Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Front Door.

Back to the days where my jawline was evident. 

This is a post from half a year ago, lol. I found them in my folder and decided to blog about this place which is located at Chinatown. 

It's amazing how coffee and brunch culture goes all the way there. As for me, I wouldn't open a cafe along such vintage streets because they are all tourist and also, people over there prefer chinese local food. However, The Front Door successfully bring this culture over there and blend into the streets.

 It took me awhile to find where The Front Door is located at because their sign is in chinese words .

Every corner screams art. Vintage art.

It's beautiful how they can turn simplicity into an artistic environment. Not to mention that they are using old vintage theme to match with the streets. The whole concept shows lots of effort.

Cappucino at RM9 , which has nothing to shout about. 

I prefer my coffee thicker.

That is the famous chocolate peanut butter mud cake at RM 13, which was too dry. It would be better if it's moist. However the peanut butter cream on top was yummy! The cake wasn't too sweet which was good.

and there's me with a short fringe hahah.

Of course, we tried their famous open up sandwich. They are not just picture worthy, and they're yummy too!

It's RM6 per slice. While RM15 for three slices and RM23 for five slices. 

One is definitely not enough and three isn't enough to try their exclusive types , so we ordered two sets. I swear that my friends and I are dinosaurs when it comes to food. 

I would recommend you to ask the person to explain to you which exclusive flavour that you should try. It depends on whether you want it savoury or serve it as dessert. 

I thought that peanut butter spread with caramelized banana would serve good as a dessert. For savoury, it would be asparagus , with sautéed mushrooms and hard boiled eggs with cream cheese. 

This will be my two favourite out of all the flavours they provide. 

fake candie heheh.

When I say that they are artistic everywhere, I am not lying. Even the alley to the washroom is beautiful. The paintings on the wall were all drawn nicely. At the first glance, you can never thought of it going with a cafe. However, this is what art should be -isn't it? Art shouldn't be understood but appreciate.

outfit of the day.

and lastly, 
quote of the day which was on the wall.

one day you will bloom and be someone else's flower and, be as beautiful as ever.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Comparison Bitterness.

Ever since young, we are told by our parents that we have to work hard to be better - at those times, it was only studies. Instead of giving motivational support by pointing out our strength, they seem to pick up our flaws to ignite our competitiveness. However often, it turns into sadness and guilt. Often times, we just feel not good enough to be their children because they do deserves something more. And comparison between us and someone else just make us feel less than we deserve.

That was only a typical example of being competitive and being compared all the time. 

Competitiveness is actually something healthy. It's good when it drives us to the way which lead us to be a better person. But being compared is just horrible. I hate being compared to someone else , no matter me being bad or better. I think everyone have their own way of dealing with things and they can travel their own distance. 

Sometimes, we do compare ourselves to someone who look up to or someone better than us. This is something very unhealthy to me. Because often, it will turn into bitterness or jealousy. And I don't want to feel bitter over someone's achievement and sulk at my own thoughts when I am the one doing nothing about it. It's ridiculous. 
People work hard for what they deserves and I do not think I deserve to be jealous over things they have. Also, comparing which leads to jealousy isn't making my current situation or how I feel any better. 

Words may still derive us from positive vibes , but lays within us to listen to negativity or lean towards the positive vibe.

Being jealous or bitter shows weaknesss. 
And often, you are only bitter when you have nothing good to offer.


Saturday, June 20, 2015



This post will be the summary of my birthday week. I was showered with lots of love and attention within the whole week making me feel even more blessed than I already am. This year, I turned 21st which is something rather important. I do not understand why because I think every year birthdays are important.

Instead of throwing big birthday bash with girly settings , gathering all my circle of friends in one dinner. I decided to have them small. I was really happy that I had simple dinner with my different circle of friends. Big parties has no communication in between and gathering different circle of friends will make things awkward. Put it another way, I prefer to have all attention on me because it's my birthday wtf *fans self*. 


A must have picture in troika featuring the trademark of the city I grew up in. 

My first dinner is with my close girlfriends on a Saturday night since our time clashes all the time. It is pretty difficult to gather everyone together. 


I'm a fan of Italian food so we settled down for Strato. I wanted to try this restaurant for a quite sometime, knowing that they have good reviews regarding with their food. And I promised that whatever good things they said online were true. 


My favourite was the black&white Salmon Pasta. That will be my must order dish is Strato if I were to return again. There are more choices on the menu which I was dying to try, however we need to save some room for desserts. 

Thanks for buying me dinner, girls.


The presents from them. 

Instead of balloon, I have a bouquet of roses because troika do not allow balloons unless you're dining in fuego. Well, that's how classy places go. 


I didn't want to settle for the desserts at Strato so I suggested Thirty8 which is very famous for their desserts. Not to mention the breathtaking view on the 38th floor. Compare to other places, their price for their desserts are really reasonable. Their desserts are really love. 




Well, my cake toppled over because the person didn't pour the caramel evenly. 


Signature Cake as my birthday cake , Straight from Oven Chocolate Cake and Apple Crumble. 

I never like any chocolate stuff. Well basically, I only like Straight from Oven Chocolate Cake in thirty8. I swear that , chocolate lava has never been so good. When it goes with the raspberry sorbet, it screams perfection. 



so so blessed. 

and some group picture we took by giving lots of request to the person whom was lending a hand. 




We didn't make reservation because it was an impromptu plan. We are really lucky to have such nice place for the night , right in front of KLCC. Also, our pictures turn out very nice too. 



Make Up of the day ; where I want it to be all clean. Something that I don't usually do for dinner because I always want to have a stronger image. However this time, I took a twist because I know that normally my girl friends would love darker colours. 

I don't think I look sweet and simple. Rather I think that sound disgusting if you use that to describe me. Well, this is something new. Note that I use a lighter shade lipstick!


outfit of the night which I love, but it is a size bigger TT

However, I still love the whole look. 

I really do not look nice in white. 


I also have a champagne balloon beside the numbers. This perfectly suit the new quote I came upon - ' May your pain be champagne.'

My uni mates got it for me on my birthday eve. 


I chose Porto Romano , the Mont Kiara branch which serves Mediterranean food with super affordable prices. 


The portion was so hearty and we can't even finish it. I love the squid ink fettucine and their lasagna. 

Not forgetting my all time favourite pizza! It's so thin and crispy. Whenever I see pizza on the menu, it's a must order for me. Loving the Al Funghi/ Mushroom pizza with shredded mozzarella cheese. 


They also bought me macaron tower because I always make noise about I can't find nice macarons in Malaysia. They have found one for me, however their tower don't last long. It was only a few hours and their macarons start falling off because it wasn't cold enough. 

When I know the price of the tower, I got angry about their service and the way they presented it. Despite the macaron is yummy, they cannot do this to my cake. 

I was supposed to have a super glamorous cake ( ps. you can see the brand they stick on top lol)


Look at them falling off ; my heart hurts.

However, I can't deny that the macaron is really yummy.


So I put it on the plate instead to make it a cake.

My friends felt so sorry that my macaron tower which was supposed to be super glamorous , fell off. I feel bad that they are sorry. They did so much for me and still feel bad that my birthday eve is ruined. 
What have I done to deserve such great people in my life, right?

I love you guys ok, please don't feel bad. The macarons was super yummeeeeh!


Probably the most glamorous one could had , in the world. haha. Also, I love how the colours reflects me. 


I am very lucky.





My classic make up with thicker eyeliner and darker shades of eyeshadow from naked2 palette. Instead of the vampire red, I put on Tom Ford's True Coral which carries a hint of orange. 


Outfit of the night ; loving my classic black dress and also, that's my new pair of heels. 

ngehehe, wearing new things makes me excited. 


" Dont take my shoeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

I didn't change to my heels because I want to be more comfortable. I didn't intend to take ootd either. Well, you can see that I am not ready. 

This is where after I have korean BBQ at BBQ K in Solaris. Us with our second stomach was calling for desserts again. So off to Grand Hyatt we go. 


Mirror Selfie.


Ordered the usuals of Straight from Oven Chocolate Cake and Apple Crumble. Instead of Signature Cake which I do not fancy since it's too sweet, I suggested to order the cheesecake as my cake.

God, the cheesecake is so so so soft. It goes so well with the strawberry and icecream!


Cheesecake and I , are the perfect match. 


Mandatory group picture.


Well, this is reality. In reality, I do not put on make up and dress up well at home. I was also too lazy to change to just take photos so I'll hide my face like this. lol.

I had Chinese cuisine at Sungai Buloh which is my family's favourite restaurant, thus we do travel a little far for it. I thought that I didn't have a cake. 


Well, it turns out I have two this year ngehehe.

Until now, I still insist to have cakes on my birthday. Of course, I want people to sing me birthday songs. I do get awkward when everyone is singing me birthday songs, but I honestly love it. 


There are also surprise roses on my real day itself when I thought that I'll just lie at home with nothing. I remember that I watched Big Bang RM because there are too many plans so I need to stay home to rest. My stomach need to rest due to all the good food.

I realized two things this birthday.

1. My Cakes keep collapsing , wtf.
2. I received so many roses on my birthday this year.

I asked people who gave them to me why do I keep getting roses instead of other flowers. They told me that roses are so me. Well, I still haven't figure it out yet but it does really suit my outfits and the whole theme lol.


Vain selfie of me.

I wouldn't say that this birthday is just another birthday because I only turn 21 once a whole lifetime. Besides, I see so many effort from my friends to make me feel special. I never knew that I deserve all this goodness when I have always been horrible. I was showered with gifts and blessed with lots of food , even from those that I never thought they would remember my birthday. 

And I realized that they are people who genuinely want me to be happy.

I'm so happy and blessed that I've met all of you. 

And also to all of you,


May your pain be champagne!

thank you so much.