Monday, March 31, 2014

Random food post ; Wondermama .

This is a random food post where I didn't plan to update since I've updated about Wondermama at Bangsar Village I before already. But the pictures which I've took is so pretty that, it deserves an individual post here. Meanwhile, this could feel up the gaps where I need to transfer and edit my pictures. 

Cham with Coffee Jelly.

I swear this Nyonya Laksa is good - like awesome.

Please order this when you visit wondermama.

I know that this post is short, but my pretty pictures made it up.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

A kiss is just a kiss.

It has been almost a while I would lie down on my bed and stare into the ceilings of nothing , feeling how heavy my shoulders is and how suffocating it is to just breathe normally. It's really stupid to call it heartbroken because I have been through worse. And I don't think it's eligible to call this pain either, because there are no tears or any desire to throw my pillows all around my room so it wouldn't be anger.

This is the ever first time I feel this way - maybe, another kind of emotion I don't like to came across with.

 I hate it when I seemed to look desperate all the time to fight my way through your heart to struggle to be on the top ten of your daily thoughts or events. Which I have been doing all these while and I didn't minded to do it again and again, to want you to think of me. I don't need it a few times a day but just once in a few days. 

I guess I wanted to mean something , too much. Too much that I can't believe myself. Too much that you couldn't handle. You wanted to settle less than something I want. I want to settle at something more for this insecurity because you never told me you cared about me, or do anything to make me feel like something that you would cherish. I constantly feel that you're annoyed by your impatient tone , angry at me for talking too much and it hurts. 

But it had never hurt me more when you made me sound like I am nothing. I am nothing just like a used paper you would want to throw away because you don't need the notes on it. I am nothing just like the empty cup you have consumed your drink from after you have finish every drop of liquid to quench your thirst. I am just a person you would want to grab to search for your temporary emptiness and loneliness because you're drowned in alcohol , and I made myself sound so important. 

Coming across this conversation didn't mean anything in particular. I can't say that I am that open minded that I put myself in a state where I can bare to screw up anything. I can't screw up and I won't. I have screwed up more than enough, more than you know. I am pretty conservative in a way, but not that much that I would want to cover every inch of my body and get my cheeks flushed red when it came across sensitive and sexual topics. I think I am moderate enough for good. 
So, I mentioned about it to you just to tease you and hope that you wouldn't do it to anyone else out there. More to that, I don't think I can bare the fact of you telling me you have landed your lips on someone else. I'll want to rip hers off and burn it. I am not denying of the jealousy I am feeling and I don't want to. I was burning in fire, almost wanting to scream in my pillow when I find out / when you tell me.

But then it all disappear.

It all disappear when you told me that 'a kiss is just a kiss.' 
I could feel my heart drop to my stomach and my involuntary action of biting my lower lips. I am still having this feeling and it's torturing. I am not supposed to feel this way. You are not mine. You never laid any claim on me, just merely my own personal feelings which probably I just realized that it meant nothing to you. I bet I'm as easy as the other girls you meet in the club. I am just nothing different from them - maybe I do. The difference is, I like you way too much than you think.

' A kiss is just a kiss'

I chuckle after I repeated that six words. 

I trusted you , 
but I am just another girl. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rekindle, SS2 .

Ever since I started uni, my days seemed shorter and I barely have time for anything. My time management is so bad - I can't wake up in the morning and sleep at the correct time at night. I guess the past 6 months holidays have screwed my body clock up. 

So one fine afternoon , my coursemates and I decided to grab a drink together after two months of meeting each other.

We settled down at Rekindle at SS2, which is very near to my campus. 

The macaroons they offer is definitely tempting. I bet you chocolate lovers will visit for nutella macaroons. 

I like the comfortable setting in the cafe . They don't only offer basic vintage type of table and chairs. They have an area where you can sit on the floor and get comfortable. It will definitely be a bliss if you are hanging out with your friends - and there is where we were. The music they play is soothing too. 

Vintage bike in the Rekindle.

And of course, a cafe should serve good cakes and coffee.

This is the Nutella drink YX order where the nutella will clot up become chocolate at the bottom after sometime. It feels like you're eating nutella from the jar. The size of this drink is definitely worth the price. 

Red Velvet , as usual.

My cappucino with basic coffee art.

We spent almost two hours in the cafe before heading home and contributed to the jam. The traffic is insane. 

This is for instagram purpose, and to show how much I love the setting of the cafe at the counter. 

This cafe is good and comfy but unfortunately, I don't think I'll return here because there's nothing I particularly like about this place. Maybe I would return for the macaroons but I don't really like them. I always think that they are too sweet. 

But it was a good visit.

And this is what they have outside the store which is particularly the #quoteoftheday .

So what have you done today to feel thankful in future?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Artisan Roast HQ.

That is me with CH shades at Artisan Roast HQ on a Sunday afternoon while waiting for Ming because she went to the restroom. 

Somehow , I just find the picture in sync since they are all in brown shades.

Before anything , pictures first -

feeling much?


Red Velvet.

And more pictures which I'll be featuring on my tumblr ;

Ming's floral cover notebook containing a whole long list of cafe which she wants to visit.

She do that homework, all the time.

It's no doubt that Artisan serves a good cup of coffee. Well, I only visit the branch in Bangsar and it was overall excellent so I decided to visit the main branch as well, hoping that it would be the same. It let me down tho. It was really hot inside , and the staff seemed to be impatient. I see them toppled my red velvet cake while serving. Self - service wasn't a problem , but that doesn't mean you should topple my cake - my favorite red velvet cake. 

The next time, I think I'll stick to the bangsar branch. 

But doesn't mean I don't have mood for selfies .

And lastly ;

I think this is damn funny.


This is my random Sunday, how about yours?


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Frisky Goat, TTDI.

So , Xiuming and I always make impromptu brunch date since we are currently the nearest to each other because everyone just stay far away. This time, we planned to travel a little further to TTDI to try out the new place in town which serve waffles - and we both love waffles.


We should have know that going on Sunday is a bad idea because everyone would be out for family day or Sunday Brunch, so we waited for almost 30 minutes or more for seats. We were so hungry that we don't even have any energy to complain . And the power of waffles is that great that I don't want to leave. 

Still waiting .

And after ten minutes or more, 
our food finally came.

Our eyes were sparkling , I swear. 

Classic Belgium Waffles ,
which was quite hearty in portion. 

Monsieur Ben Waffles

It's more yummy that how it is illustrated here, and I recommend this . I think savory waffles will be more feeling , and eggs is always does justice to my food. 

I'm hungry but , 

I have time for -

ps , uncle why you photobomb me

this angle, yummm

I swear that the waffles are really good and I am really amazed with how they could come up with the different kind of dishes. I can't wait to try other things next time.

Before I end the post ,

here is a picture of me and ming .


Friday, March 21, 2014

Thank you , Starbucks.

You made my day.


ps. little things matters.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Black and White Coordinate.

I had never done a full outfit posts before since I am getting lazier to dress up , and put on make up. So I guess this is the ever first one I feature on what I wear - now thinking if I could repeat this coordinate.

I just like how the pictures turn out to be so here it is ;

* insert super emotional overwhelming quotes*

I just want to show you how I chop those meat in the kitchen , lol just kidding.

Black and White coordinate will never go out of trend , and always come back inbetween seasons. Monochrome colours are the easiest to match , and brings out a simple yet fashionable look since both of the tones contradicts towards each other. We have prints like Houndstooth ,Checkers and Stripes which always feature in black and white. Now, they even have simple daisy prints which is popular for SS14 trend this year. 

Thus, I think if you have doubts in matching clothes and didn't want to put on specific colour of the day - just simply grab anything in black and white from your wardrobe. But beware of matching too complicated prints together because it will look very messy. 

In doubt, just do monochrome.