Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cava, Bangsar.

Visited Cava for Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine the other night with friends , which is actually my seniors from high school. It's irony how we don't speak to each other in high school, and now being all close. I guess, you just get closer to people you spend your teenage years with, even if you don't speak. 

Was supposed to be in Leornado's but I didn't make bookings so , I suggested Cava as they claimed that the food is great. 

I appreciate restaurant with this kind of interior. It's not exactly romantic, but the lights are dim enough to ease awkwardness. Of course, there's no room of being awkward between us because we talk way too much. It's a good place for dinner for two person *raise brow*

Guess what I see on the first page of the menu,

Oh yes.

I totally get you.

Getting serious with their phone to check their results online. 

Complementary starters ; tomato bruschetta  

I heard that they serve different starter each day. I guess it was a lucky day as we got bruschetta because they normally serve potato wedges and baguettes. 

Prawns a la Plancha tapas .

I give this dish a 10/10. The bread taste so amazing when it's dipped with the rosemary and olive oil. Not to mention that, it was sizzling hot so everything was perfecto. Even if the dish is a little small, but it's really good. 

Pollo Paella .

A spanish meal will never be complete without Paella, no?

Alright, this look horrible.

Let me try again.

Cava's Specialty Arroz Negro.

It's a must try in Cava. Personally, I like it better compared to the other Paella. It's really rare to find good squid ink paella around, and I reckon that this will be one of the best. I totally love the sour cream they provide that goes so well with paella. 

Please order this.

And for dessert , we had to wait for 25 minutes. 

Chocolate Dream.

Just like how the name goes , it's all chocolate. It's chocolate lava cake with white chocolate sauce as the base. I am not a fan, but the other three was give thumbs up for this. I think the while chocolate sauce was really nice. Yes, I tasted it because I need to know why they take 25 minutes for this. Apparently, they bake it on the spot so for rm16 and 25 minutes, it's definitely worthy enough. 

Dessert appreciation picture.


more pictures ,

Loving this picture!

The night ended with laughters. 

It was a great wednesday night.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Don't lose yourself.

As I grow up, people change - in a good or bad way , and sometimes people gets weirder. Like me, my grammatical errors is still there and I couldn't care less about it anymore unless you could do me a favor of telling me what went wrong. Yes, that's not the main point of the post. I just want to ease the atmosphere before going in depth to what I wanna say , which probably would offend people. 

When we are young, we grow up want to be princesses to be loved by prince charming and to be saved all the time. But when we grew up, we realized that there's no prince charming and everything resolves much about being rich and famous. The realistic world is materialistic. Perhaps there is a group of people who doesn't fancy expensive things, but they do crave for the fame in every aspect. Do you get hold of what I am trying to say?

I understand that people grow with their age. No one stays innocent forever. It's good to have some changes in life to improve yourself, to be someone better. But to improve doesn't mean you need to follow where everyone is heading to. You don't need to be on the same path because everyone improves in their own way. You can do things you like to please yourself.
 But what I don't understand is, why people are doing things they don't like to make other people jealous or amuse?

Maybe insecurities did kill them inside out because once you give in, you cannot never get a hold of yourself and fall deeper. Because once you feel good when someone gives you the attention and affection you have been craving for , you will never stop. Why spend the money and time to prove someone that you could be like them just to impress them? 
To be honest, sometimes I have thoughts like that and I want to do it to show the people who look down on me to choke them on their words. In the end, I shrugged it off because I realized that it's not worth it. 

Why would I want to impress you when you are not even fond of me?

Isn't it ridiculous to spend money to fit in? Isn't it stupid to buy things you don't need because all of them have one? Isn't sad that you have to accept anyone that throws themselves at you because you are alone and lacking on attention? 

We are no angels, definitely not a saint. We feel sad, angry and jealous. We crave for a way out when we are lonely. So, don't feel bad. Don't even feel bad for feeling this way. People feel like this sometimes, and it's normal. 

What is not normal is, changing these emotions and feelings to hatred and doing things that only hurt yourself. 

Perhaps you really like to go on fancy restaurants to have a good dinner. Perhaps you buy all the designer bags because one bag is not enough. But when it comes to the point where you only order a glass of drink in that fancy restaurant or to starve for months to buy the bag , then it's proves it all. It proves that you are trying way too hard. I know that it's difficult when you are not up to people's expectations and I know that it hurts when people is talking about a certain topic and you can't blend in. 

It's really okay. 

What really matters is, not losing yourself. 

Don't lose yourself to sink into the mind set of only doing things to be one of 'them'. Never forget when the starting path is at , and the aims you have for yourself from the beginning. We will have distractions along the way to reach what we want to be, but we could ignore it and fight it through. We can don't care about a lot of things that don't matter. It's difficult to ignore the words that stabs into you, but it's more difficult to find yourself back once you've gone to the wrong path. 

I wonder if my brain works well better at night , or the midnight thoughts always give me a rhythm to type. My mind is going to kill me soon if I don't sleep early. Unless I need to do something important , if not I think it's better for me to fall asleep. I think , I think way too much. 

Oh well what I really want to say is,

you can always improve , but not upgrade. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

myElephant Thai.

This is an overdue post which I left it in my draft. I think this is almost three months back, but it'll never be too late to tell you guys about good food.

Anyone like Thai food?

Unless you can't tolerate with eating spicy , tom yam soup is the best soup based ever. 

I've finally try myElephant Thai restaurant , which have branches at isolated place. Their marketing concept of opening the restaurant at isolated place is definitely successful. Despite their weird locations, a lot of people travel there to have a good taste of this fusion thai food. I'm sure that it was as authentic as the ones you eat in Thailand, but it's more than good for the price you are paying in the restaurant. Talking about this, it made me realized that it was so difficult for us to find this place. 

Simple menu ,

and I wouldn't want to elaborate more because the food was superb. I need to show you the pictures right now. 

Tom Som
 which is simple based lime herb soup featuring seafood. It didn't taste that great since the flavouring is for those who couldn't take super spicy tom yum . 

Gaeng Keow Wan,
which means green curry in thai. I 200% recommend this dish because this is the best green curry I ever had. It goes so well with the brown rice they serve. However , the portion is ridiculously small for a group of 5 . I think this standard portion is for a group of 3-4 at most, so take note of your orders for this yummy dish.

Tom Yum,
which was so yummy. The milk was sufficient enough to bring out the taste of the herb aroma. Of course, it was spicy but the taste was at the right point as it's not that sour. The other thai restaurant I went always have a sour soup based more than spicy ones, spoiling the whole thai dish. Instead of the meat, we chose seafood too. 

Gai Tod Gratiam Pik Thai
which is fried chicken with thai crush peppercorn. It's nice to have boneless chicken, tho. 

Khai Jiao,
which is Thai Style Fried Egg with Assorted Vegetable and Herbs which was really nice. However, this portion is definitely too adorable for the price. But, there's no regrets. 

Snow Fish,
which was just fish coated with salt. It wasn't my taste of dish because it's too salty. But the texture of the fish was good. 

Plah Ka Pong Tod Nam Plah,
 which is deep-fried fish with thai sauce which I really think is ten times better than snow fish, even if snow fish is the signature dish. Since the share the same price, the next time I return will be this choice. 

I could say that myElephant serves one of the best thai food I've eaten these years. Of course, you can compare to the authentic dish I had in bangkok. Despite the price was slightly higher than other places, it's worth it. 

Trust me, it's definitely worth it.

Super unglam picture , tho.

I think instead of saliva dripping infront of the computer, you should go satisfy your cravings for thai food.

logging off with a hungry stomach , x . 

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Brew Culture.

I put both hands up and shout , " I care."

Being caffeine addict is doing me no good. I could now just take black coffee alone. I read an article telling that black coffee helps to burn calories so I've decided to try to out. It was bitter and taste pretty bad at first, but slowly I get to like it. Perhaps that's what a freshly brew cup of coffee come from before adding anything in. I am glad that I could now enjoy it. 

Decided to spend our Monday afternoon at The Brew Culture to cure our Monday blues. 

I was astonished by the vintage themed interior. It's comfortable and basic. But not basic enough to unable us to see the details of the effort they put in. Every display matches with the decoration. The setting was comfortable. I'm really pleased it wasn't hot even if the sun right though the glass windows. 

Well, this part didn't matches the vintage themed on the other side. Either way, the coordinate it really well.

Vintage , no?

Panaroma view. It's really pretty. 

Didn't want to have anything despite they have good reviews for the cakes so we just sips on teas and fix our caffeine addiction. 

Cappucino was really good. It's not strong , and not too mild either. The texture was good. Perhaps they steam the milk really well. 

Rose Chrysanthemum tea for two. 

I like transparent things, hahaha. I like how the keep the pot of tea heated so it don't turn cold. Unless it's meant to be , if not cold teas are awful.

yes, it was that good. 

It's really sweet but the scent was totally opposite from how it tasted like. Not to mention that it helps to quench thirst. 

Were catching up about their lives abroad , together with uno cards. Not to mention that I was complaining that I have nothing to post on instagram. 

It was a relaxing Monday, and I seldom go out on Mondays. I don't know why I always feel extra tired on that day itself so I never tend to make plans with my friends. Oh well, I didn't regret my decision anyways.

need hair touch up again, sigh.

oh well, how's your monday everyone?


Friday, July 18, 2014

Some things in you.

There are some things in life that you will never get over. You will carry these things in your heart from the day you made your decision until the day you leave this world. They might be common knowledge, dark secrets, or white lies, but whatever it is, you hide it deep inside your soul under layers of scarring. After a while, what happened feels like a lifetime ago, something that you know happened, but still don’t really like it did. Something you can barely remember — probably because it hurt so much that you had to force yourself to forget it just to move on. And you will move on with your life, but at any moment, a reminder can send you spiralling back. Free-falling back into the hole you tried so hard to bury — to that decision that changed your life forever.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Kitchen Table.

More foodie post because the only thing I did for the past 2 weeks was eating. I can't believe I've break all my rules for these two weeks and eat without actually caring. I guess after this, it's time for realization - which is the gym. 

Before so, let's talk about supper.

Heading to the Kitchen Table for supper. 

It was supposed to be dinner but we dragged it a little later. It's really hard to call the meal at 930pm, dinner.

While waiting for food~

I look like a pao , god.

Was trying to make the whole combination to look a little healthier with that plate of salad. I think it's not supper, it's dessert time. 

Citrus Salad.

 My face literally went from ^_^ to -.- in a second when it's presented infront of me. Not to mention that the portion is disappointing. The weird taste of the citrus with olive oil doesn't go together with the squid ink which is hot. It's supposed to taste refreshing but it makes me fall into a dilemma of thinking that this is a normal squid dish or cold salad. And really, I actually paid rm24 for oranges wtf. 

Creme Brulee.

This was really good. The texture and moist of the brulee was at the middle point. I even like how the side biscuits tastes like. This made up for the sad salad. 

For all the chocolate lovers. 

I only ate the biscuit on top which is ridiculously yummy. They exaggerated it claiming that it's heaven so I supposed that this dessert good. 

Cappucino, which was only okay. 

I wish I actually arrived earlier so I could taste the large plates which was already sold out. They said that their large plates for sharing is incredible unfortunately, we miss this chance. I can't wait to return to have a good dinner here - and no, no more citrus salad. 

We had a good night catching up to.

Let me end the post with a picture.