Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to Avoid The Sun.

I couldn't wear contact lens for at least a month.

Rain's After F1 Concert is like ten days away. I don't wanna go with my specs on, it's like a huge turn off mg D:

His 'The Best World Tour' concert started last week and, Malaysia will be his 8th or 9th stop, I guess. I guess I'll take the 600bucks ticket. I can't afford 1.2 k, like seriously.

Oh another thing,
Park Jung Min's repackaged album to be released on the 7th of April! :D:D

I should put my orders nao!

signing off.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shy Boy.

Guess who's coming tomorrow? (;


hai baabeeeey (;

He must be packing his luggage nao and getting ready for tomorrow's trip to Msia. Ah, I wonder if he's showering right nao. hehe :D


I bet they must be feeling excited since they have not been reuniting for a quite sometime.

I love Canon,
they bring Fahrenheit together again :D



My ex-husband sho kewwt, I wanna die :D


); I got eye infection! );


Saturday, March 19, 2011

The game is over.

Back to school in a day time );

As in seriously,
my holidays doesn't even feel like
holidays at all!

I just have to complain about this.

I've been out for the past few days
and I didn't even have enough rest from myself.
I've not even get over the emo-ness of
me screwing up my papers.

And me, not going to Jungmin's fan meeting );

I did not do my chemistry homework
and didn't even touch any book.
Good job, like seriously -.-

I have SPM in a few months time
and I'm like rotting here as if I'm a form one.

Okay , I should shaddap.


Before I actually fell so deeply in love with Cal,
I actually was Rainified By Jung Ji-Hoon.
If you dk, Ji-Hoon is actually Rain's real name.

I was so in love with him during year 2005-2007
and seriously, my whole room is all about him
and I even cried when I listened to his speech
about his mum and family problems.

And lucky me, I got to go to his concert in Msia
during January 28 year 2007 and the best part
was I was sitting quite front.
He was super duper hot , and better than you expected.

Yeah, he's not handsome and have small eyes
but, this proves that he's original
and happy with his face.

Okay fine,
he did have a nosejob.
That was because he got hit
by some retarded people and so,
he broke his nose.

Of course he have to do lah right.
You guys want him to have a nose
like micheal jackson? -.-

I really love him alot.
Love, not loveD.
Means it's not over yet.

I have really no idea why I divorce him
for Cal. Pfft, love is blind.




cuteeee ~~~:D



Have you guys watched fugitive plan B yet?
It's one hell of an awesome show.

It's more to 'life' kind of storyline.
What I mean is , it's not those
i love you, you love and then we get tgt
and then argue then die kind of thing.
It's more to real life story, action movie.

Of course, it's not a dull show that kill
here and there. It's rain, of course
he does stupid things inside.
AH, he never change :D

And how many times I've mention
bout these 5 kids that Rain 'produced'.

I like it how they call Rain , 'Appa'.
Appa means father in kor.
It makes me feel like ,
they really love rain.

And also, I love how Rain call them
'My Blaq Children'.
It shows how rain loves them.

His Blaq Children.

Quite Good Looking huh :D


And Rain's going to army end of the year.
He wanna contribute to his country and stuff.
And also, he's afraid that he can't do
all those army stuff after 30 so yeah );

So currently, he's really busy
for his album preparation and also, latest drama
preparation before heading to his army.

I know I sound like a bitch whining
but , I really don't want his news to
be cut off during 2 years of him
going to army.

And , one of the reason
I gave up JungMin's fan meeting
is because I really don't wanna
miss any live show of his before him heading to army.

Just so you know,
I really love JungMin alot.

But for Rain ..zz yeah.

And so without thinking
about Jungmin and any other circumstances ,
I swap my card...

Oh well,
At least I'm going to Rain's.


On thrusday,
I went over to Kev's house in Sentul
which is like another end of the world , pfft.

That's the only can make it picture I had.

Reached there around 530pm.

Had Domino's for dinner :D:D:D

Reached home and got shower,
then straight to bed.

Woke up round 130pm next day.
Dolled up and headed to pyramid.
Walked around while waiting for the guys.
They seriously took a very a long time

Had subway ,
then tapao shihlin fried chicken
to the cinema to eat.

You just have no idea how awesome
it's like when you are eating fried
chicken and drinking coke at the same time.
Plus, hot guys in I am Number Four
makes it a double combo.
I forget about that fella's name.
Alex something but hell , he's delicious.

The show was just a so so.
Perhaps I expect too much.

Walked around then headed to Full house.
Have this papaya milk thing.
It taste like antibiotic to me, yuck.


I just can't get enough of full house's decorations.
It makes me feel all princess-y.
Ah , I want my room to be in that way.


I just took a glance around my room.
It's like a rubbish dump -.-

Then to starbucks to talk about life wtf.
Nah, it's because my heels is killing me.
I feel like dying wtff.

And nao, I got two blister *aegyoooo*

I lub mah nails!

I couldn't stop camwhoring with potato's dslr.
I want one too! the picture quality is so awesome.
But I know that daddy will never get me
such expensive things.

I might just break it or something.

Just like how I dropped Lucifer.
I mean, my iphone.


annyeonghasaeyo :p

V line ! V line!

Got home around 11pm .
Went on youtube and stuff.

KOed around 3am.

I've a twitter nao.


Raqul Reed updating tmr!


Friday, March 18, 2011


I'm supposed to be in genting tomorrow

Will update 'properly' after I get all the pictures :D


Check RAQUL REED out.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Running Out.

Holidays doesn't feel like holidays,
at all.

Give me more time, please


Monday, March 14, 2011

Ghetto Electro .

How long have I since update properly?
hmmmm , a week or maybe longer.

My results will be a disaster.
I really couldn't do half of the paper.
Not only one particular paper okaaaay D:

And shooooo ,


All tickets are at the same price
and is , free standing.
This means that , I have to go during morning
if not I'll have to stand until the back.


Pictures from family dinner two weeks.. ago?

Frog Lighter :D

maknae of the family :D

exams end on friday and hoping there will be no hw
but chemistry teacher gave -.-

Straight after school, we go summit.

It was raining and all.
Was desperately looking for a cab
and just when we were looking for a cab,
rapid kl was infront of us .

Shooo, we went up.
And it's only one buck to summit.

At Summit :D

And that was an exhausting day .

Got up the next day which is Saturday.

Head to KL with LRT and monorail.


You have no idea how many pairs of us
is staring at us when we're camwhoring.

No blusher needed :p

I almost walk the mall .
I can only feel my legs breaking.

Dammnnnn, I feel so broke :p

camwhore :p

And finally settled at Fahrenheit.

Ate at sushi zanmai.
then, to pavillion.


Have supper then got homeee.

Yesterday , which is Sunday.

Daddy brought all of us to Matta Fair.


and TOP at the bottom ngegegeghehe.



You know what?

I'm not going to Park Jung Min's anymore.

Dad doesn't allow me to go Rain's and Park Jung Min's.
So, I've to gave one up.
I gave up on JungMin.

I can actually feel my heartbreaking
when I tell the head of the fanclub that
I'm not going.

Sigh, I'm going to emo until JungMin
comes and left D:

you better do your best
and don't make me regret );