Monday, June 30, 2014

Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf.

And hi, that's me being shy.


I've realized how many food posts I have been doing lately, and that's all my life is about currently. All about eating, and non-stop eating. 

I've finally visited three little pigs and big bad wolf , which was a hype around the town for their two sides menu. Naming three little pigs in the day , and once the sun set , they offer another menu named big bad wolf. 

I visited there for dinner so I got big bad wolf.

Based on what's on the menu, their main attractions are the burgers. I'm pretty sure it's a good place for pork and burger lovers. 

We have Wild Mushroom Soup at rm15 , as the appetizer which was genuinely done. It's not readily made mushroom soup. I could even taste the bits of mushroom. The creaminess of the soup is just nice. 

Big Bad Burger at RM 32.

Mighty Piggy Burger , at RM 28.

this was our overall order.

Not to mention that the portion is bigger than I expected. It's a no way that a girl could finish one whole main dish (burger) by herself so I suggest that this should be a sharing meal . Of course to keep your tummy completely satisfied, you have to order appetizer. 

It's a very short update today .

I need a camera.

okay bye.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Inside Scoop.

To be honest, I agree with the quote.

It doesn't only applies on ice cream, it applies on every dessert. Who doesn't have a second stomach for dessert right?

I have hearing about this homemade ice cream. It's freshly made , and the texture of the ice cream is good. I just need to witness how good it is , because alot of people seemed to be exaggerating it. So, I headed to Inside Scoop to see if it's that good. 

oh yes, give me more.

Super cute handwritten menu on the blackboard! 

Don't mind this picture. I visited the place at 5pm. So most of them looks like they have been through war, looking like a mess- nothing left. 

Ordered a double scoop ice cream with waffle to share .

Cempedak and Pistachio Flavour.

I swear that the Cempedak one was awesome. The texture of the ice cream is smooth. You can totally taste that there's not artificial flavours in it. This is definitely a great second stop for dessert. 

Hello Crystal!

Oh well, there's always a room for ice cream so have one after your meal.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

whatfuckingever .

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bread Fruits.

Cheers to my bareface because I was that lazy. I just got discharged from the hospital because I was really ill - down with fever and all sorts of stuff so I stayed there for a week.

Oh at least, I got my jawline back. 

Since I'm still sick, Kev brought me to this super healthy place located at Sri Hartamas. Bread Fruits , is a now one of famous place for brunch. But I visited them around 3-4pm so there's no queue. It was actually pretty empty. 

It's totally healthy here because every ingredients is fresh , and made when we place our orders. I guess this would be a good place for someone who wanna lose weight. 



#kevgotswag , lol.

here is me , in his raybans looking really pale.

Alright, here comes the food pictures.

you can see how good there are from this. 

Sandwich with fruits , which is RM19.90 .

I know that it's pretty overpriced for such a combo, but every bite you take is mouthful and guilty-less. 

Brunch pasta with 7min egg, at RM 17.90

I think this is a good dish , paired with sauteed mushrooms, tomamtoes , bacons. It's really filling, and to be honest, I think the portion is big. I can't even finish one. And also, the 7 min egg is just as good as you imagine. The egg is cooked well , and it made the pasta extra yummy by mixing them!

I forget to take the drink's photos because we were too excited to taste if it's fresh. The price range is from rm7-12 and all freshly made.

This is definitely a place I'll return , probably with the girls.

have a healthy brunch!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Miam Miam

This is an overdue post about my visit to Miam Miam at One Utama because it has been almost a month ago. I've always wanted to visit this place for the desserts because the french toast pictures on instagram is too tempting.

So I made Yixin accompany me there , since we have plans to ou on her birthday.

I think it's a waste for them to have limited spaces for people to dine in. They do not have big tables to fit a family more than 5, and we are lucky that we arrived early. We didn't need to queue and was attended immediately because apparently during lunch time and after, the line goes crazy. So you guys better take note of your time if you want to pay Miam Miam a visit.

This is heaven , I swear.

Famous French Toast at RM16.80

I could say that this french toast is good. Every pieces is fried thoroughly. By the way, that isn't vanilla ice cream but their special made cream which was amazingly yummy. It's not as moist as those we normally have. The texture is a little bit more solid and rougher. After coating the whole dish with honey, it was a perfect match.

I recommend this!

Macha Souffle at RM 16.80

I personally like this more. To be honest, how can you even say no to green tea?! Yixin and I loved this alot more compared to the french toast even if it's good. It tastes a little like kaya ball but rich in green tea flavor. I like how it's soft inside and a little cripsy on the outside. 

If I were to return, this is a must order!

This is me with the french toast because it looks that good in pictures.

Hi, Yixin!

The boys came a little later with balloons to surprise the birthday girl and we are glad that she is happy with our surprise.

ending this post with this picture because it's too lovely,

Happy Birthday ( even if this post is totally delayed) 


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Insecurities of a fatty.

Three hours ago, I went through my documents junk and decided to rearrange my pictures. By clicking next after every picture , my smile slowly turns into a frown . Slowly, I could feel my heart ache and all the feelings comes back.

Two years I've been living this life, my insecurities never decrease and infact it's increasing. And the whole two years probably out of 12 months - I only have half a month of being free , eating whatever I want without caring about calories and then instantly regretting it the next morning. I hate talking about my insecurities and I don't want people to know about my insecurities so I usually laugh it off when people still addressed me with the nicknames I wouldn't be delighted of. It may not hurt as much since I get used to it but it still mattered. 

I don't like it. 

No, infact I hate it. 

may be just a description towards someone's physical appearance but to me, it's something worse than a curse word. I hated that description and I would do anything to take myself away from that description. Therefore , I started to work out and every time I dragged myself to the gym - I feel like crying , thinking that 'why should I be here when I could just rest at home after a tired day?

Everyone is having the time of their life, catching up with their friends, drinking the wine they love and eating the dessert they desire and yet, I'm stuck in that place trying to burn every single calorie I consumed today, yesterday and the day before. And I keep blaming myself , hating myself for overeating last time and now putting myself in this situation. Until now, I still feel horrible before I go to sleep when I recall what I've eaten on that day itself. This cycle keeps repeating.

It's getting worse. And I am sad.

 I am so sad everytime I stand on a weighing machine and it shows an increase in figure. I don't know what to do. I exercised , I don't eat and I blame myself but the weight isn't going down. I feel so insecure and ugly. I feel so horrible that I don't even dress up anymore, because I feel ugly. And no matter how nice the clothes is on someone's ugly, that person still look ugly anyway. 

I feel ugly.

I feel fat and sad.

I feel like crying when I know that I need to go to the gym tomorrow and let the process flow through all over again. It's so difficult. I am so sick of this and I don't know why am I even doing this. I am not even sure if I want to be healthy or I am doing this to live up to what society expects from a girl - pretty, slim and smart. I am not trying to fit in, but I am so sick of people calling me names and tell me that I need to lose weight to look pretty.

Everyone keeps saying and I could hear screamings in my mind asking them to shut up even if what they say make sense , probably it's the truth.

I am slowly gaining my weight back, and I don't know what to do. 

I am scared.

I just don't want to be her again .

Friday, June 13, 2014

Thirty8, Grand Hyatt.

 I guess last month was a really happening month because when I open up my purse, I feel like crying. Alright it wasn't that bad but still, I'll need to cut down on shopping.

On Elvin's birthday after dinner, we decided to have desserts and wine. I wanted night view so we all head to Grand Hyatt which is the nearest from where we have dinner at. And also, it's only place we could thought of with good desserts , ambiance and the view which I emphasize on.

It's not my first time here , but this time we ordered more desserts and opened a bottle of wine.

life is good. 

And I should introduce you the desserts we ordered .

Crepe, roasted banana, sesame tuile, banana ice cream at RM20.

which was amazingly good, I say. The crepe was savoury thus the taste is as good when it comes with the banana ice-cream. The sweetness hit the right spot.

THIRTY8 signature cake at RM 25

It's Elvin's birthday , so this is his birthday cake. We didn't sing for him because we feel so shy singing with such beautiful and calming ambiance. The caramel is too sweet, and this is not my cup of tea.

Straight from the oven chocolate cake, raspberry sherbet, vanilla anglaise sauce at RM 25

It's lava cake and everyone was eyeing on this dish but I always say no to chocolate. However, the sherbet was nice. 

THIRTY8 dessert selection platter for 2  at RM40

I think this set is too filling, even if the combination is right. The ice cream of the day was good, so as the pie. The crepe was a little hard and too sweet for my liking. This might not be a choice again, the next time I visit. 

Not sure what wine it was but it's good , not too mild or sweet. 

And then, we take selfie with the twin towers. 

The view was beautiful. Sadly, we couldn't get a table next to the window. The table by the window simply couldn't fit all of us because it's a table for two. So if you people want to visit with your other half, it's better to do a booking first requesting for the table by the window.

It was a great night.

It has been a while since I've night like this. Desserts, wine and beautiful night view doesn't sums up everything. Of course, you need to have good companion. It was good getting knowing each other. 

I'd wish you are having a great night like me too.