Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The fault in Our Stars ; John Green.

I am not sure since when I've pick up this habit. I guess, it was all after a levels. Many of my friends have gone overseas to pursue their studies and also, I don't really go out and socialize anymore. In other words, I'm just lazy. 

I know that you won't believe this but I actually read. 

I only started reading recently. Because my best friend, Zhiwei thinks that I need some romance in life so she intro me some books to read . No, It's not fifty shades of grey which is super in trend now.  Then , I've started to pick up habit reading something and now , mostly romance based.
I really think that I need some romance in life too because I'm such a realistic and boring person.

I normally like to read outside, alone - yes, just all by myself. 

I enjoy silence and sometime to myself. And that makes me a pretty lonely person. Like what they say - I enjoy being alone but not feeling lonely.

This time, I've chose Marmalade Cafe in Bangsar Village II to an afternoon all by myself to finish my book. The first time I visit this place is with Xiuming ,catching up. I think this place is totally soft , making people feel comfortable. It's even better that they have cubicles with sofa seats so you can really enjoy your time alone at the corner. 

Look ;

Loving the pastel blue table. 

I chose the place at the corner because I want it to be quiet. The waiter keep forgetting that I'm there so i have to walk out and wave my hand to ask them to come over to take my order, wtf.

Red velvet .

Look at the filling of cream cheese inbetween the red goodness. Trust me that red velvet cake never goes wrong.


Of course, not forgetting a cup of cappuccino eventhough the coffee art failed .

It's not thick enough for me, though. And the foam is minimum. I love to see the foam overflowing the cups.

A good book, a cup of cappuccino and a slice of cake.

What more can you ask for in the afternoon?

I never knew that I could enjoy being alone like this. And I finally understand simplicity could bring you happiness and contentment. I can't believe that I would feel more relax like this than heading to the club and party the night away. 

What took me so long to realize this ?

And this is me without make up . Not mentioning with my split ends with split ends hair. I was really trying to be comfortable alright. 

I'm pretty sure that many of you heard about this book by one of the famous romance novel author, John Green.

I'm currently reading ,
The fault in Our Stars.

And , 
I love how simple he uses his words to describe things. It's a young adult fiction romance themed book but it's not too far from the reality. I just couldn't stand over-cheesy books . I heard about Nicholas Sparks and I guess his stories are too much of a fantasy. And the things the character says instantly become a quote . It's pretty popular in tumblr or instagram. 

Below is a few favorite part of mine to tease you ;

And actually, it pretty sums up all the things. 

And I believe that you should purchase this book and read it.

I am never a reading person but this author make me hooked onto his writing . I don't think I can ever get enough. I'm already searching for the next book of his to read.

I can't believe I'm actually asking you guys to read when I barely even read books unless it's for my exam or fashion magazine. 

I highly recommend this.

It was such a blissful afternoon all by myself.

How do you spend your afternoon alone?