Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Since XiuMing missed out Mingli's birthday on the actual day, we have then decided to do a belated one for her - just us, girls.

I'm not going to post how we look like in highschool because I practically look like a mother for ten kids. wtf.

One of the reason I think I NEED iphone5 because they have better secondary camera until 4s ):

Dine in at Ole-Ole Bali , Empire.

And Xiuming bought her a rainbow cake.

The three of us actually promised each other to celebrate our birthdays together this year with a rainbow cake because it's our last year being a teen. 

lol, bffs.

So pretttty!

7 layers of goodness.

It's really filling and sweeet though!


I hate how the tong and mingli's reaction was in this picture because I wanted all the attention on my outfit. As you can see, she was asking me to make it fast.

Love how my phone cover matches my dress :P

Group photo taken by steffi cos she is sitting at the other side, lol.

This is the typical best friend photo which we are going to look at , after 10 years and realized how much we have changed.


A decent photo of us.

We love you, Mingx2 since there's two Mings.

xo, bff.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

TOP's fashion sense.

I just had to update this today because my fangirl level is already beyond the meter it should be.

I started with one of the most sexiest picture I found of him & I swear, I never see a dude so good in so many layer of clothes. 

And somehow, non-VIPs always expect that TOP is always cool, charismatic or any other comment they put on him. I can't deny his perfection too because I could sit infront of my laptop, holding a cup of drink and watching him over and over again - from day till night. No joke. I go around telling, I want to rape him and I don't care if they give the look because I think he is one of the most perfect man I've seen in the kpop industry. 

Perfect as in, his looks . 

You can't deny his good features , height and also, his deep hoarse voice which made me widen my eyes the first time I listened to Haru Haru. I have a thing for deep voices for guys and no matter how bad you think they look, as long as their voice is deep enough - I automatically think that he is good looking. 

Shit, I sound like I have voice/ sound fetish or something lol.

I didn't go crazy over him for just his looks. 

I actually like him and even, go gaga all the way for him because I found out how his personality were. I didn't expect him to be that childish, stupid , blur and very very real. I don't know how your bias is in VIP but I am really curious about TOP because he hardly reveals everything about himself. I love how bold he is and not fear to spoil his very 'cool' image that he have build up since a long time ago. 
Or maybe , just like how they say - in this industry , everything is an act. Maybe he is acting like a kid for attention or so - but , why does he be that way without a camera? Oh well, it didn't matter to me right now.

I actually like TABI not the rapper TOP on stage.

So cute right?

I don't like him looking all mean, holding gun and kill people. Although it's kind of sexy but I'd prefer this side of him - amazed and laugh at little things. He is like a baby. 


Since we idolize someone, of course we try to find a point where how we want our boy to be. 

For me,
I actually think that guys who knows how to dress well is better than boys who have the looks and don't know how to do that. 

I didn't mean by them buying branded and expensive clothes or them not repeating clothes. What I am saying is, I like it when boys dress accordingly to the correct occasion. To me, wearing nicely is a kind of respect to another person you hang out with unless you decided to go to the mamak last minute then it would be conclusive. 

I know that everyone says that GDragon is the fashionista, he brings up the whole fashion thing out.
I am not denying that because I think he really does bring a trend in everything he wear. I see alot of people imitating his style and he actually bring those brands up. If it isn't GDragon, I would never know what is Chrome Hearts until I step into the coffin. He is very swag and all but I think his sense is really good as a super star. He definitely caught everyone's eye by just wear a simple tee and skinnies with alot of chains. 

But, I'm not the kind of girl who like that kind of outfit on a dude no matter how good he look. 

I like plain shirt with jeans instead of loosetank top and tear off skinnies with chain dangling around the limbs.  In other words, I like boys in suits & tie instead of caps and tanktops. 

And one of the reason I really like TOP is : - 

His fashion sense.

I know this is insane but I have an album in my laptop that only saves his airport fashion pictures. I know that those that they wear on stage are match by stylist so that didn't count so I went all over the net, like a stalker - looking at his casual wear to the airport or so. 


& so here I am , doing a post for TOP's fashion sense. 


Poor boy with the bandage on his hand. ):

Awesome Denim Casual, don't you think so?


Highlight on the red shoes!


PRADA coordinate ..


god damn it TT





Is this Thom Browne or Balmain?


I love how he try the rocker style, lol.

Unfortunately his shoes takes all the attention. I think he have a thing for shoes.


PRADA again.



Adidas Originals! 



Baseball jacket look good on him also, omg TT



looking for me, love? :p



Shirt and sweats , omfg!


in pink!


He looks like a rich business man. 

like x1000000

Add marks to this outfit because he rarely unbutton his shirt. SKIN ... TOP's SKIN *nosebleed*


I swear this suit is his because he actually introduced it in 2NE1 TV- Big Bang Japan Dorm appearance. And he even say he loves it so much. The show was broadcasted around 2009/2010.




This is one of my favorite coordinate because it just mix up so well. 


Director- style, maybe?



That pale pink shoe! 

Nice matching outfit, oppa!



Can never stand TOP in leathers. 

Every one dress in leather is so sexy , wtf.





Yeap, he repeated his clothes and still looking fabulous.



Looking too uncle, oppa.



I am sure that pants is not his, not his style at all. 




I notice the bag he is holding since forever. Do you have any idea what brand is that? I can't seem to recollect it though but I guess he really loves it because he normally holds it wherever he is out of the country. Or you could see the bag in his manager's hands.



Ruffled top.



I love how he repeats his clothes and still looking good TT

I guess most of them are his own clothes. I don't think their stylist prepare them clothes to wear to the airport, right? Plus, the way he wear is so casual and comfortable. 

I love the way he matches his clothes and repeats them over and over again. 

I can't deny that his fashion sense is good. At least for me, it's good. I don't like guys in complicated outfits. I like them in just one colour and not complicated patterns everywhere. I can accept bright colours but definitely not crazy prints on prints coordinate. 

I really don't like to see boys in slippers. I can't stand them in slippers and I don't know why. Unless you're going to a market or the beach , if not please don't wear slippers. Shorts would be fine if you're in a button up shirt. Shorts , old teeshirt and slippers makes me feel like you're actually going to the market -.-

I can't believe that I even notice guy's fashion trends too. I always see girl's one because I had to notice the latest tips for my blogshop and slowly, I could already predicted them all. 

So now, I spend time on the dude's one instead of the girls.

I think TOP's style is more to my taste instead. 

I really love simple coordinates on guys, you know. Plus, his pretty features is so nice and wtf - height, voice. *screams like a fangirl.* 

He is really TOP in everything. 

I love RAIN alot even until now but, he has a girlfriend so I move all my attention to TOP, lol.

Just before I end this fashion post dedicated to my TABI.

I'll let you see a bad hair day picture of him in his uni.

Has a bad hair day and still looking good!




VIP, until whenever.