Saturday, October 29, 2011

Of random.

Spm is just 15 days away and till now, I am still here stoning my ass off the computer screen.

I have a few things on my mind lately which cause me not absorbing anything from the book.

I really need to study..

Sigh :/

ps I am not that strong....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

How many more days to spm ah....


Monday, October 24, 2011

I love you like a love song.

I'm back with all the pictures I've got from fb.

Oh well,
I chose just a few which I think it's nice. Nola,actually I only choose the pictures that I look okay in it.Selfish much?

Let's start now.

I freaking woke up at 830am.I can barely even open my eyes ): Mingli reached and then, Bernice fetch both of us to Weichan's place. We did a little slacking and photoshoot and then quickly headed to this place to get dolled up.

Before we start..


They washed my hair and then styled it.

other than tilt-to-live , I have nothing else to do
but to,

I totally look like a cow.

Wait for like an hour or so ,
just to get the curls.

They help me out with the make up too and I wasn't that satisfied so,I went to the toilet to fix it myself. I know it's a waste of money but yeah.And their feather-like fake eyelashes costed 20bucks TT ! I should have just use mine instead! ): Regret TT

Back to Weichan's house to get change and fix everyone's make up.

All of us couldn't get over yellow eyeshadow LOR.

camwhore again , lol!

and more,



where's the like button?

And then, we headed to Grand Dorset at Subang.

I like my eye make up so much lor :p

Throw some stuff into Jaesern's car and there we go,

More pictures to come.

All black! :D

you have no idea how patient he was with me.And everytime he teaches me bio, I pass. And if he don't,I'll SURE fail.Is this a curse or whaat? ;o


Angelina's (:

Shuhuai and Xiuming.


Sat at the left side of the hall, table 46!

haaaaai :p


Then the ceremony starts.

During the speeches...

like button, plss!



babyhaaan! :D

and another solo pic,

My class is the second class that goes up the stage.I still remember very clearly that my heart was beating so fast when they called my name. I'm so afraid that I trip or something.It would be so embarrassing if I fell on stage.If I did, it would be the most epic memory I have in highschool.
But thank god,
it didn't happen :D

Dinner was served around 8pm and then we got some performance and multimedia presentation by classes.

And really,
those people can actually be really really creative!

I enjoyed myself tho.

I walked around after awhile.







Take note,
all the clear pictures is taken by him.

And when I go for toilet break.


Love this picture so much!

They say we look like a pair but I think he looks like my son more..

And group pictures..


the four of us! :D

The other 3 is missing..

My class is the last one who perform and I suppose it was okay.Not many people were in the hall so yeah.

I think the school management is really evil!

They make all the students line up in a line and bid farewell to the teachers.So many of us was crying! I didn't wanna cry because I'm afraid that my make up will smudge but my feelings took control of me. And that moment,I have regretted so many things.

Even now when I think of the teacher's faces crying and wishing us good luck gives me a heartache.

I graduated from SriKL after 12 years..

So many childhood/teenage memories.

I'm not gonna say more because only I could feel what I'm suppose to.

Let me end it with a picture of


Words couldn't describe.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baby Love.

I really wanna update about GradNight today but unfortunately, all the pics is not posted up on fb yet.Oh well, facebook takes forever to load.

I'll be back with a post after I get all the pictures.

I miss that day already.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gradnight was really awesome.

Please tell me it's not the end yet.


ps I love you.