Monday, October 6, 2014

Cristallo Di Luna.

I love night views , thus this selfie is special. It's really difficult for me to catch a good picture with such view , and I could say that this could be the best I've taken that night. The lightning in the restaurant always gets me on my nerves - ( mg , so dark can see what -.-) That only apply to pictures with my face, lol. 

this is really romantic , since it's a table for two.

We went to Cristallo Di Luna ,
which is located at Pacific Regency Hotel Suites. 


I am on a  dinner date with best friend. 

It's our annual routine. We have things that we have to do each year . Last year , we visited Grand Hyatt. This year , it was pretty impromptu plan because I did not went around the web searching for good restaurants. I just pick the one that I hear from other people , and thankfully it was good. 

And every year, we will tell each other that the next time we visit this kind of place , we will have a partner. 

Well, it has been two years.... lol. 

So we went a little earlier to see the sun set. 

The view is magnificent. 

I never thought that the other side of the city will be so beautiful too. Perhaps there's too many restaurant facing the twins tower , and I guess this is the speciality of the restaurant. The night view reminds me so much of NYC which I always see on tumblr. 

Talking about NYC, 
I'll make it there someday. 

Not ready, 
but cheers for the view.

We requested for our dinner to serve slowly because we wanted to spend more time talking and enjoying the view. I know that this is something a couple should do . I wonder if the people in the restaurant thought we are together because we are literally feeding each other , forcing each other to try the food we ordered. I remember the stares , lol. Well, we like guys ha ha ha. 

Both of us chose soup as our starters , since we don't feel like having salad.

We were pretty lucky since they just recently change their menu. So, I guess we had a taste of how the new cuisine they just introduced. Not to mention that the price is very affordable , and I could say it was pretty cheap overall. 

Velouté of  Pumpkin with Toasted Sunflower Seed, Cinnamon Crème Fraiche .

The name does impress me but actually, it was just Pumpkin Soup with toasted sunflower seeds which actually make it tasted different. It's less creamy than I thought , and it was overall good. I don't like my pumpkin soup gets too creamy , and cover up the taste. 

Have I mention that I love pumpkin?

Cappuccino of Wild Mushrooms and Black Olive Dust .

I have no idea how they actually blend the Cappucino based taste into this wild mushroom soup. I love how this bowl is made from scratch , and it was good. Unfortunately, the soup turn cold pretty fast. Pairing it with the complimentary bread they serve, it was superb!

I just realized that both of our soup are vegetarian , and it was a coincidence. Perhaps I'll go back to try out their Warm Seared Scallops and Prawn with fruit dressing Salad , because I heard that it could be claimed as the best Salad , ever. 

As our mains, we both had meat of course. Carb based food are definitely not worth it in these kind of restaurants . 

Grilled Marinated Alive Farm Free Range Chicken Supreme, Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables in Tomato Case, Confit Garlic Puree, Basil Scented Oil and Jus .

Okay, I got the name from the official website. It's longer than it should be, lol. 

Zhiwei chose Poultry as her mains because I told her that fish are not worth the try. I had a bad experience of restaurants serving the dish with the fishy smell, and end up I have to give up on it. This dish was pretty plain and I think their main attraction falls on the sauce which is rich in Basil . I never thought Garlic and Basil could combine so well. The texture of the chicken was at the right point. 

Thumbs up. 

Grilled Tenderloin of Black Angus Beef, Pommes au Dauphinoise, Fricassee of Wild Mushroom, Glazed Baby Onions, Morel Jus, Truffle Scented Oil 

I order Tenderloin as my main since I feel like eating steak. Steak is normally not my choice since I am very bad at cutting it. As princess as it sound, I really hate doing it but I think I get better over the years. I couldn't give too much credit to this piece because it was just fine to me. The medium-rare hits the point but I think the sauce was a disappointment. Maybe , there's not enough of truffle oil. 

Appreciating the view,  with my steak. 

I don't normally take picture like this.

And this is a life evidence that I'm single because I'm feeding the camera. TT

loving this picture. 

We asked them to clear the plates after we are done with our food so we have more place. We didn't order any alcohol due to the lack of choice. Oh well, maybe we were too filled to think about it. 

And now , let me present you the artistic pictures of us. 


still blur. 

but it gives a different kind of feel, no?

Mandatory vain selfie, lol. 

We then order our dessert and it was disappointing that the ones we wanted to try is unavailable for that night so we settled down with a simple one out of them all. 

Chocolate Spiced Torte, Lemon Sherbet, Light Hazelnut Custard .

Lemon Sherbet is all mine because it's a no no for me since it's chocolate. I am still dying to try the Teh Tarik Ginger Panna Cotta with Kaya Butter Toast since it's the speciality in their dessert menu. It's a pity though. WHY IS IT UNAVAILABLE T_____________T

Overall, the ambiance , the food and the service is fine. I couldn't give it a full stars on the board but it's still better than average. Looking at the pictures still make me feel fascinated about the view.

Just because the twins tower is the main attraction of the whole city doesn't mean we should always focus on the beauty of it the whole time. The other side of the city may offers more even if they do not have the main subject. It's still equally beautiful. 

And I think, this should apply to people in reality. 

Do not always focus on the main. Do take a look at the people surrounding you whom may turn out to be better than you thought. It's sickening how some people take looks and materialism on the first checklist when they make friends and how they act around people at times. Do not judge the book by the cover actually applies now. 

Wow, it sounded deep tho. 

Let me end this post with the favourite picture of us of the night ;

It was a great dinner. I love you, best friend xx.