Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nothing apart.

I have 3 more papers to go & I literally screwed up the last three. And you know what? I never get to finish a paper even. My time management sucked a whole lot.

To make sure my blog is not dead.

I'm here for a short update - about XuehQi's farewell dinner at Ole-Ole Bali the other day.

I literally look like a mess as I just rush there with just a bit of eyeliner and slight BB cream. I was sleeping right before and you don't know how I struggle with law. I hate law TT - It's no joke that I was shaking when I forget the case & the sound of the clock ticking scares me.

Enough of trial,
I need a break.

Look at my eye bags - Meet Xuelin!

you see . I look so ..... grrr.

But I have to post up because I literally delete half of the pictures wtf.

This is so damn good, I swear.

All in black.

I love how the picture effect goes. It's blurring with style , ngehheeh!

One more!

And you know what ,
I have been in specs for almost a week now . I have only been wearing skirts , loose tops , leggings? My hair is always in a mess and my hair colour is fading. My skin condition is so freaking bad that I can't even explain how bad is that!

I can't wait for trials to be done with and go on with my girly outfits.

I swear I have zero mood in choosing any outfits when I'm stressing .

Oh well,
I'm heading out now.




Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good Luck for trials tomorrow!

And wish me luck for last minute studying.

Business oh Business!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

I didn't know the shining star I found was about to burnt out.

Just before anything ,
let me shamelessly promote my blogshop - Raqul Reed.

It's only a year old or more but it's really a miracle for somebody as slack as me to keep it going. You don't know how many things have Raqul Reed been through to actually stay 'alive' . No joke. I'm so glad that everything is quite fine now and tbh, it's so hard to go through this alone but I'll make it . I'm not planning to give this hardwork up anytime soon.
And now,
I can't even explain how glad am I that it had turned DOTCOM.

* flicking tears of joy dramatically*

Please visit  !

And so,
the other day I have mentioned about lining up since 4am and not getting the ticket I want.

And yeah , I got this ticket and really - everytime I see it, I get so sad. 

Shove it aside ,
I am glad that I got GDTOP hoodie :D which is already going to be out of stock in red ! MUAAHAHHAA take that , people! And to those people who turned me down when I actually 'beg' for the bulk buy thing. So, the bulk buy price will end by this month and so, those who are interested would have to pay more to buy nowww.

Sorry ,
just have to be that :D

Imma wear it everywhere when it's out of stock :D

And so,
I bought the other version since I have the red with zip one.

I got the one in black , without zip and to be honest , I prefer those with zip. I don't know but it looks so fake for the one without zip. Maybe because GD&TOP never wore the one without zip. I'm considering of buying the one with zip , in black again. Call me crazy or whatever. I'm so gonna buy the white one too. I'M BUYING THE WHOLE COLLECTION , I DON'T CARE! 

That's how much I love KNOCK OUT. 
You don't know how much I love the song and I can actually memorize the whole song other than TOP's rap part. I don't know how he actually move his mouth muscles and tongue so I assumed he's really good with his..tongue..ngehehehe . *bite lips*


As I mention above about how angry I am to the ticket I got on that day , now I'm feeling better





Amanda got it for me though. It was the best thing that ever happened to me! I can't express how much I love August! Zone A, Row C - which mean the part where TOP always stand and the third row. Now, be jealous of me please! The ticket price is even better than you expected , if you wanna know - you can pm me! HAHAHHAHA :D

Be jealous , please!

Oppa just express how I feel to those who cut my line that day! 

You know what,
I believe that Karma hits like a bitch and people who put in effort will get what they want! I can't express how happy am I when she texts me and told me about it the other day. I actually didn't believe her and ignore whatever she say until she actually told me that, she's bringing the ticket the next day.
She even say stuff like  - I HAVE A BAD NEWS.  , which gave me a super big heart attack! I thought she's going to tell me that there's no more ticket and end up, her bad news was we didn't get the first row and our zone isn't in the middle. After that, she showed me the picture of the zone. I got so excited like WTF, THAT'S THE BEST ZONE AND YOU SAID IT'S A BAD NEWS.

Fine, I overreacted.

Maybe you should go through the whole night of not sleeping and have to face the fact that you can never be close to them TT


Can't wait.

Here I am to spam you TOP'S pictures & a little of GD's below. I think Seungri is quite Charming nowadays. Daesung is too cute wtf. Well, taeyang is still taeyang to me - I never like good boys.


Those features.

Screenshot from KNOCK OUT! 

and, I still don't know why youtube removed them TT

And now,
to everybody's GD.

Everyone who love Big Bang will definitely love GD too. I can't say that GD represent BigBang because each of their members is so freaking successful but none of the VIPs could deny that , GD really put more effort than the others.

It's just like when people ask you  - WHO DO YOU LIKE IN BIG BANG?
You will answer - YOURBIASNAME and also, GD.

Idk but quite alot of people do that . As for me, I go like GD&TOP . Golden groooouuup ! :p

Totally can't wait for his solo - Wild and Young.

Hopefully, it doesn't involve alot of girls - you know, Kwon Ji Young and his playboy image.

Bad Boy ~~

FAVORITE PICTURE TT shouldn't just..stick your tongue out like that TT

That kinda wrap up half of my awesome AUGUST.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Like a Boss.

Believe me or not,
I have been wearing tshirt since this week starts! 

I know that I'm not really a tshirt person but you see, I'm changing more to a casual style now. I can't always wake up two hours earlier to just choose my clothes and also, I can't just keep on buying clothes without any limits. So, I have bought lots of tshirts nowadays. I don't get how people wear tight tshirts maaaaan, I always buy like.. one size bigger. I thought it's suppose to be comfy , no?

trials is a week ahead and you see now, I'm sitting here - doing nothing fml.

Tell me that you like my LIKE-A-BOSS tee! 

I love it so much! :p

And some camwhore shots with the vain partner!

Her jumpsuit is from raqul reeed :p

shamelessly promote :p

And Vita turned a year older that day!

Happy Birthday! (:D

Camwhore shots with my eyesbags fml.

I guess I need more sleep.

What do you think about my new layout?

And ,
Raqul Reed will be updated by this week! 



Sunday, August 12, 2012

So Hurt.

It's currently 5 in the morning and here I am , still wide awake. 

I just had the most terrible family dinner I have almost 8 hours ago. I've never been that angry, frustrated and hurt even if I have argument with my family members. It hurts so bad that I couldn't suppress my feelings any longer that I burst out to tears just right infront of everyone. It's so embarrassing and definitely annoying but I can't control it anymore.

I swear,
I'm not removing this blog post if any of my family member reads this. This is the only place I could just express how I feel. I won't let you or anyone to take away my only way to getaway from the reality.

I haven't been skinny in my entire life & trust me, every fat person did try to find every way and any way to loose weight. You can say if I tried harder, I might have already go into the stage of being a M size but trust me, it's not as easy as it seems. I'm trying so hard that I don't even know what to do anymore.

Maybe I was wrong in my previous post. People don't need make up to look better if they already look good. And maybe that's why I've always say make up is good , make up is awesome - the truth is , putting on make up just make me look a little better and less insults could be heard. 

One of my family just insulted me with his 8 year old son. 

I'm hurt,
inside out. 

I can't fight back for myself for sake of the harmony of the family. I have to swallow my pride and put those dignity away to accept things which is not the truth. I have to accept every word of insult with a nod eventhough it says nothing about me. When I want to fight back for myself, they asked me to keep quiet. 

Why must I tolerate it every single time?
Just because I'm younger, they could insult me all I want. Just because I'm younger, they could just throw a brick at my face and make me smile and say, it didn't even hurt. Just because I'm younger, they could throw jokes around that hurt my feelings.
Just because I'm younger, Just because I'm fucking younger.

Why can't anyone stand in my shoes and think of my feelings too?

Where can I turn into when family isn't the place I can depend on...

You guys named it 'teenage problems' but really, it could change everything in future. And trust me when I say insult is not going to make things improve but worse off. 

Sorry for not being pretty enough. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lovey Dovey.

I've realized that I haven't been dressing up nicely lately.

As in,
I haven't been spending at least 20 minutes to choose an outfit, or to think whether I should put on just mascara or together with eyeliner. Or perhaps, I should just tie my hair up in a ponytail , half or just let it be. I haven't been caring about how I look, how I actually want to match everything with my outfit. I haven't been wearing rings / necklace to match up with my outfits. 

I don't know.

I missed feeling pretty and walking out with confidence. A slight make up or a little dress makes me happy. It makes me feel really happy. I guess most girls do like to walk around , in heels , pretty dresses or just a simple light make up to make them feel more confident.

I don't know about those girls who said and complained about how much they hate make up. Nobody can deny that make up is useful. And also , to those boys who said make up is only for ugly girls -.- Look at your korean girl groups , as if they never wear wake up right?

Oh well,
I put on some for class photoshoot the other day. Feeling confident since morning. WOOHOOO :D

In the car,

How you love my polka dot blouse! :D

And ,
photoshoot is around 11am or so.

Classmates ( as in the girls) where very into eyeliners and mascara. It's too much to put on eyeshadow though. I did a simple one with BB cream, eyeliner and mascara. And oh, not forgetting my brows too HAHAHHA :D

This is Amanda.

This is xiao hua!  HAHAHAHAHAH AUSTIN :D:D

Manda again!

You don't know how hyped up we can get for the informal shoots. It was fun after. I love cameras so much, ONLY if I'm in a good condition. There are so many facebook photos that people tag me and I totally look like crap wtf.

And not forgetting,
Pink is the colour for girls & red for guys! 

I love the picture above so much because I look so freaking flawless LOL!

Lunch at Pappa Rich with the usual nasi lemak that I've always order together with teh ais. And head to the other building for econs. Have a mini photo-taking session inbetween toilet breaks.

I look like a giant -.-

And ,
I really am.

Ending this post with a NOT-camwhore picture. :D

Not edited , at all..

Till then.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Glitch in the system.

Imma just roughly go through with pictures because I'm that lazy :D

I need more space in my room, I swear. I can't fit my things anywhere ):

I will blog about how the hoodie purchasing thingy works next time because I seriously have no time. TBH, I'm offering you it in public because I was just doing a favor as I almost import from Korea but it seems like people doubt my intention. Honestly, I don't earn any shits from it other than saving shipping fee for the stocks I get from my blogshop. I hope you guys don't just send an email to ask me how am I going to prove you right about the hoodie. 

You know it's sickening when I actually tell you a whole grandmother story of how I approached it and you actually wants to think about it because it's expensive. I'm not mad about you NOT purchasing the hoodie as I don't get any benefits. I'm just mad at you, wasting my time while I can spend my time talking to those who really wanted it.

I hate how people turn a favor into a cheat.

The other day at college with my new owl vintage necklace! (:

It's on sale in Raqul Reed anyway, check it out.

But sadly ,
now it's the mustache trend time :p

Take a good look at my eyes ):

I realized that my right eye went swollen a few weeks ago and did nothing about it. I visited the doctor and he claimed that my eyes is perfectly fine and he doesn't know why it's swollen. Honestly, having triple eye lid sucks. I'm serious about me having a triple eye lid now. IDC, I'm gonna wear specs as much as I can. lens is more convenient.

why am I so fickle-minded. 

Up in buns , on a thrusday.

I remembered because I was late for class. I park all the way far end , at the other side of the world - NO JOKE OKAY. IT WAS SO FAR TT  , and walked to the wrong class . I need to get across the building, under the rain. I was soaking wet. So apparently, I was 30 mins late for class wtf.

photoshooting at Bernice's.

Snowflake as reward after that!

Taroball series set 4 (:

Spaghetti at Padi House.

And the lastest picture in my phone,
XiuMing's belated dinner - at Alexis, Bangsar.

Make up oh make up (:

And then, 
I reached home around 11pm , got to bed immediately and woke up at 3friggingAM to Fahrenheit88 with Evelyn to queue for Big Bang's ticket.

It's still depressing that I couldn't get the ticket I want. I was crying so bad and I was dead tired too. Don't remind me of what happened, seriously.

It was 8am.

VIPs are no joke.

I thought only CLOUDS ( Rain's fanclub) are the crazy one but trust me, VIPs are even crazier.

Got CAT 3 & felt grateful as it's the last two for ZONE A.

Oh well, 
At least...I'm there right?

Shabu Shabu with classmates and got into an accident fml.



the day after - all of us went Bak kut teh for lunch .
My family never wakes up before lunch, I tell you LOL.

Cendol and trust me, it's nothing like the SS15 one.

love you  guys.