Monday, October 20, 2014

3am talk.

I think it's true that 3am talks are more meaningful. 

Not just 3am. It's undeniable that good conversation happens when you are half asleep because we don't filter what we want to say and often, this make us pour our true feelings out towards each other. Perhaps it may be ridiculous losing sleep to just talk to someone and you might look dead the next morning. If the conversation actually get you to know someone better, why not sacrifice a night of sleep and to know about someone's thought. I believe that the person you would lose sleep for , isn't just a normal friend to you. Often, they are the ones that you care and you may not have realized it yet. 

I've gotten comments like - I am too carefree. I have no emotions. I don't care too much about anything. I am casual.

That is not the truth because everyone have feelings and emotions , no matter how cold they look. I am just a normal girl so I am also affected by things. I have feelings. I just don't like to bring it up to the surface to just talk about it. I don't like to make it the topic between me and the other party because I think it's something personal , may be irrelevant to them and I do not want to bother them with it. I do have emotional blog posts from time to time , to speak my thoughts indirectly. It may be to the public when I want to keep things personal, but I've got the borderline drawn and I believe people who don't know me personal actually know what or who I am talking about. 

The last time I have conversations on the phone when I was half asleep happened very very long ago, and I kinda miss that. To close my eyes and speak on the phone without looking at the other party's facial expression. It was just our voice, connection between us both. The conversation would start shyly and then to the peak of happiness about things we want to share , slowly to emotional talks and then - feelings and thoughts about life. 

God, I miss it. 

I want to have a 3am talk again. 

And I hope that you could find someone to have your 3am talk too.