Saturday, October 12, 2013


I'm back to second round about my Friday with

My taytay. 

( Suddenly I realize how wrong it sound , but it's cute - don't you think so! )

And this is more of our picture before proceeding to whatever I want to type in the post. Honestly, I don't do alot of typing because I assumed that you people just scroll for pictures which is not very clear either. 

You don't know how many pictures we took. And, I thought zhiwei would be the only one doing this with me. Ah well, it's good to have a camwhore buddy :)

I guess both of us are already a caffeine addict. Nothing is complete without a cup of coffee . Specifically , a cup of cappuccino. We always order the same , and also we both just like it plain without any extra sugar or milk. And also, we both love coffee art so so much. Double cheers for having a cappuccino buddy , wth. 

I suggested Nutmeg to Bernice, because I have been dying to try it. Both of us thought it was at telawi street but in the end, it's in Bangsar Village II .

I was talking to her. 

And we shared egg Benedict because we are both half-way there ( like , half full half hungry - if you get what I mean)


I swear this taste better than PlanB's . It's worth a try. 

And more camwhore picture of us ,

I'm hating how my face looking extra big beside hers. You don't know how small and sharp her face is TT  



And more of me drinking coffee ;

My nose is triangle in shape. lol.

And the last picture of us which is my favorite!

So much loveeeee :)

I'm sorry about not blogging about the food of nutmeg properly. I can't wait to return to nutmeg and try out their stuffs. It all seem yummy!