Thursday, October 17, 2013

San Dae Neul .

I swear that I'm getting more unhealthy these days , not surprising with my weight gain which makes me feel a little sad. But, I do enjoy every moment of consuming food which I am not suppose to take in. I'm planning to cross my boundary for only a week , but I totally ignore it.

And this time, I am having my dinner at 10pm or later. 

Ended up at San Dae Neul at Solaris , which serves the most authentic korean BBQ!

Even the place already made me forget that I'm in Malaysia because the restaurants does look like this in the korean dramas I watch. I was so excited . And not to mention that the price is pretty reasonable. 

Got korean drama feel anot?!

They serve pork and beef. I'm not sure if they have chicken though. We ordered the set which cost us RM 55 and it's not enough for the three of us so we top up another plate for RM 15 . 

I could barely remember how the set goes but I'm sure it would be enough for two person , but not three.

I ordered a soup because I always love how korean make their soup , eating them together with the rice. Sadly, I couldn't take Kimchi Jigae which always look yummy ): 

I can't believe how generous they are , by giving us THREE large ribs in this pot which only cost us RM15. The size of the pot isn't small like Daorae which I think is overprice, now. The next time, I would have this all to myself with rice. 


And making JS to take picture of us for instagram purpose , lol.

No make up + oily hair but it doesn't matter because this place deserve to be on instagram!


#POTD with Jac.

They also have another branch in Publika itself but I would much prefer this one in Solaris. 

I think I should bring my grandma there because she would love the meat and how the pricing works . 

I am hungry already ):