Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If you could feel my feelings and read my mind .

Hello :)

School have been really , okay . I guess ?
My results is really really bad .
And, I was showing off like mad =p

Alot of people thinks that I'll fail add maths, so do I
but I didn't and I still don't know why I passed.
I'm lucky, I guess :)

Those people in my class are crazy .
Their results are crazily high .
I don't want to get last in class.
And, I hate it when people laugh at me
when my results is very bad .
It hurts okay ?!

Just go to the garden and tell the flowers ,
don't tell me D:

So, I have not been bringing camera to school.
And all below are from facebook .

Photoshoot on Monday .

Girls , PMR top scorers.

3A'09 with Mr Ching .

Mr Roland took all these picture below
and, WOW.DSLR is awesome.



(L) (L) (L)

Look how clear the pictures are.
I didn't know we took that many pictures tho.
We were like stoning and smiling infront of
the camera for a quite sometime.


Still remember , we purposely walk slowly
back to bio lab so that we can miss bio.
I miss form3 , anyhow but not pmr , of course.
It's like hell , I suppose.

Still remember those nights staying up till 3am
reading my sejarah & science for trials and PMR.
Plus , I couldn't take in anything since I was so
moody as dramas was happening .
And end up , my trials results was shit.

Few days before PMR, I was panicking like mad
and my teacher was pressuring like mad
and wants me to get straight As .
Hell , seriously hell .

But the good thing is ,
there's no add maths , bio , chem and physics .
Although we have science, it's like 3 in 1
and I can cope with it .
And now, it's divided into 3 like wth .
Okay, I shall stop complaining .

My blog is sho boring.

I hate it when people shove about what I blogged into
my face and keep asking what am I gonna blog
and all those shits .
Like hello,it's my blog and it's my rights to blog
whatever I want right ?!
I can insult , scold etc etc here .
Just one reason, because it's my blog .

So just shut the fuck up and read .
I don't need your comments.
Just go tell those flowers your mum plant -.-

And pictures in my phone ,
the camera not bad eh xD


no x no o.