW. 
They have a set menu with 4 different price range which is RM88++, RM 118++ , RM138++ and chef's gourmet at RM168++
( Hm, I am not sure if they have change the price though)

Since we already have the sushi, we chose 6 course meals at RM88++ , which is absolutely yummy. 

Look at the pictures below. 

Cupid's Cigarllios .

Crabmeat and mushrooms roll. 

Datin's Desire.

I swear that this bowl is filled with goodness. Pan seared scallop with tofu which makes a thick blend tofu soup extraordinary! 

A plus for them, because I love having soups as appetizers. 

Smokey Chicken.

Roasted chicken which was topped with their special sauce. I keep wondering how did they maintain the crispiness after pouring gravy over. 

Pokemon Prawns !

This is my favourite of all!

Mango and Ebiko deep fried with wasabi and the never go wrong , mayo. I cannot explain how tasty it is. I swear that you have to taste it yourself. 

a  M U S T  order. 

Journey to the West.

Truffled infused fried rice with shrimps and mushrooms. Thumbs up for the 'wok' taste.

and lastly,

La Dolce Vita

Panna Cotta with raspberry. Panna Cotta was really smooth and I am so glad that their raspberry sauce are made fresh. 

Overall, it was a good dining experience because I never expected so much from a Chinese cuisine. Personally, I would still prefer to the old classic Chinese style of restaurant where the whole family gathers together with a round table topped with red cloth , having rice and different dishes together. It makes me feel that it brings the togetherness. 

Ruyi and Lyn would be a different environment serving the same dishes ( Well, they have some western fusion) you could easily find in Chinese restaurant. It depends on what kind of environment you want to be in. Either way, the food is so good. 

Before I end this post, 
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