Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crying no more.

Because the wrong person always know the right things to say
and ,
the correct one are always too late.

Missing out chances sucked , running away from things doesn't help and in the end , the one who is drowning themselves in tears in the middle of the night is always the one whom ignores the most. Ignoring doesn't mean they don't care , that shows how much things can break them apart.

I don't know how to explain this but why do I always get hurt when I'm the one who give up so much.

I shouldn't have to put on a strong attitude infront to protect people from climbing through my wall and maybe , they wouldn't just go on and on and hurt me again because they expect me to heal eventually.

Who said words doesn't hurt?
If it doesn't , why does people sue others for saying the wrong thing?

Oh well,
it will make us a better person when we learn from our mistakes.

And maybe I'm a little bit better, then you people would love me . Or maybe, I'm slight prettier , I would get a softer tone in conversation and being cared when I'm in trouble.

I'm just so sick of wiping my tears with the back of my hand already.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's okay , baby please don't cry.

Current Favorite Song -

Don't Cry by Park Bom 2NE1

Translation :

Our love changed so easily
Only scars were left because of our greed and pride
Gotta let you go(And please don’t cry)

I was so mean to you
I made you ache because I couldn’t make up my mind
(And please don’t cry)

Is this the end of us
Only until the world gives us permission 

It’s okay, baby please don’t cry
The long journey is over but we will run into each other one day
Let’s please meet again in the next world

We fought everyday
I don’t know why I was so angry but I cried every night
(Baby I cried)

You were so inattentive to me
You left me alone all night
(Baby I cried)

Is this the end of us
Only until the world gives us permission

It’s okay, baby please don’t cry
The long journey is over but we will run into each other one day
Let’s please meet again in the next world

Whenever tears come and fall from my eyes
I will remember our beautiful memories
Please don’t be hurt anymore
And please don’t cry

It’s okay, baby please don’t cry
The long journey is over but we will run into each other one day
Let’s please meet again in the next world

It’s okay, baby please don’t cry
The long journey is over but we will run into each other one day
Let’s please meet again in the next world

She's so beautiful and I really love her TT


Saturday, September 22, 2012


Had class party at Amanda's house on the last day of holiday, which is a Monday . I remember how dead tired I was as I spent half of the day for photoshoot and rush home to make pancakes and thank god, it was cooked. 

I mean,
I can cook - pancakes?


Because, you need talent to get the timing right and flip it all on time :) 

Let pictures do the talking alright.

Carmen & Jacinth.

I still do feel irony when I call her . I mean, I feel like I was calling myself and it's weird.




I don't care how terrible I look right now because that's all I have in my comp .

We watched some show that have something to do with deformed people being violent and cannibals against the normal human. It was nice and yet, disgusting. I hate the raping scene so bad. I never like raping scenes and rapist should die. How can they just take something so valuable from a girl - it's just like taking their whole life away. Sometimes, they should know how to control their dicks and don't let hormone speak their mind.

How short can this update get?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Golds & Diamonds.

Hello! Have you check Raqul Reed 's new update yet? If not then click HERE !

I have been so busy that I've almost abandoned my blog. I have so many drafts here and indeed, so man y events to blog about of course, nothing goes with the club. Have been a good girl , so far except for having my hair slightly redder than it should be but now, it's freaking fading wtf. I actually plan to have my black hair back for once because, I haven't been into a black hair for like 4 years - which means, ever since I've started to dye my hair , I never stop colouring it. My hair are probably in the worst hair condition right now. Even do treatment ( by myself - because I'm too 'kiam' to go to the saloon twice a month *cough cough* ) once a week, didn't help. It still looks like a broom to me though.

And so,
just like some old times thing .

The old gang I used to hang out with decided to have 'gathering' which was practically stupid because we actually see each other everyday , LOL. I didn't mean it was stupid . It was just so weird for other people because we really DO still see each other, often and I guess, the whole point of us calling it 'gathering' is to remind us about the past , the good old times we used to have fun together. Now, you know why growing up sucked. 

I do miss high school but I infact, love freedom more.

I don't want discipline teacher to go around shouting my name for my dye-d hair anymore TT or my long fringe and make me buy the cheaplak pin which not even worth 5cents each with 2 ringgit because I'm a special case, fml. 

I do hope 'gathering's happened more often. It reminds me of highschool and indeed , it makes me feel younger. TBH, this year's form 5 is just a year younger and I'm just a year older. Why do making me see them in uniforms makes me feel so damn ahmah TT.

bombard with my camwhore picture nghehehe.

Pink Musctahe Necklace!

super act cute picture!

Okay , 
last one.

I'm so sorry because I love how my hair turn out in all pictures :p

We watched Kepong Gangster , which is a Malaysian Production and honestly, SINCE WHEN MALAYSIA GOT SO MANY HOT GUYS WTF WTF WTF . ALL OF THEM ARE SO HOT AND I WAS LIKE WOAAAAAAAAAH *saliva dripping* in the cinema. Trust me, I go all excited and I almost forget to go with the storyline. 

It was great btw .
I mean , minus the hot guy part - I think you guys should go and watch. First, got hot guys. Second, support Malaysian production. Third , It was nice cos' got hot guys. Fourth, Cos got hot guys . Fifth, cos got hot guys.


#ootd !

Follow me at limcarmenxo on instagraaaaam if you hate me , love me or whatever me . :3

And the other day,
Hang out with Bernice and Weichan.

It was such an awesome day because we were laughing the whole day . NO DETAILS , I SWEAR YOU DON'T WANNA KNOW WHAT WE TALK ABOUT.

We went to Paridigm because both of them damn sakai never been there -.- We ate BBQ PLAZA then SNOWFLAKE , wtf . We only have a break / walking in between for like 1 1/2 hour. Two hours after snowflake was dinner time . We practically ate the whole day -.-

Went to Sri Petaling, Padi House for Dins and we never took picture.

I only remember we were so bloated that we never finish our food .


And last picture,



It's like OF ALL SCENE, why this scene right? But, he's so hot here.





Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Play one more song.


As usual ,
less words more pictures!

And these are the pictures I got tagged from facebook some other days ago.

I was actually talking otw. 

It's pretty clear that I'm annoyed!

You have no idea how much I love this picture. I mean , we look so happy and alive wtf. Jacinth and I seriously look very happy wtf. Okay, if I could - I'll click a million likes and maybe hashtag #beautiful on instagram.

I'm so evil but then I seriously find girls who post their just-wake-up look photo with their messy hair, bulky specs and toothbrush hanging in their mouth, not to mention some toothpaste foam and the edge , actually hashtag themselves - 'beautifu', 'pretty' and 'sexy' .
Their self-confidence level must be x1000

I practically did nothing over the one week holidays other than drown myself with Big Bang's videos and eating. I spent almost 1k in a week. ):

And the other day where we got con to klang to eat some flour thingi which is likes pan mee. 

Trust me,
it's actually overrated.

My grandma cooks a hundred times way better.


That's Ming and I.

Not to mention,
it was a good hair day and I didn't put on any make up except for my brows! I FREAKING LOST MY BRUSH TT Now, another sum of money need to be outta the pocket again.

Party and sleepless nights - there you go.

I look like a round ball...

And the next day ,
to KL

No make up again.

Too lazy and tired. My jumpsuit tore wtf, fml. It was one of my favorite . Okay stop! * hits chest*

Lunch with Xuelin, Mingli and XiuMing at Peppercorn first. 


And then here we go. Xuelin didn't join us though, she have classes. So irony. Mingli and I is in the same college where XiuMing and Xuelin is in the same college. Double X . LOL, THAT XX !
You know ,
Those VIP blood in me... :p

grabbed from XiuMing's instagram.


I'm a blogger. LOL.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

I wonder

I wonder how it feels like to wake up with a good morning and sleep with a good night text.

I wonder how it feels like to have someone to wipe my tears away when I cry.

I wonder  how it feels like to have somebody to put my hair behind my ears.

I wonder how it feels like to have someone to pass me a jacket when I'm cold.

I wonder how it feels like to have someone just come after just a phone call.

I wonder how it feels like to be scolded for not taking care of myself

I wonder how it feels like to hold somebody's hand walking down the busy street.

I wonder how it feels like to be on somebody's cellphone's wallpaper.

I wonder how it feels like I have someone's real name to roll over on my tongue instead of my bias name.

I wonder how it feels like to hug somebody's shirt for their smell to sleep.

I wonder how it feels like to be the first one to get on somebody's mind.

I wonder how it feels like to find out somebody couldn't go to sleep because they spent time thinking of me.

I wonder how it feels like to called ' baby' .

I wonder how it feels like to see somebody smile because of me.

I wonder how it feels like being held in the arms .

I wonder how it feels like when somebody hugs me because they miss me.

I wonder how it feels like to have somebody to fall back into at the end of the day.

I wonder how it feels like...

not to feel lonely at night...

Friday, September 14, 2012

My Best Friend.

Can you believe it's friday already?

I've just came home from another round of outing and I can't actually believe that I'm sitting here - blogging my ass off at 1130pm when I should be hanging out with my friends outside. And, I guess this friday is one special one. I will never be home until midnight or later on fridays. Honestly, I don't know how to explain how odd I feel.

My ze Bitch, Zhi Wei had already return to UK and so before she left . I went over to her place to stay over and do some catch up then , head to KL for some simple shopping - no, we did burn a hole in both of our pockets and trust me, I never felt much more happier in my life.
I need a girlfriend who is willing to do everything with me and that doesn't only include shopping. Oh god, now I've miss her wtf.

I'm a forever alone bitch wtf.

And you know what,
that thrusday was my last paper so it means that - after I hang out with my classmates , I straight head to her place. 

Oh well,
how eventful right?

I helped her with her hair and trust me, it turned out so well. I can't believe I can even deal with hair colours other than eyeliners!

We both head to DimSum before to KL , around 1130 in the morning. It's actually pretty early for me as I don't wake up before 2pm on holidays -.-



And ,
we wasted a table of food because we were too greedy. We literally order everything in the menu and then, we are full awhile after.

I drove as she doesn't know the way!

I can't even explain how bad the traffic is in KL. Especially the way to Pavillion - it took us almost 30 minutes or more when it's just 5 minutes walking distance. The most suitable quote that moment is really - SO NEAR YET SO FAR.

I'm so glad that both of our phones have suffiecient battery power & trust me, Iphone 4s's battery never last long. I bring external battery , charger everywhere and I even have a car charger. My phone is literally my life and when it runs out of battery, I might die - just joking, ngehehehe. Although I've always been to KL but still, I would get lost if there's a road block. I only know one road there and a road to come home and anything changes , I'm dead. But thank god, they have GPS in iphone if not I would just cry in my car & that did happen once and it scare the hell out of me.

Self-entertaining, it is!

I had an album with her on facebook and I created it since year 2009 . The pictures in the album totally show us how much we have changed since we're 15 till now, 18 - legal *raise brows* . I can't believe that we still keep in touch after being away from each other . Yes, we were in different high schools and now, we are in different countries. We are almost 10 hours or more away from each other but thank god, we have whatsapp! HAHAHHAHA. Sometimes, technology really keep people together.

Click HERE for our album!

And we finally reach pavillion & get a parking after a while.

we went against the way because we were too happy about the parking. It's like a ' I DONT CARE WHAT IT TAKES , I WANT MY PARKING' . The traffic jam made us so fed up.

Toilet break.

And we're lining up for ATM because we have no cash LOL.



After a whole lot of shopping & walking around , finally settled down at Bulgogi Brothers which was only opened a day before at the highest floor. 

I never liked Korean food no matter how much I love Korean Boys and I'm actually allergy to Kimchi but it's okay for me because I never like the taste of Kimchi. This korean restaurant is definitely different and of course, better - in services and food. 

They do not have kimchi in every food in the menu and they're trademark is BBQ meat , beef . Bulgogi is actually Beef in korean. They do have BiBimBap or so but , they mostly major in meat lah and wtfbbq , it taste so damn good! Although it might be more pricey than all those DaORae or DaeSaRang , typical korean restaurant but it's worth it - for the better ambiance. I totally hate how they go all stress out, people running around on the steps of the seats in those typical restaurant. It's too noisy TT

Second ,
Their service was so good. Although I got freaked out when they went ANNNYEEEEONGHAAASAEEEEYOOOO so loud to the only both of us . Do you know that everyone have to greet us that way , loudly. ZhiWei and I was like WTF . We got totally freak out. But then, it was good because they were smiling. The others I went only gimme black face wtf. I see their face also I feel so full already ! They actually love to refill our side dish for us . We were so bloated after having corns and potatoes . Do you know their starters are sweet corn, sweet potatoes and green beans! OMG TT I miss the restaurant already!

Those drink tea pose :D

Basic Chicken BiBimBap!

We ordered a set of meat for two . There are three different parts of the meat/cow/ beef - whatever it's called. I only remember the second one tasted so good! I don't think the set is small though although the pictures looks damn little but there are still a whole lot at the side. IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD, I SWEAR TT

New contact lenses!

And after dinner,
there we go again!

Goofing at Forever 21!

Full body shot before we leave pavillion to join the other mates for late night drinks.

You know what,
nothing feels better than hanging out with someone close to you. It's a miracle how people can read each other's mine without speaking or explaining the thoughts.
And I guess,
that's why people say - sibling from another mother.

Stupid bitch best friend,
do you miss me now?

Nah - you can go on denying because you know you love me!