Thursday, March 31, 2016


Besides exploring other cities, food and catching up with friends is what I tend to do during holidays. It's funny how we don't appreciate meet ups back home when we are in the same place and being able to have the convenience to travel to meet up easily. I think it's true that we only appreciate things which is difficult to achieve - perhaps this is the human nature. 

Lately, I have been catching up with friends from highschool. We talked about how much how our lives have changed from highschool and the hardships we have been through to get where we are. Those hardships may not be as big as you've imagined but it pulls all of us through a battlefield to where we are now. We realized that we are all survivors from them and not a victim. I never agree to name ourselves victim when we have pull it through - no matter it was a bad relationship, dramatic friendship and things that makes you feel like a failure in life. 

From the conversations and catching up, I am so glad that all of us got better now. We improved from where we are and learned from our mistakes. All of us learned to understand that time doesn't wait and all things will pass. We start to appreciate the luxury we have right now compare to other people who may not have the chance of what we are having. I love how everyone I know grew to be grateful and blessed. 

" So, what do you exactly want to be in the future?"

I get that question a lot. I will answer what I want to do for a living, basically my career in future. Then I thought of it again - if that is what I really want to be. 

But lately, I found my answer to that question. I finally know what I want -

" I want to be better than who I am yesterday."

Saturday, March 12, 2016

New York Cafe

The New York Cafe located inside the luxurious Boscolo Budapest Hotel , which was used to be called the New York Palace. This cafe would be one of the most luxurious and beautiful ones I've ever visited in my entire life - so far. I did some research before I started my Budapest trip and this cafe is one of the must visit place in Budapest. I swear that there will not be any regrets sparing an hour or two to admire this place 

This place is really a vintage that Hungarians appreciate because it survived through World War II. They have preserved the original decorations since their old days which make them famous now. Not to mentioned that , The New York Cafe was voted as the most beautiful cafe in the world which they truly deserve. 

Once I step into this coffee house, I almost forget that I am actually here in a cafe. Everything inside is magnificent , covered with the charm of Belle Époque. The Venetian-styled lamp hanging on the ceiling reflects the gold plated walls so beautifully that it created a myriad of colours. I wondered how much effort they have put to ensure the beauty of their sophisticated interior to ensure that it sweeps everyone that steps into this cafe  away. 

Besides, they recalled many actors, painters and intellectuals preserving and appreciating the art from the golden days back then

I swear that every detail were so fine. The beauty of gold with vintage interiors reminds me so much of royalty. 

And I was so thankful that my friends and I got a good seat by the side. 

Felt like I'm having teatime like a royalty.

This is how they serve americano.

I didn't know that a simple cup of black coffee could be so ... sophisticated. I was actually amazed by the presentation. 

 White chocolate cheesecake which goes perfectly with my black coffee. 

I expected more from this cheesecake. Rather than the price, I would say the quality they should present based on their reputation. It didn't meet up to my expectation since it is not soft enough. There is a plus point that they keep their biscuit based minimal and savory.

Chocolate mousee

Not a chocolate fan but this is a must order here. It was creamy and soft. I love how they coat it with coffee powder to balance up the sweetness. Plus point when it goes the strawberry sorbet. 

#candid  - needa keep my mouth close. 

look at the magnificent view , oh my god.

toilet break.

and more pictures to be kept as memories;

And until now I wonder -
why is it called New York Cafe instead of Budapest Cafe. 


New York Cafè -Boscolo Hotel Budapest, Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 9, 1073 Hungary

Thursday, March 3, 2016



One of the biggest Christmas market in the UK would be in Lincoln. So, I've made a day trip with my friends there. It's an old town which reminds me of York alot. 


My first concern upon arrival is always food. I need my brunch first before anything. So we've done some research of good brunch which was on the way before we go uphill to the Christmas market. 



We decided on the timber-framed building on an ancient bridge serving British classics and Stokes' own tea and coffee - Stocks High Bridge Cafe

This cafe is actually famous with their cakes and their famous teas and freshly roasted coffees, which is sourced locally in Lincoln. This traditional cafe is near Lincoln's High Bridge which is one of the oldest bridge in the UK ( I googled it , lol) with buildings around it. 



Overlooking the busy High Street and River Witham.


Chicken pate was so good but I was only offered a piece of bread. I think two pieces of bread should be standard. A piece is not enough to go with this awesome chicken pate.



Classic Christmas combination.



On the way down to get my coffee.




This traditional cafe serves freshly roasted coffee which produced locally. Compared to coffee, many prefer tea from Stokes. I gave that up because I desperately needed my caffeine fix. 

I ordered a large Cappucino. Normally a regular one will do but something in me was screaming for a large one - and I made the best choice ever. There is a difference between fresh beans and beans that have been kept for long. The aroma that the cup of coffee give out is different. They are mild but the scent they give out is so strong. 
to be honest, I've never gotten something like that before. 

Undoubtedly, it was good. 





River Witham




Lincoln's gem.


Steep Hill.
Walking towards the Christmas market on top was tiring but the view was worth it.


Happy with my cuppa.


Is it just me or I really do take gloomy pictures?


Lincoln Cathedral. 






It's beautiful , isn't it?



I just realized that I did not take much pictures in the market. :( 

I think Lincoln is a good place to go if you are sick of the city. The whole town is historical , combined with great art and culture. Every little corner of the city have something to see - no matter it's graffiti on the wall or little independent boutique offering handcrafts. They are all mesmerizing. The town is not that big either so we can reach the main areas by foot. 

Steep Hill will be one of the highlight of the trip, where it connects the town at the bottom with crowded with people and shopping malls to uphill where the Christmas Market it. 
It was really steep. I was so tired by the time when I reach the Christmas Market but it was worth the walk. There is where you find art along the way. 


The story behind this picture is, we walked from the train station to the tesco to get Doritos even if our train is approaching soon. Well, Doritos was £1 so we just have to get them - three of them. One of them is in the bag lol


My babies and I. 


Lincoln was good. But I am a city person.