Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lewisgene #2

I returned back to Lewisgene with new people. It's sad how Kevan is now in UK , and that make me realized how time flies. I remember that he still had 2weeks here when we visited this place and now, he is probably living his life there. 

And I just find out that they have a tea time set from 3pm-7pm , which I need to share with you. I think it's good to save some money though, lol. 

The price range are pretty reasonble probably RM11.90 - RM 20.90 , depends on what kind of combination you choose.

I chose pancakes + a cup of coffee , which is RM 12.90 and I change the typical coffee they have in the set to my all time favorite cappuccino with an additional of RM1 . 

Yums  .

I shared it because we're gonna have dinner in no time. Of course, these couldn't be compared to Skyscraper by Red Bean Bag. It's just too plain and not fluffy enough. 

I recommend Lewisgene because , they are really suitable for you who need a break. Just a cup of coffee, a good book , maybe your favorite music for an afternoon. That's bliss . Or at least, for me it is.