Tuesday, March 27, 2012



The other hang out sessions with the bunch at Overtime and really, it was quite a long time ago.

Loving my top much :p

Oh well, I really wish that I didn't take a levels. It's so torturing. College is not exactly like, what I have been thinking of. I still have to wake up early , go to bed early and study for my little tests. I hate the fact that, I can't party and relax like how other people say. The way they put college is like..heaven but really, I do not feel that way. I have so many group assignments , little test and tons and tons of discussion.

I think it's fine until I realise that I am surviving in a very dramatic environment.

I was quite disappointed that there are still some people who haven't fully grow up yet. I have met some that crave for attention every single time. Instead of dramatically complaining how unsatisfied you are, why not sort it out by yourself. I don't know why some people like to make tiny things into a big fuss. It's just a small matter, so just suck it up and get over it. omg.
I really thought that, 
it only happens in highschool but I guess I was wrong then.

Forget about that.

I have finally got my albums!


I was literally smiling at the album for no reason, wtf.

some random trip to KL to do some shopping.

I was so lazy to dress up and so, I just drew my brows and tie up my hair. I can't believe I wore tshirt and just a normal flare skirt to KL. Don't ever ask why was I in japanese slippers. To think back, I think I am glad that nobody saw me that day, omg.

I really love the app - Mei Tu Xiu Xiu :p

And with little cousie,

I don't know why but I think camwhoring just runs in the blood :p

Guess what?
I have made up my mind to do a drastic change to myself but I am not sure whether I can successfully doing it or not.

Oh well,
before anything..I got to go and read my law for my test tmr.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's not the goodbye that hurts.
it's the flashback that follows.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pain changes people.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fantastic Baby.


I finally got all the pictures from the web and finally uploaded and rearrange everything and so, I am here to update about events I attend again. I hate the fact that I do not take pictures wherever I go anymore. I used to take pictures about everything I do and then consider whether I should post it up a not and end up, I will post everything. Oh well, what is the use of a blog without pictures right? Everyone come to see the pictures anyway. I doubt anyone reads so I usually type very little.

We had a late birthday celebration for Kevan since we couldn't celebrate it for him during the weekdays. All of us have college so yeah. We decided to cook him dinner at his house and he have been worrying for a week that we might burn down his house. And we got the ingredients a day before and really, it costs us a bomb.

Reached his house around 3pm and got change into more comfy clothes. Around 4pm or so , we started cooking. And really, get those potatoes skin off them takes a whole lot of energy.

Look at those colour combinations.

And guess what,
I did all the frying and cooking.

End up, I look like a piece of shit in every single picture. I should have been like them , not doing all the stuff that might spoil the image. So end up, every one of them looking fabulous in every photo and me , sitting infront of the comp and stare then start to realize that I am actually very hideous. I hate how the picture turn out like. K, I hate my face.

Frying the eye for the sandwiches later.

I hate it when my fringe splits and I look like I have a center parting when I am sweating. And center parting make me look even more terrible. Sugh 

Frying the bacon

taking a break from all the oil TT

And after two hours of battleship in the kitche,



And zoom in..

left over vegetables for the sandwich , as salad. Don't waste food :p

Ham and Bacon sandwich. I did it all myself though and also, the bacon costed a bomb. I was literally yelling at people who steal the bacon while I was frying it. I take so long and fry it and then, they just steal it like that. I was really afraid that it wasn't enough for the sandwiches though.

The fail carbonara sauce.

Mashed potato.

Mushroom soup and yes, it taste the best!

And after we are done..

We had dinner after that and lazed around Kevan's house. Everyone was playing around and the situation was really harmonious.

We even went down to the basketball court and have a match.

We failed.

Walk back up and rest for a little then , a few of us started to doll up since we plan to go to mist. Guess what? I took two hours , lol. And, I still look really terrible.

And camwhore! :p

Love the lightning the most.



And continue my SS moment, again!

Where is the like button?

We then left the house around 1130pm and reached mist around 12 and so, we went in smoothly. I was kinda panic since I am still underage but everything went on well.

The crowd was crazy and Mist was really pack though. Not to forget, my heels were killing me. The overall was fine .

So, pictures do the talking?

And after party,

And we reached home around 4am.

And god knows why,
I went to sleep around 830 am.

oh well,
everything was just great.


Friday, March 16, 2012

I don't deserve anybody.

Friday, March 9, 2012

What makes you beautiful.

Sorry for not blogging for a quite sometime. Just so you know, i just got my unifi back and for the past one week, I have been surviving using my data plan and I have reach 75% of it already. I was so desperate to finish my assignment that I just retype everything from my notes. Honestly, A levels is no joke. I have to really listen if not, I am really dead. I can't even solve a maths question by myself. I guess by the end of March, there should be less outing especially late nights one.

Don't give me that stare. 

I swear I will try harder :(


I have just tried the ice from 100 yen.

I never taste it before , you know. I only bother to taste it because the weather was extremely crazy. It was worth it since it's only 5.90. I think the ice is very unique. It just melts when it got into the mouth. Seriously awesome.

100 yen is so far from my college. 

I have to like walk until so far ):

And the other day , snowflakes with the classmates. I spilled 'gula melaka' on Amylia's bag and my slippers were sticky for the rest of the day although I have wash it already. fml.


And other pictures from Idk when.


I remember that , it was Kevan's birthday. Because that's the day I ate the 100 yen ice thing and I spilled a little on my skirt. wtf.

everyone's all time favorite twins.

best picture ever!

Von and I during maths class.

Don't ask why we have time to camwhore in class , lol!

And let me end the post with a lovey dovey  picture.