Friday, August 18, 2017



I cannot believe I am still blogging about my travelling posts. I was looking at my pictures and decided that all of these photos are not going to waste. Instagram isn't enough for me to share so here I am back again. 

I chose to visit Berlin out of all the choices I have in hand. Besides it being the capital city, I want to learn the art of expressionism. Sadly, the four days three nights trip didn't allow me to visit private art galleries. I was pretty enthusiastic to visit all the historical places to learn about World War II and refuse to cramp everything together. 

I've never introduce any accommodation before but this place which I spent my three nights at Berlin was amazing. 

1. Stay in Adina Apartment Hotels



Look at how cozy the living room are.

There are a chain of hotel-apartments around europe. They are located at three different places in the city, and I chose the one in Mitte since it's the city center. Most importantly, it is easily for us to access everywhere with the public transport 5 minutes away. All the city tourist spots are located less than ten minutes away which is really convenient. 


I swear that, after a whole day of walking - nothing feels as good as coming back to a comfortable place. It made me feel like home since they are kitchen ( which we didn't really use except for the days where we woke up late.)

2. Brandenburg Gate


This neoclassical monument which marked the start of road from Berlin to Brandenburg town is the classic tourist spot. It was a shame that they were under renovation when I visited. 



My 2016 summer weight gain is real, lol. 



Cheers to the cute uncle photobombing my selfie. 

3. Holocaust Memorial



This monument is a memorial to the Holocaust victims, located at the former location of Berlin wall. It is designed by Peter Eisenman and Buro Happold. They act as a focal point where it connects the monuments spread across the city which means that, this place is the central focus on different memorial sites. Well, these tripping stones are just one of examples of memorial sites. 



Looking for my future which I can't see. 



A selfie to remember - because I jump from the lowest block to the block I am sitting risking myself falling. 

After sitting on the block for a while, someone came over to me and told me that it's inappropriate. I didn't know because as usual, I was trying to follow whatever everyone does. When I was told, I immediately got down and apologize. 

4. Topography of Terror


I wasn't joking when I say that I wanted to learn about World War II. 

This outdoor history museum is definitely worth visiting. I spent more than two hours here to read every single short descriptions under the sun. Trust me that the shades they provided was of no help since it's pretty crowded. As asian as I am, I try to avoid the sun as much as possible. The people were too nice to allow me to go to the front. 

This history museum is located at the site buildings duri the Nazi regime, which happened to be the headquaters during a period of time. Besides the open air exhibition, they have indoor museum too but it was really small which is sheltered with glass and retained. The room presents the development and functions of the security apparatuses during the Nazi regime. 

5. Berlin Wall



The Berlin Wall is basically located right beside the Topography of Terror outdoor museum. It is guarded by a concrete barrier physically and divides West Berlin and East Berlin. The West Berlin city government referred this wall as the 'Wall of Shame' since it restricted the movement of both sides. 

6. Checkpoint Charlie




Checkpoint Charlie is located in the city. It is funny how everyone is gathering in the middle for pictures. If you were to take pictures with the 'soldiers' which standing at the checkpoint, you'll need to pay. 

The checkpoint Charlie museum is just five minutes walk away, and you'll need to pay a fund to visit. I didn't visit the museum because I was way too tired , and desperately needed to find somewhere to rest. 

7. Bun Bao




Trust me that this is the best bao I ever had. 

This restaurant which is isolated down the streets in Mitte city, serves one of the best baos. It says that it is the best one in Berlin. I didn't do my research regarding to restaurants much. It was a random decision that night to have this , which my sister and I was first reluctant to. But when we see the crowd, I thought that we should give it a try. 

They give bao bun a twist by adding oyster sauce and coriander. It reminds me of Chinese food a lot with the ingredients they use. The portion was decent - and I didn't manage to finish it alongside with sides. The petty was tender and juicy. I like how they are serve in bamboo steamers which reminds me of dimsum. 

It tastes good, and the presentation is unique. 

I visited pretty early around 6pm before the crowd comes in. After I was seated and ordered, the queue started. So, timing is pretty important too. 

8. East Side Gallery


I was looking forward to visit this open aired gallery. However, the luck isn't on my way because it was on renovation. And, I need to stretch my hand so far to get pictures of the few amazing pieces. 
This open air art gallery is an international memorial for freedom which is located at the center of Berlin - closed to the border of West Berlin. 


This is the famous painting, ' Condition by Mural' by Dmitri Vrube, featuring Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker kissing.

The fence at the bottom of the picture shows my desperation. 


After the visit, I roam around the area - walking by the river to look around. 



9. Mauerpark



,Mauerpark was a former death strip turned to a public linear park in Prenzlauer Berg district - which is located at the west side. Now, the park serves as a public space and is one of the popular places for youngsters in the city. Besides allowing graffiti artists to paint and display their work on the Berlin Wall in the park , this public space work as a crowded leisure ground allowing musicians , basketball players and other people to hang out there.


Graffiti art either falls into vandalism or expressionism , and there is no in between. 



gone were the happy days. 

10. Currywurst 


The must have currywurst! 

This German origin fast food snack consists of slices of pork sausage seasoned with curry ketchup. 



This €1 freshly squeezed orange juice to quench my thirst. 

I remembered that the weather goes up to 35degrees at one point. 

11.Charlottenburg Palace




If you have time, please travel to Luisenplatz which is about a 40minutes train ride from the city. Not to just visit Charlottenburg Palace which is the largest royal palace in Bernice, but also to visit the adjacent museums. Many of them are free entrance so there is no need to purchase a ticket beforehand. 

Charlottenburg is located at the west side of Berlin and basically, a city on its own. And they are nothing like the main city. Their buildings are unique and it screams loyalty. They have pretty parks around the palace which was worth visiting, and lazed around in the afternoon. 



beautiful sky. 

12. Hofbräu München


This is a must visit place if you were to visit Germany. They are famous for their beer, and traditional German food. 


They have different kinds of beer which is different in hue, flavour and aroma. I've tried Hofbräu Original and Münchner Weisse. The original beer is light , and infact a little mild compared to the latter one. The latter one gives a tingling feeling. Personally, I would prefer the Original one since it's more refreshing and it tasted like something more familiar. I've never tried any beer that gives me a tingling feeling in my mouth. 

I actually asked if they have the oktoberfest version and unfortunately, they explained that it's too early for that since I visited during the end of june. 


Not just the beer, I've get to give the pork knuckles some credits too. It was crispy and crunchy, however, it's a little salty to my liking.  Well, we all know that German sausages are one of the best so there is no need for introduction. 


13. Museum Island


Museum Island is located near Mitte city, where it connects with a bridge to the other side. The five world-reowned museums are located on this island which it includes Pergamon Museum , Bode-Museum ,New Museum , Old National Gallery and  Altes Museum. Maybe of them requires entrance fee and I would suggest that you purchase the ticket online beforehand to skip the queue. 

This place is a must visit , and it takes up the whole day. 



That is Berlin Cathedral at the back. 




14. Enjoy Berlin's graffiti Art by the streets



too broke for supreme ay.




The Fernsehturm - television tower .



Berlin welcomed me with a rainbow after a drizzle. This is not the first time I was greet with a rainbow in a different country, but it gives me a different feeling every single time. 


Beautiful Mitte. 


Thank you, Berlin. 

Bun Bao -  Kollwitzstrasse 84, 10435 Berlin, Deutschland