Thursday, October 10, 2013

Poco Homemade.

There is another cozy place I want to introduce to you guys. I can't believe I have been blogging about food and cafes only. And, I guess my fashion posts which normally gain me alot of views have to go on hiatus for a while because I don't have time ( and money) to update my wardrobe - yet. 

Bernice have mentioned to me about Poco homemade since long time ago , but we didn't get the chance to visit this place until recently. It's not directly in Bangsar town , around Bangsar Village. It's located at a row of shop lots at the housing area just around , 5 minutes drive away from Bangsar Village. 
Oh well , since I'm so nice today . This is the address -

Poco Homemade
Address: 1, Lorong Kurau, Taman Bukit Pantai, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My outfit totally go against with the interior design and concept of the place. This place gives out such cozy vibe, that you don't feel like you're dining outside. It's really comfortable. The walls are in pastels and soft colours , together with the vintage decorations they have in store. It's totally a pastel girly themed cafe. It's sad how I go all dark in my outfit. I should have put on a soft tone coordinate instead ):

And here are some pictures of the interior 
( no, you can't compare my picture with Bernice's !)
Because she takes such nice picture despite me having a better camera phone ): So don't compare TT

* insert an inspirational quote*

Woah, this picture is so artistic. 

here you go 

Bernice ! 

Do you know that she actually has a blog? Oh well , now you can stalk her at besides her insta.

And this is me drinking.

God, look at the difference. Emo.

The cup is filled with Green Tea Soy Milk , which she highly recommended. And I rate it a 10/10 for RM6 per cup. You just have to order this , because it taste THAT good. 

And some desserts we ordered,

Matcha Mousse Cake @ RM13

It;s a layer of milk on top , then green tea and lastly thick chocolate based. Only the bottom consist of cake . The layers on top are all in soft cream form ( if you get what I mean)

Strawberry Layered Cake @ RM12

This is pretty good because the cream texture is smooth. And, I really really love strawberries! 

And, this place is pretty good for a Sunday evening. 

Overall, this place is honestly good. The only part which is lacking is, the variety of food they offer to the customers. On the bright side , everything they serve to the customers will always be fresh and homemade. It's just something different . 

and if you ever visit this place, PLEASE order the Green Tea Soy Milk. You will never regret it, AT ALL.

Alright, goodbye. 

Get ready for round two !

till then.