Friday, April 27, 2012


This whole week of college probably have been shitty enough, I would say. I have been waking up for twice in a week and was late for 4 classes , in the morning. I seriously couldn't get my sleeping time right. I have not been looking through books though and, I have test like next week? The worst thing is, my semester exam is around the corner but I didn't even bother to flip a book or so. And trust me , I am so going to fail maths. I can't even solve one question by myself. Oh well, A levels is screwed.

I failed my on-the-road test again. 

Let me tell you guys,
before you get your license , don't ever try to drive autocars. When you start to ace in autocars , manual cars is probably shit to you. 

I really wonder when can I get myself license. I am so sick of illegal driving anymore. Grr.

I really need to buck up with everything soon , sigh.

Two weeks holidays have been really fast. But I manage to have a short getaway last week. The normal people and I got up to genting on friday, with cars. Oh well, they have license already except for me. I'm hopeless :/

Reached genting around 3pm. 

Oh well, our sleeping time is seriously screwed up.

And there we go, 
rest around in the room and took breaks. It feels really good to feel the cold breeze. I actually hope Malaysia have four seasons. I wonder how does it feels like to think what to wear for winter and autumn everyday. We have summer 24/7 TT

People stopped by Goh Tong Jaya to have late brunch. I didn't eat as, I feel like throwing up already. Oh well, I hate to sit at the back.

A very comfy room of First World Hotel. 

It was definitely better than the last time one. 

Camwhoreeeee (:

And there we go to the mall and walk around. 

It feels really weird that they are little people. Normally there is always people banging onto each other and noise pollution. This time was quiet and nice. I really hate people banging into me. I never see clowns anywhere too.

And we had bak kut teh for dinner.

3 person for 90 bucks.
no joke.

Around 8-9 people could eat bak kut teh for 90 bucks down here. I seriously don't get how 2 cans of 100plus can cost up to 9bucks too. Omg, I can imagine how much genting is earning right now. Everything is overpriced. 

Back to hotel and got clean up. 

Then to the cinema for lock out.

I practically miss half of the movie so I didn't really get what is going on but somehow, the ending was so predictable. It's just some typical story that you can guess the ending. Oh well, they could do better anyhow.

When we finish our movie, it's already 2am and we have the whole mall to ourselves :p

toilet break.



Went back to the room and got firecrackers down.

Went to the place where we can see night view. It was really very pretty but somehow , something is missing. Oh well, I guess genting is a place that will remind me of someone all the time. It sucks to know that the perfect ac-companion isn't there with me. I was feeling a little disappointed and sad about it though. I mean like, why people don't invent time machines? If there is, I would like to buy one and go back to the past and change everything.

I am that kind of person that like these kind of things. These as in, firecrackers , lights , stars , moon , sunrise , sunset kind of stuff. Do you get the picture I'm trying to tell you. They seem so pretty to me. I still haven't been to i-city though. ): Sigh, perhaps the next holiday?

Was trying to light it up. 

Oh well, I know this looks terrible.

Had a few cups of alcohol and then, finally bother to go to sleep. Have a minor headache the next day but it was all okay. Oh well, this is the first time I wasn't drunk.

Got back down and headed to Kevan's house and rest for awhile.

There we go ,
yong taufu for lunch and it was really good.

That's the 13bucks specs I broke, fml.

Kevan's condominium really does have a good view of sunrise.

It was really pretty.

At times like this, 
I wish I owned a DSLR.

Pretty, no?


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Turn it Up.

Can't believe I am back to college tomorrow and I have not been sleeping more than 24 hours already. 

Oh well,
I guess I'll straight away sleep after this .

Or maybe, I might just go around saving some of TOP pictures first. I can't believe that it's so difficult to find nice pictures of him. Nice means, picture that I like. I never like him in his old straight hairstyle. I like his hair short and curly or , maybe with mohawk and colours or something. Overall, he still looks hot to me despite that he wear so freaking much. 

LeeJoon's pictures is everywhere ^^V

I was out on thursday and I was so glad that my face got better after applying some cream. Gosh, that cream is like god to me despite the colour and the oily-ness. But the red spot on my face the day before just went off straight away. And finally, I can step out of the house.

we went to IKEA for meatballs.


It was so cheap, omg.

I never had a can of soft drink for 1buck before. They're always around 1.80 or 2.20. I eventually go jakun over the 1 buck soft drink.

Walked around IKEA first since I wanna take a look at some furniture and mirrors. I desperately need a new small cupboard to put my bags and shoes. I actually hope to change my closet too, it's just too small to fit everything. I want a full body mirror in the room TT 

One of the awesome mirror that cost , 399 bucks -.-

And there we go,

Ikea meatballs.

it was my first time after idk how many years and it was really good.

I was so happy about the jam, idk why.

And some chicken breast set thingy 

that taste like crap.

The chicken looks like a fish to me.

Muffin and cinnamon! :p

And off we go to the curve, 
walking around aimlessly and yeah, it was really quiet.

Wanted to head to cineleisure to look around but we were so short of time so there we go back to subang.

Camwhore with the new nerd specs I bought.

It's without glasses though.

Look at those screwed up hair colour of mine!

It's turning to orange-y brown and I don't really quite like it. And, my hair length haven't been increasing since then. I guess, I probably have to redye my hair asap.

And more camwhore,

Had a light dinner and then, got home.

Is the update short enough? lol.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


In a blink of an eye , 2 weeks is almost gone.

It's already Thrusday tomorrow and I swear I haven't start any homework yet. I'll probably do it last minute or so. For now, I really don't wanna flip any books.

 I have been spending most of my time watching Big Bang's vid.

I don't consider myself as a VIP and of course, one of the member caught my eye.


The other day, I was just watching Fantastic Baby Music Video out of random and I always thinks that GDragon is adorably cute. I mean like, no matter how cool is he in music videos and photoshoot. To me, he's always a cute innocent boy. Hmm, just like Mir in Mblaq. Just so you know, I'm forever an A+. 
But there's one part where they show a close up of TOP,
I died.

No, I'm not trying to exaggerate.

My heart literally stop for a moment.

I go all fangirling by watching Big Bang's videos and some variety shows they have been on. I almost read his biography and stuff. I realize that he wasn't THAT good looking last time. I mean like, of course he have been charismatic from the start but seriously... how can somebody can just wake up the next day , looking hotter.

Hot isn't a word to describe him.

I think,
he is sexy.

Sexy, just pure sexiness. wtf, I sound like some pervert. And no, he doesn't reveal his body at all. I never once see a naked picture of his over the web. He did all photoshoot with clothes on and yet he still looks.. sexy. wtf. 

K, he is sexy.

I find this very sexy , lol.

I know that most of the girls find guys that smoke disgusting no matter how good they look. But, I think the otherwise. I always thought that boys that smoke is hot. And, with good looks then it make it extra attractive. I heard that GDragon smokes , so as TOP. Oh well, it's a quite a major turn on to see him with ciggs :p

Oh hot Damn.

Now tell me,
who would reject? 

 I think his brows is attractive wtf.

I always loved their songs but never really pay attention on the members. 

Oh well,
he's already in my bias list of Kpop.

I'm like typing this while staring at the picture just above. Can't control my hormones TT