Friday, May 31, 2013

Yummy in my tummy.

 I'm sorry that I don't have a presentable picture to start this post but trust me that you would love this for the food. 

As you know my finals is near which I am NEVER ready for even if you give me a million years because I'm that lazy to study. I'm always a last minute person but at least, I'm flipping onto pages of some books . The weather is so hot so I wanted snowflake. I've dragged Jacinth out again for snowflake and study break at library but we spent sometime talking - fine, alot of time talking and asking each other what we want for dinner. 
We are both on diet. I mean, it's really understandable that I SHOULD BE on diet. Don't ask me why is she on diet because I think her body is already good enough. But, everyone wants to be perfect right? I also want muscle instead of flabs TT

But exam is near so I suggested fatty food.

I swear I have been so good that I haven't touch any fast food for 2 months because I don't wanna work out. 

Sometimes, it's really bad to be my friend because I let people lose. 


we have decided no - I have decided for HUNGRY HOG .

I have went there once for lunch and it was good. So, I wanted to return to fulfill my craving towards burgers . I want to try BURGER LAB but NO WAY that I am going to queue and stand to eat. I mean, I would rather pay for a place where I could sit and eat peacefully. And if one day, I change my mind to queue - that BURGER better be good. 

Alright, I'll do it after exams.

Fake candid , lol.

I am never confident with my specs on. It's just too thick. Don't forget that my power is 650/850 lol.

I love how their decoration goes. I spot a couple photo of the owner and his wife/girlfriend at the side. Gosh, too cute. I mean, it's kind of romantic to open a shop with your other half. It's kind of fairytale. 

There comes the food.




I ordered belt sandwich because I have it the last time and I love it. I love the fries so much. I wonder if there are people ordering mashed potato instead of fries. If they did, they are definitely missing out alot. 

The only thing I wouldn't feel guilty for is GOOD FRIES :)

Three little Pigs , that she ordered.


I totally feel a slap on my face when I taste her burger. My face turn sour and went speechless. Suddenly, I hate my sandwich eventhough it's still good. I swear that this would be first on my order list if I am going to return to this shop.

Pork have never been so good. 

It's totally nonsense if a person HATES bacon. YOU MAD BRO?

Oh well, 
last picture to drool you off before ending this post.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Of Disco Balls & Light Alcohol.

Glad to have pictures for blogging. 

Sometimes, I am just not good at typing anymore and I don't know why.

I can't believe May is coming to an end. Can't wait for birthday month! :)

So, we finally met up for Steffi's 21st birthday party after a whole month or more. It's funny how we used to see each other everyday and now, we have a different path in life. Mingli and I are in the same col so I guess, we could hang our easier since we have the same holiday and exam periods. Btw, our course is ending after this finals so yeah , we have alot of time to catch up. As for Xiuming, we are in different college and different course. It sucks about how everything clashes at times.

We don't even have time to do photoshoot for Raqul Reed :(

This is my necklace from glamtags and I don't have enough outfit pictures to post them up yet, so maybe I'll just try to post them later on - after my finals.

Anyways, Steffi held her party at this new place called One City which is not fully renovated. We took so much time to find the place and the interior was amazing. No pictures because I was just sitting on the comfortable couch and comfortable. But all the pictures sucked because of my swollen eys , fml. 

The view was breathtaking.

Didn't expect to have such a good view in the city. I swear, it was prettier than it is in this picture.

Look at my eyebags/ ):

Cheers to my tile lace dress that expose all the flabs in my arms TT

I tried but my swollen eyes just ... so refer back to the first picture without my cmi face THENGS.

Look at the amount of alcohol they had gotten ready. 

I love how the minibar is held which we can order alcoholic drinks like we are in the real club. Sex on the Beach have always been my favorite because it's sweet-based. Even if they serve in paper cup , it still taste as good as it is. I tried one melon-flavored drink which I don't know the name but really, it's good. I never knew they could mix alcohol like this. 

And they have their own disco ball and music. 

This really give an ambiance of the club , or those party you see on movies that those teenagers throw at home when their parents are out of town.

I mean, I never expect it to be as good as this . 

I always love party with alcohol and a little techno but of course, not too much of messiness. 

in all green! 

Green is the theme colour btw. 

Xiuming and I.

Please don't brighten this picture, I beg you.

I really love this picture of us with the faces. I can't smile because my eyes looks retarded so I have to scrunch my whole face up. 

Trust me, I look better this way.

Told you I can't smile prettily like them.

Alright, I have to work on the flabs of my arms and no, I don't do photoshop. Thus, all the flaws are out in this post. Can you imagine how bad I look in reality?

Oh well, I enjoyed myself that night and have another round at KW's new crib which was so awesome. 


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My screwed up birthday emotions.

Hi, this is the time of the month again . 

No, not my period .

But yeah, my birthday month would be reaching soon and I love how my birthday falls in the middle of the year - June. It makes me realize how much I have been wasting all my time for the past 5 months at the beginning of the year.

Every year, I would be so LOA to do a wishes for birthday post and end it with a xoxo .

And this year, I'm going to do the same and laugh at my childishness next year :)

And you know, I always have dreams . I am not scared to be laughed at but I think my dreams are almost achievable for every girl out there. But for me, it's a little bit harder.

I want to go on a vacation .

Because, I enjoy packing alot. 

I love choosing my outfits from day to day, thinking of my make up and what to post and what to share online. I wish I have a friend who enjoys this as much as I do instead of whining that I take too much time. I've planned to go alone though but I'm afraid of lonesome so, I haven't make up my mind yet.

To improve on my make up skills.

To have a good starbucks coffee with my laptop , watching what I favor.

To go on high tea with my girls/ friends or whoever who loves to do this. 

I want to be able to wear a floral bikini. 

I bet out of ten , eight of you might be able to do this. As for me, it would be hard and even if I'm working hard on it - I still have a long way to go.

I know how many insults you haters are going to throw and shove it in my face. But at this point, I accept them all because it is the truth. I don't deny truths even if I get offended in some way. 

But this is one of MY dream. 

I mean, every FAT girl have this bikini dream - don't they?

I want to be able to wear miniskirt.

My problem is always at my legs and no matter how hard I try, my legs just wouldn't go down. Sometimes I really wish I could cut them all off . I got so depressed when I starve and work myself out until, I feel so helpless. Either way, I really wish to wear a miniskirt someday.

I want to be able to wear a  bralet and tanktop.

I love looking at girls wearing corset tops with shorts or bralet based dress. I really love how their long wavy hair fall down on their shoulders, looking so beautifully every step they take in their high heels. This would be one of my fashion dream .

A back tattoo.

I always wanted a wrist tattoo .

I am sure I mentioned this alot of times to my friends. I just need them to remind me no matter how bad things get, it would get better. Nothing last forever. I just don't want negativity to creep into me. 

I want to have a better fashion sense.

I want to be better in this even if I'm in casual. But I'm pretty sure, fashion requires alot of money. Just look at me now, I can spend 2k on a givenchy shirt I fancy without thinking. I'm always broke.

Having shisha ready 24/7.

A good camera and a nice photoshoot.

And honestly, that would be just a dream and it's up to me whether I want to achieve it a not. 

So, the serious question comes.

I have at least 2 people asking me what I want to do during my birthday. Yeah, just 2. I'm sorry but I'm quite a anti-social person & I don't just get close to anyone and let them in. So yeah, I think two is better than none lol.

I want to party until I get wasted.

Oh right, that would be later.


I just want to have a dinner with my friends. 

With all my girls .

In nice outfits.

With champagne!

Alot of champagne! 

Moet is loveee!

With a really nice night view! 

And, I wish my finals actually didn't fall on my birthday. It makes me so sad ):

Upon all these,

I want to change - to a better person.

To become a more beautiful person where it is going to impressed them who broke my heart, my dignity and hurt my feelings.

I want to become so beautiful that they would not look at me as an ordinary ugly fat bitch that only speaks. 

I want to change so much that I want them to look at me and gasped , realizing how much of their words sting and how much it have affected me.

I want to make them feel sorry for not being able to accept me because of my weight and size. 

I want them to see how much pain they have caused me to change who am I become right now. 

I want to become better , for myself. 

I want to find somebody who see all my flaws, look upon my imperfections and still stay. I want him to accept my boldness and my attitude of not being able to be as cute as the other girls with him. I want somebody to know what I am thinking and love me as much as I love them. I need somebody to know how vulnerable and fragile I get. 

I need somebody who actually care , about me.

Just me. 

And upon all the dreams and wishes I made for my birthday or who I want to be...

I just want to be happy.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sweet Tooth.

I really can't stand sitting at home anymore.

I don't even do my revision and until now, I could honestly tell you that I haven't start to do any part year questions yet. If you study a levels, you should know past year questions are one of the essential for you to get a good grades - as for me, I just want to pass.

I don't even know what I have been doing these 1 and a half year. Honestly, my aim is to just pass. 

Sometimes I wish, I don't live such a carefree life . 

Going crazy.

Look at my static hair , lol!

And my confession on my tee ! :)

I dragged my sis to pyramid to satisfy my sweet tooth at Tong Pak Fu .

One of the signatures.

I always loved Durian but I really don't wanna wash my teeth 1214221515192357 times that day so , my sister chose mango. 

I love how the milk shaved ice taste like. Besides that, I think the weather is terrible these days so I chose the one with 'cincau'. How do we say it in english btw?

No girls hate strawberries , trust me.


Jessie & I . She's rocking Comme Des F*ckdown well.

And I can't believe I am such a pig that two of that sweet stuff doesn't satisfy me. After ten minutes, I was carving for hot dessert. 

Ordered Black Sesame soup which is a little bitter.

Not much to my liking and I think it's quite expensive because it's so small!

I think I should have chose the peanut butter one instead.

Artistic anot?!

my ootd.

Hi, I'm a fangirl.

You can get this top at RM 35 , at SWAG-R . Just click HERE for more designs. They have I LOVE GDRAGON , or just basic shirt with nice logos for your everyday wear. 

VIPs is hell of crazy .

Like me.