Sunday, November 29, 2009

No boundaries .

I think I need to repair my mood . wtf, repair -.-
I've been too emotional lately and dead boring too.
I think I pmsing , for next month O.O

Seriously, I've been getting mad about everything.
Even if my maid opens the door , I get mad too.
Because I was sleeping and she open the door
so roughly then BANG, hit the wall .
I feel like jumping out from my bed
and poke her but I was too lazy , pfft.

I think I'm not grounded , anymore : )

November 27,Friday

Went up to Genting with family .
Suetteng and XuehQi was there too .
Why everyone go genting on the same day one ?
But didn't manage to spend time together and so.

Couldn't wake up in the morning and so .
Out of the house around ten , to eat
after that straight to genting and reached there
around 11plus , spend so much time to look for a parking.
Argued with people for parking place , somemore.

Then went down to first world , walk around aimlessly.
Was lazy to go to theme park and so.

But was dying for flying coaster and so we went.
12bucks per person and it's for one round only TT
The annoying thing is , it's not include in the outdoor theme park
so the next time I go theme park, I still couldn't get to take
a ride on flying coaster.GRR , stupid genting.

When I was lining up, Jessie and I was like so kanjiong.
We couldn't stop smiling but we're scared .
We're excited and we're not excited , damn annoying.

Aunty screamed and we started laughing.

Face cannot make it , cover cover xD

Grace .

Then we went shopping because there're sales everywhere.
Dont gimme the why-are-you-shopping-in-genting look D:
Elianto's cosmetics isn't bad , actually.
I thought it sucks D:

Then the adults headed to casino
and I tried to sneaked in but failed .
They asked for my IC , zha dao.

Wanted to go to starbucks but full , deng.
Then end up at Marrybrown's .
Stoned there for an hour or more.

Pictures taken by idkwho.

texting grandoter : D because she was there too.

The cup is bloody cute , look at the chipmunk : )

Walk around but didn't buy anything.
Left to GohTong Jaya for dinner and it was raining.
Hell cold up there but the weather is really nice.
I wanna go with my friends then stoned outside at night
without jackets , wtf .

Then went home .

November 28,Saturday

ZhiWei called around 10am , rushed to toilet and clean up.
Didn't bother to dry my hair and walk out my house like that.

Grandma : So early . Where are you going?
Me : Pyramid lah, where else.
Grandma : Oh okay .Don't stay till too late.
Me : okay bye .

And when I walk off the house , I was like

I was so happy wtf .

Met up with her at cinema .
I was so blind and I couldn't see her.
She scared me from behind , pwned .

To OldTown Kopitiam.


Then gossiped like there's no tomorrow.
To cinema , get popcorns and drinks.

People stared like crazy .

Watched New Moon and it was awesome.
ZhiWei and I keep hitting each other
because we're so damn kanjiong .

Walked around after the movie , then walked in to Etude House
because I wanna take a good look at the products .
LOL , joking.Just wanna look at Lee Min Ho's poster
and that bloody fella is bloody hot , aw :)

Then we walked off , walked passed Sony Ericson shop.

ZhiWei : Eh, it's Lee Min Jung.
Me : Who's that ?
ZhiWei : there , the poster .
Me : Oh , so ?
ZhiWei : Lee Min Ho's sister , right? OMG, i'm so smart .
Me : WTF . it's not la !

Typical ZhiWei .
After years , she's still the same.tsk tsk tsk.

Settled down at Gasoline .
Ordered one Longan thingi and talk.
It's was really dark and so yeah, we have the mood wtf.
Don't you think talking in a dark environment is more tempting :D

As usual ,

Continued in the toilet, wtf.
and I didn't know that asian avenue's toilet is so nice .

I likey .

Sampat poses :)

D: can die annoying xD

Then we went off , for icecream .

Before we get separated .
WTF , sound like we cannot see each other forever again.

That's what you call ,
best friend <3

I think I got to go now .

And , I love my bitch and my grandoter too =p


Thursday, November 26, 2009


I finished Boys Over Flowers , already
and I'm so happy , wtf .

I wanna take back my words towards YungJiHoo/KimHyungJung.
He look really awesome after his haircut but still,
he's so annoying and why he always like to snatch JunPyo's job.
Why he so hardworking for?!?!?! AIYO.
But still, she's loyal to Junpyo :D

I hated JunPyo , for a moment.

He made the girl like him when she kinda like JiHoo.
After that , he always hurt her then finally, they're okay again.
Then, the mum disturbed then he leave her again.
When the girl manage to be alone without him ,
he come and disturb the girl then they're okay again.
After that hor , the stupid mother come disturbed them
then she have no choice but to leave him .
When she decided to come back for him ,
then he MEMORY LOST !

Potong kao kao -.-

I was so mad and WHATDAFUCK-ing all the way.
Then all the people come disturb disturb disturb.
Just fucking leave them both alone lah !
Bite them ar , wtf.

How about GaEul and YiJeong ?!
Are they together or what ?! Why they never show?!?!?!
They look so cute together . Idc lah, I want them together.

But they were many romantic parts :D
I like to see when that girl and JunPyo fight.
They look so cute. Aiyo, go marry lah both of them.

So girls , it's a must watch.
You will definitely fall in love with them.
They're soooooo.........





I learn this from my grandoter :p
Grandoter , finally your creation can be use perfectly xD

ChanDi : I feel so weird .
JiHoo : Why?
ChanDi : Because everytime the alarm in my heart rings , you will always be the one who appear.
JiHoo : Then , I should be your personal fireman.

Sigh, why so charming.

ChanDi : You know how to swim?
JunPyo : If not?
ChanDi : Why ?
JunPyo : I couldn't stand looking at people saving you.Looking at you being saved by other people , the feeling is worse than getting drowned. That's why I learn.


ChanDi : Why? Why do you like me? I don't have the looks, famous or rich but why do you like me?
JunPyo : because I already have them all. You just need to be yourself, that's enough.


JunPyo : Why don't you say you love me?
ChanDi : Does it matter if I say it or not ?
JunPyo : I want to hear you say. I've been saying it all along and I said it several times already.
ChanDi : I love you.
JunPyo : Until what rage?
ChanDi : I love you till I wanna forget you.I tried to forget but then I can't , after that I will start to get mad because all I think about it's you.


and yes, I'm forcing you to. xD

I was so free till I googled bout them : O

Kim Hyun Joong as Yung Ji Hoo.
23 this year , 180cm .
SS501 gorup leader .
Prince Charming alive ?

Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin
25 this year , 183 cm.
T-Max group member.
Hottest gangster I ever seen D:

Kim Bum as So Yi Jeong .
20 this year ,181cm.
Look at the face , the smile . Every movement he does drives a girl crazy . AWW.

Lee Min Ho as Gu Jun Pyo.
22 years old , 186cm .
Known as Asian hottest man and he pushed WuZun down to second place . GRR.
But still , hot fella .

Sorry to potong : X

Have you watch this show yet?
Watch it Now : D


Oh, Jiro will be in Malaysia on December 19
for Momo Love and Calvin is not coming.

Don't want xo ><

Saturday, November 21, 2009

You're the star in every scene .

Didn't have the mood to sign in msn today.
Woke up around 2pm , out with grandpa till 4.
And then , I watch

Boys Over Flowers .

Call me outdate or what but at least I'm watching it now.
Last time , I only watched a little when my sister is watching
and now finally , I can really watch it from the beginning till the end.
This show is awesome and I think I'm gonna rewatch it.
Plus , those boys are damn breathtaking. O.O

I shall start from the one I don't like the most
but overall all of them are really Hot :D

Kim Hyun Joong.
I don't like him lar , fucking spoiler in almost every scene.Grrr.

Idontknowhisname D:
I was trying to google his name but I couldn't find it, someone please tell me what is his name.I kinda like him because there are some angle of him reminds me of Calvin<3 . Er wait, I think he looks like Calvin in Romantic Princess.

Han Kim Bum.
This bloody cute freak , Ohmyfuckinggod.His smile already win la xD No doubt, this fella is really cute, as in really really cute!

Lee Min Ho !
AIYO , WHY IS HE SO FUCKING ADORABLE AND HOT IN EVERY SCENE.Argggh! I want him la , wtf.Look at that pretty face.Is he from heaven or what? And, why didn't the girl like him from the start?! ish. This hot fella is bloody charming<3

And, why taiwanese version of this not that interesting one.
Why the boys that acted in it doesn't look that adorable and cute.
8 episodes in one day and I'm gonna finish it in 3 or 4 days time
then I can skip to another show .

I don't like to watch it one episode per day.
It's like damn potong lor! And, I really hate waiting.
The most annoying part is the show is so damn kanjiong
until your heart beat until can pop out then they got advertisement
or they give you preview and ask you to wait for the next episode.
ish =/ potong !

As I said , I won't be going out anymore.
I need to stay at home for a period of time to be a good girl
to make it for that trip and I really need to go
because if I said no, people will kill me . As in, really kill me.

I shall just watch all the show in one time.
Ohmygod , BOF BOF BOF BOF BOF so nice wtf.

I know this post is boring but at least, I'm still updating.