Wednesday, April 29, 2015

J&D Espresso.

Here is another brunch post.

I've found a hidden gem located at Bandar Utama. The location is really uncommon because it's just right beside the furniture shop. I widen my eyes when I reach the place. Well, I wouldn't find all these places on my own - XM brought me there. 

J & D Espresso,
a very simple name. 

I visited the place twice - first, on Christmas for brunch and lately, I visited this place to try out more food. Their food are more to aussie brunch-like so I could say that they definitely serve a different kind of brunch you could find outside.

We will start with our coffee. 

Cappucino at RM10 and Flat White at RM9

The coffee is good. It's thick enough for my liking. Malaysian cafes serves very milky Cappucino unless I ask for two shots. 

With good coffee, I'll have a good day. 

And we've tried out some of their signatures ;

Pancake Stack at RM15

The portion may be small but it's very very filling. I could barely finish one of this myself. Instead of typical whipped cram or honey , they have poached eggs and bacons inbetween their pancakes. Everything with bacon is good. Their poached eggs was on point too. 
Not forgetting that they have nice presentation.

Baked Eggs at RM19

Definitely one of the best baked eggs around the town. Their ham on top is glazed with honey, which was so yummy. I like how they melted the cheese on top of the eggs until it is a little roasted. It's crispy on top. Their baked eggs are not half-cooked. I do not like my baked eggs too raw, so it was all good. Not to mentioned that their eggs are organic eggs. Well, their ingredients are premium. 

candid, lol. 

Iced Chocolate at RM10

This is iced chocolate is so worthy! They even topped it up with a scoop of ice cream. Their chocolate is thick enough for chocolate lovers.

Definitely not my order - but I got excited when it arrives. 

Mocha at RM 12

Instead of the breakfast they offered, we have mains this time for our lunch.

Aussie with an Egg Pizza at RM22

One of their best selling main course. And I swear that this is so worthy. This could be a sharing portion among two or even three. Their crust is thin enough , and it's so crispy. It's topped with alot - yes, alot of bacon with mozzarella and parmesean cheese! 

One of the 'must order' on the list. I highly recommend this pizza!

Fish and Chips at RM29

The difference between fish and chips you can find here is, their fish are beer battered , which make the whole fish and chips taste better. I don't want to sound like a desperate alcoholic, but everything with alcohol is definitely better. Not to mention at the generous servings they offer. Their thick cut potato fries is so yummy with the mayonnaise , mg.

Their food is really good. Though their price is a little higher end, I think is definitely worthy. Not to mention that, they have super ingredients in every dish. 

If I were to return, 
I would want to try their brandy orange cake and squid ink pasta! 

Well, I'll end this post with a picture of me and XM -

Darlie or Colgate, lol.


Friday, April 24, 2015

My JayChou Playlist.

There are the days where I wake up with a heavy heart or go to sleep with my heartbroken - well, it is not necessarily based on romance. Sometimes there are other disappointments that makes me feel sad. Feelings are something that I couldn't control, just yet. Before I master this, I find ways to get myself back on track. It wouldn't make me forget it immediately, but there are ways to make the process more calmer and soothing. Nothing beats the calmness after the storm. Despite there are emptiness, it will still be the best. 

Well, sometimes feeling nothing is everything.

Whenever I am down, I often tune in sad songs or slower songs. And when things get serious, I need the ultimate healing magic - which is listening to Jay Chou's sad songs. 

Is it just me or I think chinese lyrics are more applicable to the feelings which is difficult to comprehend. Sometimes even if you have a full awesome description in English - nothing beats a simple sentence of chinese. 

I understand chinese very well, and now, I am learning to recognize the words. ahem *cough* I am doing a very good job - I can type in texts with pinyin. 

This man here, is my first idol since primary school. 

Well, I can say that I grew up with his songs. They are always there during the times where I am down, or feeling nothing. Sometimes I tune him in when I need to feel relax. He releases so many genre of songs and the one with R&Bs will always be my favourite.

There are a few favourite songs from my 'JAY CHOU' playlist which I wish to share. The lyrics touches my heart so much sometimes, I couldn't resist the replay button. And, I never get bored of the same songs. These are the ones which I listen whenever I am down, or wanting to have a mini getaway of my mind. The world is complicated , and I find my feelings in simple words of his song. 

想回到過去 試著讓故事繼續 至少不再讓妳離我而去
分散時間的注意 這次會抱得更緊
這樣挽留不知還來不來得及 想回到過去

從前從前 有個人愛妳很久

你说你好累 已无法再爱上谁


你紧紧地抱住我 说你不需要承诺
你说我若一个人会比较自由 我不懂你说什么 反正不会松手

一起長大的約定 那樣真心 與妳聊不完的曾經
而我已經分不清 妳是友情 還是錯過的愛情

想要对你说的不敢说的爱  会不会有人可以明白
我会发着呆然后忘记你   接着紧紧闭上眼
想着哪一天会有人代替   让我不再想念你


就算沒有結果 我也能夠承受 我知道妳的痛 是我給的承諾

兩個人的相愛 為什麼反而變得很難

Don't you think the lyrics are so on point. 

Well, I am so hardworking that I've linked it to the song. So just click on the title to listen to them. They are the ones which always go on replay on my playlist when I'm gloomy.

I am so happy that he is married to the love of his life, and she's now pregnant. He shows me that fairytale love do exist - and also, timing is something very important. 

look at this ;

this shot of his pregnant wife is so beautiful. 

It takes time to find happiness, and sometimes it comes from simple things.

His song has been my companion since forever - and I thanked him for them.

this is my JayChou playlist which accompany through my gloomy days.

Do you have your own gloomy playlist too?

Sunday, April 19, 2015



It's the middle of April already. My finals are so close so I do not have the time to rearrange my pictures and blog about them precisely. In order to keep my blog alive + trying to escape from reading , I decided to do a summarise what I've been doing since the middle of March till now. 

They are just pictures I found in my phone ;


Xiu Ming cooked me lunch the other day - to kick off my Monday blues. She used dried tomatoes as the main. It was good , I've never doubted her cooking before. 


It was so lavish that there's red wine for lunch. 

Thank you, Ming :D



I visited Charles and Keith Warehouse sales at SS2 Mall. I bought 5 pairs of heels in a go. I have all the colours, matching my dresses. It was really cheap because size 40/41 has another 50% off the total bill. 

I have never felt so glad that I am a big foot before. 

I spent 2 hours choosing - and I do wish I bought more than 5 actually. It was in steal deal prices. If you've missed this out, you need to be there next year. 


Authentic Malaysian Breakfast.

It was an impromptu breakfast date. Since it's too early for brunch and we have no idea where we want to go, so we just went to Murni for this simple breakfast which cost less than RM20 ?

This is where little things matters. 


Looking at Paintings hanging around in VCR, with the same themed. 

Those paintings portrays expression of people - also, showed the feelings of the painter. 

I never understood art, but it took me a while to stare at them. 


Yes, the beauty of art.


Alone in my uni's gym in the morning because I feel awful - but the whole routine didn't help to burn the calories intake at all, lol.


The last week of classes, I had RT breads and VitaSoy for lunch. These are what makes me happy. 

Have I mentioned that RT breads are so gooooood?

Though the price is at the higher side, but it was all worth it. I love the french toast , especially for my first meal of the day. The nearest RT to me is at SS15. If it's not that jam, I would definitely go and buy bread everyday. I didn't have the chance to visit the cafe yet though. 


Some nights, you just need to getaway for a moment of calmness to sooth your soul. 

I haven't been having a lot of emotions lately that I practically feel like a dead fish, but this makes me feel relieved. I can't find a word to explain it, but I like it. Just soft music, fantastic view and good companion. 


Not forgetting wine though. hahahah.


Super cute new floral bedsheet!


Feeling blessed to have Revlon lipsticks from Hermo Malaysia ; all of their colours were lovely and striking. Can't wait to put them all up to show you guys. 



I love this dark shade of purple-pink of Revlon Ulitimate Suede collection. 

#055 Iconic - this is my favourite so far .


Salted Caramel Popcorn Bingsu from Namoo on the Park - it was so gooooood.


Sweet potato cakeeee :)


The wall reminds me of bathroom tiles.

Is it just me or- ?


Seeing you grow up is a blessing. My babysis is gonna turn two this year.  

I love how big her orbs is. I am not exaggerating when I say her orbs shines. Now, she could even run after me for food. She makes me feel like a mom sometimes. Well, our age gap difference is very far away. 



Raqul Reed brought it a few designs of bikinis since summer holiday is here soon. Prices range from RM50 ( which is ridiculously cheap) . So check out our insta - @raqulreed and facebook page for more !



Don't wait. Never wait.

Sometimes we only have one chance. 

There are a lot of things which I do to just pass time. There are also a lot of things I keep on doing to remind myself of my own responsibility. 
When people forget my existence, I also don't want to bother them. This is how we grow - apart and out of each other. Memories and pictures will forever remain. So just do whatever you want to, and just forget about things that don't matter.

Someday, you will find happiness in the simplest things.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Meeting people in different places or through different things make me realize how important is it to stand strong on my own believe to be myself. 

I won't say that I have many experiences of encountering horrendous personality. I also meet people with great personality and inspiring thoughts which make me want to improve myself too. There is a balance of good and bad vibes. It took me a while to differentiate them, and also a hell lot of bad moments to go through. People we meet and the experiences we have went through is how we grow. I think it's fine to be broken, but never shattered. There is a time limit for us to be broken and there is a time where we need to pick up the little of disappointments in people to move on with life. 

I have a strong personality so it's more difficult for me to be influenced. It has the pros and cons - for now, I think it's mostly an advantage to me. Sometimes we just got to learn who is reliable and who is not.

 And some people are just not worth the time any more. Life is too short for unnecessary mess. Life is too short for us to wait for those who don't always have time for us. If they can't spare an hour or two for you, you should know where you stand. Giving in sometimes, looks like begging. It is very tiring. 

Sometimes, a person whom exchanged a few conversations with you is more sincere.And sometimes, those who grow up and mature with you was never really being a true friend to you.  

It was never the matter of time , it was all the trust that is supposed to built in. 
The hard truth is when there is no conversation, there is no more connection.

At one point, you know who's worth keeping and who is not. Life is already hurtful, we don't need pest to add salt to the wound. 

goodnight x. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Owl Espresso.

Whenever I have a rough day or am battling with my moodswings, I always find solution to cure them before I let it out on people. I used to have super bad temper back then. I was really impatient and easily offended due to my insecurities. However, as I aged ( I am still young) , I find myself getting better at this. 

There is always a solution to make myself feel better. One of them is definitely ,

Well, I like it sweet and cold 
* insert huskier voice that I own* 

I've came across to Owl Espresso located at SS15 which is famous with their coffee bingsu. This would be my perfect combination of ice. Also, they are open till late night so I head over to cure my sweet tooth.

Besides of their bingsu, they are famous with their own very speciality french toast and also, coffee. 
Well, I like how the combination goes. 

Our order for the night. 

Milk Pat.

Their  shaved ice are made from milk, so just the ice alone already taste good. I chose Milk Pat over their signature Injoelmi because I love red beans. Injeolmi is the Korean rice cake , which is the two cubes on top of my yummy bingsu. The yellow powder is made from yellow bean , which I am sure that they did not play foul in their ingredients. I love this bingsu a lot, even if it gets a little messy when I start to dig into this bowl of goodness. 

Regular at RM 13 / Large at RM 23

Caffe Affogato 

This is the coffee bingsu I've mentioned earlier. It taste like the cold shaved ice version of Cappucino. I swear that the whole combination were on point. I love how the bitterness of the espresso blend in with the milk and vanilla ice cream. They also have rice cake hidden instead which top up to the five star perfection rating. For caffeine addicts, this is definitely going to be your favourite in Owl Espresso.

Regular - RM14
Large - RM24

Now, we will pour the espresso all over ! 

oh god.

This scene looks completely perfect. 

And lastly, 
their french toast which I insist to order -

Ice Cream French Toast , with Yuja Fruits at RM 13

French Toast sprinkle with yellow bean powder, with bananas and nuts.  Coming with a scoop of icecream with fruits. Their ingredients are definitely premium , with kiwi, grapes and strawberries. They also sprinkle a little nuts on top of the ice cream. 

I think this is one of the simplest things that make me happy, even if I will definitely walk out with guilt afterwards. Definitely worth every calorie you've indulge. 

I can't wait to explore more around ss15.