Friday, October 3, 2014

The Skulls in my wardrobe.

One thing bad about basic tops , especially tees is either you will look comfortably good in it or you are wearing your pajamas out. The simplicity of a tshirt allows us to wear it with different bottoms to make it a different outfit. That's why I'm stocking up different type of tshirts - different colours, V neck and round neck basic tops to play safe for my wardrobe. 

I know that I always choose crazy prints and tight dresses but it's really inconvenient for me to run errands or wear it to uni , because it's really overdressing to the wrong venue. 

I don't exactly like simple things ; so just a plain tshirt is a no no. 

A fully coordinated ootd from Raqul Reed except for the pants. 

It was a casual day out and I want it to be simple , so I put on a tee and crochet lace shorts. I know that other girls would look extremely girly in lace things , but I just don't. Cheers to the unfriendly vibe I have , lol.

What I meant by , I don't like things simple -


I think there can always be surprises even if it's simple. So I bring this tee into Raqul Reed's collection . I don't always wear tops from RR ; but I particularly like this one so I kept both colours each for myself. 

It's not just suitable for casual day out with shorts. It could be easily paired it with skinny jeans and different kind of skirts to give out a different feel. The best is, I could even wear this to the beach with bikini inside. 

Perhaps it might be too revealing for some girls, but it definitely will still look great if you wear a tanktop under this tshirt. But if you have the assets , just flaunt it. 
I didn't wear it like this because I think I have the assets , I am just afraid of the heat. The weather is so horrible in Malaysia in the noon. 

The skull envelope clutch is also something that is easily match. I could carry with any coordinate. I look how the skull badge make the whole clutch look more interesting . No way for a plain black clutch for me. If it's plain, it must have a subject.

I hope this short entry could actually explain to you how would I like to dress with things that themed simplicity. And, you could see how I don't like everything to go in monotone and having no focus in the whole coordinate. 

If you realized , this whole outfit is actually skull themed. 

I also want to show that skull prints or images doesn't necessarily make you look more bad ass. It could actually bring a different feel in your outfit if you pair it well. 

So this is how I go simple with my skull themed apparels. 

And also, 
check out Raqul Reed for more updates. It's like my favourite collection , ever. 

till then x.