Monday, September 30, 2013

Baci Italian Cafe.

I realized that the views of my coffee break posts always have more views than other post , which now mostly including restaurants or so. Infact, I really do go for coffee around 3-6 ; normally after lunch or before dinner with whoever I hang out with. I wonder how many of my friends have pick up this habit of mine. :) If I have a chance , I really do want to try out different coffee shops for their drinks and cakes. 

And this time,
I went over to Baci Italian Cafe at Citta Mall. 

They have alot of cafes along the outside of the mall and most of them are familiar ones except for this. Besides. the interior looks prettier than the others so Jacinth & I decided to head in ( because we judge the book by it's cover. ngehehehheheh )

a lot of feel riggghhhhhht ~~

I somehow feel that this picture is quite artistic , wtf.

And sadly, behind all these wonderful ambiance , there is an untold story. The staffs are totally unfriendly. Fine, one of the staff literally give us an annoyed expression at the counter even he is not taking the order. I really dislike how unprofessional his attitude are. Even if he is in a bad mood , he should know how to at least fix his own expression working in this field. Because of him, my excitement of choosing cakes and coffee just when down the drain.

I couldn't explain how much I dislike people who kill the vibe. 

And a few pictures of our orders of the day , 

This is the messier cappucino I've ever seen/

But, it taste good. 

Better than alot of cafes that I've tried before. Now, the ' don't judge the book by it's cover' applies. I scrunched my face up when I see no coffee art ):

Jacinth's Vanilla Latte.

She have always been ordering latte, just like me - normally cappucino.

Red velvet cake!

- right before it topple over and break into half. 

The cake is good !

They have an afternoon set for RM 18.90 for chosen flavored latter and a cake of your choice. 

I gave it up and paid more because I'll much prefer cappucino and infact, I only tried green tea latte because my best friend influenced me that - She even tell me to change the milk into soy milk instead.
Next time, go to starbucks and order green tea latte with soy milk. It taste so much better, I promise.

Bloated face ):

This picture should have the caption of " insert emotional and inspiring quote"


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Against the World.

I am not that good with words to make you picture how I'd actually felt and understand it. But I haven't been typing like this for a quite sometime - in fact, in a long long time. 

There is always someone whom you never give up on or intend to leave, even they had hurt your feelings , walk away or tear you apart. There is always this someone in your life , that you cannot let go. Despite getting hurt over and over again until the point that you are used to it , you just can't let them go.  

I can't say that heart break is THAT bad , because there are many things out there which I haven't felt are worse than this. But, it's definitely not something I am fancy of. I still think it's an emotional torture and it's painful enough ; like you just bent down because your whole body is shaking when the tears just flow out of your eyes, blurring your vision until you can't breathe that you have to gasp for air. That moment, you just feel the whole world fails you and you feel extra , just another nothing on earth. It's just hurtful to be walk away or stumbled upon by someone you care and develop so much feelings for. Just like everything you had done or willing to give in , is nothing ; just like a trash. And it makes you feel like a trash . Unwanted , being despite and feeling disgusted. 

Even when that person made you feel like this, you just don't let them go. I'm not sure if it was the pain which change your whole life making you hold onto them or it's just that you love them so much , even accepting the fact that they will never want you and still want them. I know that it seemed pretty stupid to you , but you can't judge. You can't judge whether the person who hurt them are mean , or the person who gets hurt all the time is stupid. You think that there should be a full stop to this pain and misery. But, it's not that easy.

I just don't give up on people that easily , and I do hold on with every strands of hope I could find. I don't know whether it's butterflies I am feeling all over again , on top of the disappointment coated all over the walls in me. I am not sure if I have already let it all go ; let all the pain memories go. 

I can't say that I feel butterflies, but someone makes me happy - even just by the simplest thing , even if we just sit there and talk about nothing. Silence was a bliss , it was worth every second. Even if I am not a priority to his life , I think I will still be there because he had already took a place in my heart despite how much he have stomp on it without any mercy. I forgive and probably already forget how sad I was , because I am happy now - happy for a new start , happy that things are simple enough. 

He is not mine ,probably he will never be mine in the most romantic way you could picture. We are not together , but just friends. Even if he give me the ache I would never want to feel in my life , he will still have me in every way. 


He will always be my sweetest whatever. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


There's a Saturday where we all met up for lunch . Most of us have a bad headache because we party too hard the day before. I can't deny how bad my alcohol tolerance is. We were supposed to have uncle jang but , JS had a bad sorethroat . So, Xiuming suggested to dine in Wondermama in Bangsar Village. 

I like this place. I like the varieties of food they offer. 

Cham with Coffee Jelly at RM8.50

I love this drink so much that I had to snap a pic to insta it. I know that you can get this drink at normal kopitiam near your place, but the coffee jelly made a difference. What more about the big portion of this drink. And, I love the 80's vintage looking cup !

Beef Nachos at RM14.50

Xiuming emphasize how good this is and I agree with her. It's R E A L L Y good , I swear. It's a much try if you visit this restaurant.

Must go back for that!

Prawn Katsu Buger at RM 21 ( I think)

This is my order and I think it's pretty nice. The prawns are really prawns , not just flour. I didn't want spaghetti because I had enough of that. Nasi Lemak would be too heavy so I chose this instead. I didn't finish the fries ):

I was dead hungry so I didn't bother to snap pictures of other people's food. And, I realized that I only blog about my own food. I'll remind myself to snap other picture next time. 

WONDERMAMA is Wonderful~~~


Monday, September 23, 2013

So Young .

Farewell dins with the bunch and other plans. It was so long ago that I'm too lazy to story it out. There wasn't anything much but a group of people dressing to head to dinner. I can't deny I love how everyone dresses up nicely , for instagram. 

Dins at Rakuzen, Publika .

and then,
to Mamak Anderson. :)

Did I mentioned that we have the B&W theme? 

I know how lame and old school it is but it looks pretty good in pictures , except for KW's red pants catching all the attention. Looking at this picture make me realize that I need to do some shopping on dresses. ):

And that friday itself, we decide to head to the club because it had been so long! That day was so awesome :) I had a fun friday, like finally! :)

Ootn with my 4 inch heels, fml.

It never feels so good to be young. 

Young , wild and free. 

Go out and have fun, people! :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

O' Briens.

I don't have family days on Sundays , because my fam are really random. All of us likes freedom and we really don't like to be restrain by any rule. That's why, I had my freedom since I'm in highschool. Of course, my fam did warn me about what I'm suppose to do and I'm not suppose to. They just probably give us the freedom and expect us to think by ourselves. I can't deny that my sis & I are more independent in our circle of friends.
I guess, different fam have the different method of dealing with this issue.

I'm more rebellious than my siblings , and I guess I have already pass that stage. 

This sunday was different because I actually went out with my fam, instead of hanging out with my friends or sit infront of my computer to serve the web.

We head to the curve , since I have an appointment there. Oh well, there's no lunch because we woke up too late. 

I ended up at O'Briens with my aunty only. She is like my only friend in my family because everyone is everywhere. If our age were the same, we could go clubbing together. lol.

This is my first time at O'Briens though. It was around 4pm , so there's a few choices of high tea set depends on what is your choice. 

We chose the tea set for 2 for RM 18.90 which consist of a sandwich of your choice , a cake and two teas. I changed the tea to two cups of cappucino , and there are no extra charges. 4pm is just in time for coffeebreak :) 



Egg Mayo with Chicken Crisp Sandwich.

Oh my god, mother of sandwich . 

It was so so so so so goooood!

Carrot cake, because cheesecake is too heavy and no for chocolate cake!

it really surprises me that they have pretty coffee art too. I expected it to be just normal for a cafe like this. Oh my god, seriously. Everything is just RM18.90?! Did I forget to mention that they do not have any service charge or whatsoever? :)

Look at how pretty it is. 

This is not maple leaf right? or it is .. -.-

Wanna selca with the coffee but the coffee is too pretty that I don't exist ): emo.

And lastly,

* insert relevant emo or inspiring quote*

so much love to O'briens.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Levain .

I have been discussing with Jacinth that I want to go to Levain ever since a levels and finally, we are heading there after a year. I still remember I crash my car a day before. 

Oh well, the exterior design of this pastry house have already made me go ahhhhhhhhh. 

It's too pretty and fairytale like. I really love how westernize the design is , making me feel like I'm at Europe or something. I really think that it's pretty. And so, I walk into the bakery with a dramatic push of the front door seeing -

Bread have never been so amazing to me, wtf.

Jacinth & I went crazy , taking the pastries that we want to try. We couldn't make up our mind on the spot so we end up just take everything that we want. 
Oh well,

Honestly, it's too much for two person. 

The mushroom soup was reaaaaally good so, I 100% recommend that. It's definitely not from campbell. I love how the have chicken cubes and mushrooms inside . The quantity of it is generous. And, the creamy level of the soup is just nice. 

We wanted to share one ,but in the end we are both too selfish.

And this is the ever first time, I get teddy bear coffee art! 


Everything on the table was around RM60 or less, I supposed. I think it's quite affordable unless you are like us, wanting everything. We didn't finish it. And, I am too lazy to take picture for each because I was THAT hungry.

I think you should go there once in your life , because it's a good cozy place for you to have an affordable teatime or late brunch. 

Before ending the post,

Cheers for teddy ! :)


Sunday, September 15, 2013

My bitch visited me at work the other day with Green Tea Latte.

She is back to blogging -

Oh how much I love this annoying best friend of mine.


Thursday, September 12, 2013 Cafe.

I can't believe I actually tell the world wide web that I'm trying to lose weight when I have been dining in glam lately. I am actually spending money on food rather than shopping. I think I need more dresses. Half of them in my wardrobe doesn't fit anymore :/

Oh well,
talking about food.

The other day, I had dins at 

which is located in the grocery store at the bottom floor of publika , serving pork in all their dishes. It's quite a hidden place in publika. But I think, it's worth a try. 

I still can't get over I went there with sweater and shorts. I'm totally under-dress and I promised myself that it won't happen again. I'd rather be overdress wtf. 

 I feel like ordering every single thing on the menu. Every seems yummy wtf. Oh well, spaghetti and pasta never goes wrong.

Bacon Mushroom Aglio Olio - RM 28

Aglio Olio have always been my choice. Carbonara is fattening eventhough it's yummy , and I don't wanna risk that. I don't feel like having tomato sauce either. 

Kevan's Bacon Sandwich with Apple Sauce ? - RM 28

I'm not sure if that's the correct name though. But I'm pretty sure  sandwich,apple sauce and bacon is in the name of this dish. Sometimes I don't understand why they name their dish with such a long name. Might as well write an essay wtf. I honestly prefer to look at menus which provide pictures together. Save all the trouble , trying to imagine how it would look like.

I went there twice , so far and it was all good. 

I heard that their pork ribs are good , getting five star reviews online . 

Oh well, maybe next time . :)

PS I'm so bad at food blogging.