Sunday, October 31, 2010



Monday, October 18, 2010

See you once again, my love (;

The power of DSLR (;
How I'd wish that's mine.

And you should know that
exam is in 3 days time.

Same question again.
Why are you still here?!

Okay fine , I need to ask myself too.
My finals is gonna be screwed up.
Well, I am seriously veryberry lazy.

There is always a purpose for me
to come here instead of watching vids
on youtube .

And I skipped school to so called 'studying'.
Obviously , it failed ); I sleep around 3pm
and wake up 6pm for dinner.

I'm here to confess about things (;

Prince Charming
since year 2006 (;

And you know that everyone around me do like to against me about Cal
It doesn't matter (;

Prince Charming ,
How could you be so adorable? (;
make me think of you night and day.

you have been having affair with them.
they're so hot!

And since year 2006 when Fahrenheit just started ,
You are already so close to wuchun .

to be honest.

I do hope they are together in a way
so that
Cal wouldn't have a girlf.

It sound damn insane.

they're so cute if you do watch videos about them talking about each other.
And, That's how I actually find out the Cal's cute.

I used to call him ,
'Ugly Shit'
because , I do not think that he have any value to be in Fahrenheit.

And now,
I just couldn't stop regretting about it.

How could I even say that?!
I am probably crazy , stupid or blind or whatever it is.

Chun and Cal (;

Okay, it doesn't look good.
But to me,
it's damn cute one lor! (;

And in public,


Jealous, CAN DIE ! );

And I heard that ,
lately they're not that close anymore since Wuzun's in China.
Oh well ,

How childish.

Damn cute.

CalBaby is closer to JiroHoney.

I like both of them lor !

Number 1,
Calvin Chen Yi Ru (;(;(;(; :D:D:D:D:D:D
Jiro :D:D:D:D:d:D:D:D:D
After then,
Wuchun :p
Arron .

Okay Arron's the cutest infact a very good looking person and young
but yeah,
it's okay . HAHAHAHAH



this is my screen saver for my ip4.

And everytime when people call me ,
the song "心疼你的心疼" will play.
When I listen to the chorus of the song and look at the picture,
it makes me feel so warmth and love.

Call me crazy or whatever
but the feeling is indescribable.

Calvin show up at Jiro's birthday this year,

like! :D:D


and yeah ,

You see .
Cal so nice (; He's the only one that show up maan.

He's the Man (;
wth -.-

And yes,
it may seems pointless to say all these.

And of course,
it's one of a stupid introduction for me to get to the point.

And if you have been following my blog for a quite sometime,
I do go every event of them if they come to Malaysia.

The latest event they have is,
the Canon camera event during March.

You should have know how crazy am I when I see them. Okay, you could actually feel or know how I actually felt when I see them esp Cal.

And that feeling gives me orgasm.
Okay 0,0

it's CALBABY! :D:D

And now ,
the point



And it's on today's newspaper.

Next year,
before Chinese New Year.

And it will be probably around January 2011!

What a good news :D

And it doesn't make me feel like studying for exam anymore.
First distraction,
Penang Trip.
Second ,
Third ,

Yes, hotties.
I love you too (;

And so ,

Tell me and we could go together !

Hi hotties ,
See you in 2 months time (;

Hey, Prince Charming.
See you in 2 months time.
And hopefully, you will still smile to me (;


And, seriously I hope exam would be over fast.




Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And tonight , you are mine.

Exam's is in a week time
and I am dead worried about it.

I can't believe that I'm saying this
but really, I am stress.
I tried to read books and I'll either
fell asleep , get mad or nothing goes into my head.
And, my memory is that bad till I have to
read a sentence thrice to remember it
because after a few sentences or so,
I will forget.

Medications. ish:/

I am here to take a break
and I still feel so tense and everything.

I'm skipping school tomorrow to study
but, I doubt that I will do so.

Exams :/
I can't believe that I am more stress
than PMR pfft.
And, PMR '10 is over.

and, pics from years ago.

love this tee like mad.

dig nose wtf.

runs in our blood.

And the other day,
slacking at jingle pringle's house.
And you have no idea,
how awesome the house is.

As in ,
very awesome.

look at that thing.

And fyi,
I do not edit any pictures. The colour or effect or whatever you call it is so awesome because the lightning there is way too awesome. No need go club already la, seriously.

And, I think that's all?

Hey, Prince Charming (;
You're just pointing at the right direction.

And today,
I said : Calvin's like my everything, don't insult him.
Someone said : But he doesn't even know you.
I said : It doesn't even matter.

I am not going to start to rant about this person but he gets on my nerves so much. I hate being nice to him because every word that came out from his filthy mouth disgust me, turning a big round to hurt my feelings. Being straight forward and so call 'real' in front of people isn't gonna make you any cooler or better , you will just end up being lonely and friendless.
No, not mad but just being defensive for my dignity and my feelings.

Right, Cal?(:
(p.s I'm crazy)

Look at those two pictures above.
And now start to wonder ,
How could his smile just strike into my heart and warm it up?

Oh, Prince Charming.
Can you return my heart and give me back my conscious?

CalvinChenYiRu (;


Saturday, October 9, 2010

I will climb the highest mountain , I will swim the deepest sea.

Just for you to know , final's 13 days away
and I am still here, blogging and msning.
I am really hopeless.
I feel so useless, hopeless and empty.
And I guess, my moodswing for this month
is coming and I am stressing bout the trip thing.

I feel so pressured suddenly.
I think I must settled everything by next week.
The payment and everything
and visit the hosp on tues , I guess.
Then at least start to know what's going on
in bio, sej,chem, physics,acc . OMG );

And the exam timetable is really bad.
How am I suppose to sit for finals.
I keep thinking bout the trip after it.

Ah shit, I'm hopeless.

I feel like whining bout life and stuff
but yeah, need to find a listener.

Pictures from phone.

Freaking like the skirt , can
but unfortunately, I DIDN'T BUY D:
why la );

This skirt look like my maid dress
so forget bout it but I kinda like checkers!

And school ,

Tied up my hair one of the days
and completely look different.

I just realize that my phone's battery wouldn't last.
And yeah, I am too stingy to buy the battery adapter
or whatever it is called. Ah, this phone ar (; i likey :D

And camwhore pictures in class when tch's boring.
I hid it in my pencil case. (;

during bm.

I do not like my BM teacher.
Not to say that she can't teach or anything.
I just think that she's being unfair to a
few of us throughout the class.

We may be noisy and talkative all along
but we didn't talk when she's teaching
or laughed at her when she is teaching.
She got it all wrong and now, she is having
prejudice towards us and being unfair toward us.

She smiled at other students and talk to them
but when it comes to us, she give us the face
that we're that annoying and honestly, it do
makes us feel very unfair for doing that.
And before every period starts,
she rolled her eyes at us and then,
indirectly ask us to get out of the class.

In other words ,
I think teacher should be fair by a little.

And more pictures,

during bio.

And yes , I am done.

I have got a problem now
and I do not know how to settle.

I don't like him, he's disgusting.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

A bitch with an attitude

iphone front camera!

Freaking clear right right right :D
Ah, nowonder my camera is always
in my drawer these days.

And school's okay.
I hate BM period now.
Friends and I always get picked on.
Others can laugh, we can't.
And she wants to kick us out of the room.
I mean like ,
isn't it unfair to us?

How can someone be a teacher
with those moodswings?


fyi , i love twins like crazy.
The one at home and the one in school.
twins so cutee!

feel like changing phone cover tho.

iphone pro out next year, june.
iphone pro looks awesome.

I got work to finish.


two things I wanna say.

I got insulted yesterday infront of the whole class. I'm a pathetic bitch without feelings. Well, that's what they thought.

I got shouted today infront of my friends and I never fight back.I feel so offended and my patient limit is reaching so yeah..

And lastly,

i love caaal (;