Saturday, October 5, 2013

Last Friday night.


Just another friday where I have plans. I haven't been going out lately on fridays though. Beside being lazy , I have no idea what to do or where to head to. And, I don't feel like partying either. This friday was pretty simple, just a night out for dins and bar which still got me drunk. 

And one of the happiest things about outings is , I got to dress up and put on my make up to camwhore lol.

How do you love my dress?

It's so simple and comfy , not mentioning that it's VERY cheap!

We head to pavillion and decided to have TGIF for dins , because we have no idea where to go. Plus, walking in my new heels isn't doing any good either. 

The manager of TGIF approached us , offer us free desserts if we help him in a survey. He asked me to , and I ask Jacinth to do too so we can get TWO free desserts. When it comes to free things, you just can't help it. Free things is always good , what more for desserts. I still can't believe I shamelessly negotiate for desserts. He only offered us ice-cream and I insisted that I want one brownie , wtf. 

I didn't expect a cup of ice-cream would be in such a large cup. Half of the cup is chocolate and the other is caramel. Jacinth and I don't like chocolate , so both of us practically fight for the caramel part and let the chocolate part go waste. 

How much calories is that ,man.

And the free brownie . Just for you guys who love chocolate so much.

JS was really enjoying it and both of us goes like, ew ew ew with every spoon he put inside his mouth. It's too much of chocolate.

Love this picture the most! :) >.< 

And then we head to WIP at Bangsar shopping centre for a drink. 

Lychee Margerita.

That place is really awesome. Can't wait to get back there, again.