Sunday, May 24, 2015

Alchemist Dessert Cafe.

It's no doubt that there are more places for us to hang out in ss15 besides mamak. I can't believe that now we have so many choices to hang out at night. There are normal restaurants , drinking places, cafes and not forgetting, more dessert shops. 

There is this new dessert place which serves good waffles and toast. Of course, they have food and sorts but their speciality was on their Belgium waffles. It was a random night where we stumble across this place. 

Alchemist Dessert Cafe which is located inbetween the streets of SS15. It is right opposite tryst. Also this place offers outdoor shisha. 

RM 3 for their huge cup of iced lemon tea which is served like this. I find this unique compared to the normal clear glasses we get outside.

I guess this place goes to a more hipster style. 

Look at those dessert, yum.

And that is a cup of hot chocolate which was very sweet. 

Honey Ice Cream Shibuya Toast at RM 13.90 

The toast was good but they are not cut in square pieces instead. This is definitely a sharing portion. It's really impossible for one to finish it. There are more choices available besides Honey. I heard that their Nutella Ferrero Toast was the best. 

Chocolate Strawberry Icecream Belgium Waffle at RM 7,90

This is the cheapest Belgium Waffle I've encounter. Their strawberries are very fresh , however the waffle was lack of crisp. I'd prefer my waffle to be crispier. With the price, I think it's worth a try. 

Oh, that was the whipped cream on top. It melted due to the heat of the waffle lol.

And lastly,

an insta-worthy picture.

This place opens till 2am late night and offer other food, like pasta. They also offer brunches in the noon. 

Well, I think it's a great place for friends to hang out at night. Also, you can fix your sweet tooth. If you don't feel like clubbing on a friday night, this place will be good for you to catch up.


Friday, May 22, 2015

One of the most beautiful thing I've read today xx.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

El Cerdo.

We have quite a number of famous restaurant which serves good pork dishes. I've tried Leonardos so this time, my friends and I went to El Cerdo. No doubt that this restaurant is one of the famous one in KL. 

El Cerdo is located in the busy street of Changkat , which is very happening. This is somewhere suitable for you whom doesn't like silence, and want love merrier ambiance. 

yes, someone is wearing cheongsam. 

Well, it was still in between the fifteen days of CNY.

I think the picture on the menu is so cute, lol.

Complimentary bread and special pig liver pate.

I know that I should have focus on the main dishes later but I need to emphasize that the pate was yummy. It goes so well with the bread. It reminds me of tuna though. 

This will be the best combination of complimentary bread I've tasted. 

Marinated Pork Shoulder Steak at RM 48

I could say that the pork is marinated well. The pork was tender. I love how they have mashed potato inbetween the steak. I think this is one of the famous main dish on the menu since it's highly recommended. I suggest you to order this because this is something different. I still couldn't get any hint from how the sauce is made though. I could only say that it tasted marvellous. 

Spicy Baby Back Ribs at RM 88 

This would be a perfect dish for someone who love spicy food. Well, I like spicy food so I give this dish two thumbs up. They fried the ribs and soaked them with their speciality sauce. My friends were complaining that it burns their tongue, while I actually add on chilli to the ribs. Also, their apple salad by the side was yummy. The dish goes so well because when your tongue is burning, you can then eat the salad to soothe it and continue to feast again!

One more close up to this spicy dish, yummms. 

German Pork Knuckle at RM 98

We didn't order the piglet so we replaced it with German Pork Knuckle instead. This deep fried pork knuckle should also be given credit to. Very Very crispy indeed! 

Also they come with side dishes of potato dumplings and sauerkraut with mustard beer sauce !

When there is potato, everything gets better. woohoo lol.

Seafood Paella at RM 98

Paella is always my must order if it's on the menu. Their portion of paella is so hearty. And to be honest, this is the best paella I ever had so far. I've always love squid ink ones, however this classic seafood paella by El Cerdo changed my mind. Not to mentioned that, the lemon which we squeeze on top has open up my appetite. 

And the size of the prawns made me very happy heheh.

They have squid hiding underneath too. This is one of the must order because it's good and filling. 

We ended this satisfying meal with a shot of vodka each. This is immediately a plus point for them. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

I fear oblivion.

Recently, I'm all tied up with my finals which is ongoing right now. I have another two more papers to deal with , and I am all done with year 2. I can feel my shoulders getting lighter but my heart getting heavier. Definitely, I am relieved with exams coming to an end. 
But something in me is suffocating more than my finals which I can't comprehend. It's very torturing to have insomnia and wake up with a heavy heart, often.

 I guess this chapter of my life is going to come to an end soon. And I never like endings. Even if it ends for good, we still have to go through the empty roads being alone - which is moving on. I still haven't learn the beauty of looking forward to the future, because I always believe in appreciating the current moment. 

Perhaps I fear oblivion more than the future. It's heartbreaking when you realized that once you move into another stage of life, some things will change and some people will not be in your life anymore. This is a part of growing up. And growing up is always growing apart. It's getting more difficult to keep things together when everyone has a different vision of life. 
However, I am too selfish to stay here forever. I want to leave and see the world. I want to get a bigger vision. I want to travel and try different things. I don't want to waste my youth in a circle I drew over myself so that I don't get hurt. I want to see life and meet more people. I want to understand. I want to grow. I want to be something more. I don't aim to be an inspiration or example. I just want people to know that I didn't waste my youth. I have live my life to the fullest. I want no regrets. And I want everyday of mine to be nostalgic rather than just pure experience. 

And I guess, sometimes we have to give up on something to just get another in return. The world isn't perfect, and life isn't fair. 

I fear oblivion. But compare to that, I fear more that I couldn't find a place called 'home'. Not just a roof to cover over me. Not just a shelter to protect me from the storms. But a place where I can keep my heart and my guards down, knowing that this is somewhere or someone I can always go to without any hesitation.