Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Like I'm made of glass.

Just done with Biology today and it's counted as the last paper I have. I have one more paper which is EST,it's like a week later plus there's nothing to study about. I'm never good in science plus est is all about scientific terms. Oh well, I'll just worry about that like 5 days later or so.

And now,
I couldn't stop thinking about colouring my hair. I spend so much time google-ing nice hair colours.I don't think the one I like suits me tho.Personally, I think my skin is dark so I can only match it with warm hair colour or so. If I colour it too light, it will make me look even darker.

This is so hard but I'm currently in love with Jessica from SNSD current hair colour!

What is this colour called?

Yeah, I screen cap it -.-

The colour is so lovely!

Anyways ,
there are a few pictures from class part 3 weeks ago -.-

I know I'm late but I have not been sitting infront of my comp so yeah.

Pictures do the talking, no?

You miss lisababy too, don't you?


I baked muffins but it was a total disaster but they still finish it anyways. Ah, my classmates (': I think I should stop baking/cooking because I think I might kill people. It hurts to know that it sucks but oh well, facts are facts.

Group pictures we took with our Delta shirt on!



And then,
we went for briefing for spm.

It's ending already anyways.

Time flies abit too fast right!

Didn't have safety pants ):

And more solo shots with classmates and etc etc.



innocent ones.


Without him, I might have just failed all my science subjects. This guy seriously have the power of making you remembering and understanding. I passed my bio because of him. I can see him being a very successful doctor in future!



twins : p

I totally like how lisa look at whoever it is. so pedo :)

like button!

and lastly,


I'm done because I wanna go watch some vids now!

Still getting frustrated about the hair colour thing.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Like a skyscraper.

There are a few amazing moment in life, for me.

How many of you have been through this?

The few amazing moment in life,


Coming home late and go straight to bed.


Buying amazing clothes you found on sale


Reminiscing great moments where you never expected it to happen.


Talking on the phone till 5am in the morning.


Taking a long warm shower that wash away your worries.


Feeling satisfied after having a very yummy delicious meal.


Falling instantly asleep when you're crying or feeling upset.


Having a good cup of tea.


Realizing everything is going to be okay by receiving a hug.


Eating ice-cream.


Counting stars with somebody who you want to spend time with.


Listening to the sound of the waves until you fall asleep.


Walking under the rain.


Making eye contacts with your idol.

And lastly,

The person whom you love , loves you back for who you are.

How many amazing moments you have actually been through in your life?

I have been through a number of it and can't wait to fulfill everything else. Keep and remember these moments forever.It's worth more than anything else in the world.

If you are feeling upset and emotional right now, don't be
you're amazing.

That's what somebody told you.

You're amazing.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Of lifeless.

I have three more papers to go.

SPM seems so long to me.I really wish it would just end right away. I'm so sick of staying up late for books books books and books. And,studying till late night doesn't make me having any improvements either.I still don't know how to solve questions. I'm not surprise to see how bad my results it next march.

And things have not been going on right.

I have no idea why am I here either, sigh :/

I should get some rest now.

ps. I'll never let our friendship be on the bet anymore.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

It doesn't even matter anymore.

p.s :/ physics in a few hours time

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good Luck for Tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carry On.

No matter how strong and tough a girl on the outside, inside her , she is still the same.That weak, that sensitive.Every girl needs a crying shoulder, somebody to depend on and rely on. It's just natural. Girls are girls. We are that weak,that vulnerable.No matter how long she put on the mask on her face,when she takes it off.She's just like any other.It's just a fact.

And when she feels this way, she always have a person to head to and to rely onto.

And normally,
they call that person , the best guy friend.

Getting somebody in your mind already?

Let's be frank.

We know that the so called 'guy best friends' , isn't just a friend. We obviously acknowledge that the feelings we have towards them is not just a 'friend'.

Perhaps you guys actually like each other and deep down inside, you know that you both have the unique feeling that couldn't be expressed out.

You both may have your own relationship but till the end of the day, the person who you are thinking of is each other.No matter how much you love your other partner, you know that your feeling towards your 'best friends' isn't decreasing. You just want to tell them everything. To share the laughter, the pain, the sorrows and everything that could be shared. It feels like, you have already found your other half to complete you, no?

But end up,
he is just a friend.

In our whole life, we hardly have so many true friends. And for girls , the special 'he' is one of them. You know that, you just only deserve to have a friendship with him more than a relationship. Not because he's not worthy and also, not because you're not worthy.
That's because,
you know that you guys are better off this way.

It doesn't even matter what kind of relationship you guys are in.

The thing that matters is,
you know that you will be there for each other no matter what.