Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Market Lane Coffee

You can easily find coffee shops every corner of the streets in Melbourne. I made a check list of which coffee shops to head when I'm there, and I actually have most of them ticked. 
Melbourne serves good coffee everywhere , but I just have to introduce you to

Market Lane Coffee.

Because, I really love their design of their cup for take away. 

It's just a small cafe located right beside Queen Victoria Market. It is very popular among tourists too . Aside from the strategic location, I believe that their coffee are good. They also sell coffee beans in store. 

This picture is a very good evidence that I am not back in Malaysia. I like how his hair is, it looks so cute on him. 

You can see that , the counter for coffee making process is really small. They only offer coffee and tea. Well if you think that you could search for food , they only have cupcakes and cookies available which definitely couldn't fill up your stomach. I guess they do not plan to major in anything besides their drinks. 

Sometimes it's good to just have a main focus in a place, the quality will definitely be assured. 

tumblr feels wallpaper. 
'We focus on only one thing : delicious, high quality coffee.'

Yes, I agree. 

It surprised me that they actually have coffee art even if I order a take away!

This cup of 4 aussie dollar coffee actually makes my day!

I snap a few pictures, not wanting to cover up because it's so pretty. However, I am too clumsy to do so. I need to prevent it from spilling. My high quality coffee isn't just going to give Melbourne streets the advantage. 

It makes a great breakfast with Borek . 

It's hot.

This is me pigging out while walking to the park because I wanted to snap some pictures!

It was only 10am in the morning, and the weather was great. It's chilly and comfortable. So we went around the park , taking pictures because it's so beautiful. I really love the parks in Aussie , it's always clean!

' Baby I'm so cold. Hold me.'

This quotes matches well , don't you think so? haha. 

Thank you for the morning coffee. 

It made my morning. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Foodie in Melaka.


This will be a post containing my 3d2n trip in Melaka with my mates. It was actually a food trip because I never felt hungry once , the whole trip. When my stomach has a little space, we will then eat again filling it up. Besides that, we also went to a few themed cafes which I'm eager to go since forever. I was so glad that they put up to my hobby of visiting cafes. 

Keep this post in your bookmark if you tend to visit Melaka , because I'm gonna introduce you the places where I've visited for food and it was all good!



We stayed in an apartment instead of hotels and it was a pleasant place with 3 rooms and kitchen with only rm450 for two nights! 

It's ridiculously cheap with the beautiful and new interior they offer us with aircond in three rooms and also in the living , huge kitchen , with astro and most importantly, WIFI!!!


Visited Klebang Beach , and was happy with the pictures I took. hehehe.


Softer era of me ; looking all girly.

Klebang Beach is ten times cleaner than Port Dickson . The sand is really white too. It's worth a visit!


now, the food pictures begins!


Jonker 88 

where it's famous for Nyonya Laksa.

Unfortunately, we were late that day thus, they only have asam laksa left which was still good!


Of course, and their Durian Cendol and Gula Melaka Cendol which is a must have with your bowl of goodness. 

This place is a must go in Melaka. Your trip will never be complete without having them!

Since it was during weekends , we get to visit Jonker Night market which only happens on weekends. The previous time I visited was on weekdays because we wanted to avoid the crowd. This is actually my first time visited the Night Market, and was very excited with their street food!



One for RM2 ; unfortunately the peanut butter filling was too little!



BBQ Potato Chips ;
made from Scratch. 

One stick with a potato each, only cost rm3 is all good. They even offer different kinds of toppings like wasabi, cheese, bbq and various choices which I don't remember. It is one of the best selling snacks compared to other stalls among foreigners. 

Because , potato is awesomeeee.  


A super tourist picture with my potato chips!


Flower Pot Ice Cream.

The Small one cost RM5 ; and the large one which I'm holding is RM 7. 

They have different flavours of ice-cream and the boys chooses Yam flavour which will also be my choice. Didn't want to buy a pot for myself because it will spoil my appetite for dinner , so I shamelessly steal theirs. 

Compare to the dessert, I think they are selling their creativity. 

The topping of oreo was really good! I thought that the ice - cream will be very little but it takes 4 of us to finish it. 


Tourist picture take 2, with the Jonker Walk sign . lol.


Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup ,

which is located in Jalan Ong Kim Wee. 

I've never tried Capitol Satay Celup which is the no.1 famous one , but I think Ban Lee Siang is good enough.  It was a very happy dinner despite me sweating like a cow with my make up on. Is it just me or the Lime Juice they serve taste good? lol. 

It's a must visit!!


Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball 

at Jalan Hang Jebat which is famous with the long queue and arrogant attitude of the workers.

You are not allowed to order as you wish. They will ask for the number of people whom is dining in, and serve you with the portion they think is sufficient. Even if you want to add rice , you have to do it at the beginning of the order and not allow to do it after a while. 

Despite the service was horrible, I think that the chicken rice was good. I never had such good chicken rice ball in my life . The last time, I had chicken rice ball with my family - it was horrible and the rice was cold. I don't really fancy rice but they were so good that I had more than 5 rice balls! Not to mention that the chicken was so gooooood too. And now, I understand why people would queue under the rain with an umbrella for this. 


San Shu Gong Durian Cendol 

Look at the cute packaging I'm holding. My friends and I actually decide to take away and had it together with the red house, rather than being mainstream eating in the place. 

I personally think that it's better than Jonker 88's Cendol. 



How could you forget Nadeje! 


Clockwise motion ;
Double Chocolaye , Green Tea , Original and Chocolate Banana!

I recommend Chocolate Banana!


Eyeing on people's cake when I have two infront of me, lols.


Klebang Coconut Shake

The location is pretty absurd since it's right beside the highway which there's always difficulties of finding parking. However, the queue is still insane no matter what.

RM2.20 for this coconut shake with ice-cream! 

It was all good . It's my favorite from Melaka!


Ikan Bakar Umbai

And this is one of the most satisfying dinner I had in Melaka. It's really hard to find good Ikan Bakar back in KL. It's one of the most expensive meal we have in Melaka but I give two thumbs up for it, and the price really didn't matter. 

It's so good so it's a must visit!



Case De Cafe

where we had late midnight coffee before we head back to KL the next day. I have visited more coffee shops but I'm gonna do it in a separate post!


It was such a good awesome foodie trip with them. 

Can we do it again, pleaseeeeeee?

Hopefully this post can help you to find food in Melaka , hahahaha. xx


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Pancake Parlour .

Loving the huge chair perfect for picture purpose in the place. 

It was back to the second day of me arriving Melbourne where I need satisfy my sweet tooth cravings after a little shopping. I was craving for pancakes ; thus we headed to The Pancake Parlour. 

The Pancake Parlour is franchise so it's not difficult to find around the Melbourne. I went to the franchise in Bourke Street Mall where the place is actually underground. I believe that you thought I chose this location among the others because it's underground but no, it was the closest and my legs are literally breaking from all the walking. 

The entrance which reminds me of the circus. 

It was empty and we are the only customers. The timing was really weird which was around 4-5 Melbourne time ; and if I'm back here in Malaysia , I would be eating brunch around that time. Perhaps it was my body clock, or I am hungry for no apparent reason.


Took pictures of the interior because I don't think we can find a place that is like this back here.

This branch is really big. 

And the interior somehow reminds me of TGI Fridays ; do you think so too?

Most of our orders includes pancakes since it's the main reason why we are here ; 

Short Pancake Stacks with Chocolate Ice Cream ; 11.90aud 

They have different size of stacks from short, regular to long with vary prices of course. This is definitely a good choice for people who like originality. 

If you are not fond of ice cream, they have maple syrup and butter as topping too. If you are on diet, they even have organic maple syrup with the additional charge of 3aud. But seriously, I would rather get fat than to pay RM10 for organic syrup. No way that you are going to con me just with the word of 'organic' .

Chocolate Julibe -  18.90aud

This would be one of the well-known one. Instead of buttermilk, the pancake is made out of chocolate which actually taste like brownies to me. I am not very fond of chocolate but I find this nice as well. Their generosity of strawberries deserves too thumbs up. 

Chocolate Lovers, this is where you find your heaven. 

Hot Buttered Walnuts - 18.90aud

This is my choice of order because I originally like walnuts. Buttermilk pancakes topped with maple syrup and a little cinnamon , not forgetting the amount of walnuts given and a scoop of ice cream. I was so happy with the amount of walnuts given. 

Besides that, we also ordered a savoury platter just to try it out. 

Country Breakfast - 19.70aud

This is definitely a hearty portion of big breakfast. Perhaps it may be too much for a person. However, the portion definitely match up with the price they charge. It was a little disappointing that they burnt the sunny side up. I wouldn't want to give negative comments about a franchise but the quality of food should always be maintained despite how good the name is. 


Ip5s quality pictures could match up with normal camera's standard, huh. 

It was a great tea time at pancake parlour with the bunch. I think that I had too much of pancakes that I don't even crave for it anymore. 

Let me end this post with my favourite picture of the day ;