Thursday, November 29, 2012


I was at Baiyoke Tower , almost 84 floors up and see those pretty city lights shining like little stars under my feet. 

I've never thought looking at lights makes me feel so happy and contented. Being way up here reminds me that I'm lucky to be living my life now. Some people might work their whole life and still starve and yet, I'm up here looking at these.

It's so breathtakingly beautiful.

Someday ,

I believe that there will be someone out there would accompany me to see something like this in future.

The best moment in Bangkok was this.

Sunday, November 25, 2012



I'm in Bangggggg to the Kokkkk , wtf.

I just want to tell you how excited I am because I get to wear my BOY LONDON tee! 

Till then.


Friday, November 23, 2012


Shamelessly promoting goods from RR!

Click here!

So this is one of my favorite earrings from Wish collections of accessories in RR!

Skull design! 

And it's only RM 5 each pair! : )

Skull Clutch from RR and apparently it's the best selling item , for this collection.

Don't worry , bad girls! 

I'm restocking it :D

Don't you think it's so bad ass! And you don't know how much alike it is with Alexander McQueen. I don't even know that it's under CLUB 21 wtf. I used to think that only AX is under club 21. All these expensive branded goods, sigh.

I'll only stick with my cheap goods with GOOD quality of course.

Only RM42 -.- WTF SO CHEAP.

I can act cute too! :D

How short can my update be, seriously.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just like another spoiled child...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012






Givenchy Nightingale.

Talking about materialistic..

Since when I am addicted to these..

Monday, November 19, 2012

As the day goes.

High Tea & Some shopping time with Jacinth & Mingli from the other day at Pavillion. 

Hi Tea at TWG

and ,

I swear the tea is not enough for me! I just think that drinks are essentials for hi-tea.


I deleted my favorite photo of that day then got all emo .

accessories of the day.

How do you like my Angel Wing Ring?

Can't wait to bring them into RR :)

Just simple and casual make up and outfit. I was so lazy to run through my closet. Oh well, my attention are all on accessories now.

And to H&M

Don't manage to get anything though.

I wanted to buy the aztec dress and it was only 60 ringgit . The thought of me clashing it with other people cut the thought of buying off. Is it just me - I don't like to clash outfit with people because they normally wears it better than me TT So , I gave up on the thought. I saw a number of people camwhore with this dress and bought it & that's the only reason I can convince myself that it's fine to miss it out.

I wish I bought it instead.

I am a lazy blogger, I know.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sad Tango.


Just a short update today because I'm rushing.

So after exam, 
we have decided a last minute dinner plan at bangsar. We as in Kevan, ChinKeat , MingLi and I. To look back from year 2009 to 2011 - the four of us always hang out together. I mean, we always go everywhere together and even spend new years eve and Christmas eve together. 

It's sad that we hang out less now, despite the fact that we are in the same college. 

we still keep in touch once in a while though. 

Head to pyramid for a little while to COD with some buyers. I still remember it was raining so heavily!

I think - my make up didn't suit me. 

Oh well,
I should stick to the usual routine.

And settle down at Alexis , Bangsar.

That dinner ruined me, I swear. Sigh.

MingLi and I.

The usual outfit of the night post!

Cardigan from Idk where ( it was like 3 years ago)
Dress from F21.
Flats from Brands Outlet ( 2 FOR 75 SUMORE TT)
Clutch - *secret* :D

It was a great catching up session after all! I totally love the environment in Bangsar : )

Mint Green Nails! : )

Bye love! 


Friday, November 16, 2012

Nothing much.

Just a short update with pictures from my phone. 

I think my camera have been covered with dust ever since BB's concert. I don't really use it anymore. It's even more troublesome to transfer the picture from the camera to my comp. I'm already so lazy with my phone, I don't think I bother to do that with my camera either. 

I have been very stressed out & my exam is over. I don't even know why I am feeling so tense up, even over little things. It's not healthy but I just couldn't help it.

So I went to a Japanese style like spa in PJ , as recommended by my friend 



Look at those eyebags .

And the other day , I was SS-ing in pyramid's toilet. 

Went over to get some pants since I have none.  I didn't know pyramid change their toilet bowl. I was like : EH SO MANY BUTTONS ONE. lol.

Little black dress!

I dare to camwhore everywhere . I don't really care if people is looking at me, lol. Thick face level x1000000000 

The boy london tees all the way from U to the K.

I am never a tshirt kind of girl . There's a period of time I always have tshirts and long jeans but then, my dad said it's too tomboy-ish so he buy me more girly kind of outifit and then - I never touch tshirt again. I don't even have polo tees or maybe one or two for my driving classes. Then, I never touch them again. I guess I should go get some - in other to have all kinds of outfit, lol.

I really love BOY LONDON - it's like swaaaaaag.

The dip dye pastel shorts from PASTEL SHORTS - a facebook page. 

I really love the colours though and the service is really good. The best part is where , they are on time. They told me that I would receive it by 10 or 11 and really - they arrive at 10! I never really shop online because I have my own supplier and moreover, Raqul Reed is here . But I really want shorts like this so yeah, I went and purchase it. Thanks to Manda for sending me this page.

I got the shorts and I'm planning to find a high waist dip dye shorts with studs. Sound good?

Unrelated picture out of nowhere , lol.

But I love the picture of TOP so much. Yes, it's TOP and I know it doesn't look like him. He always look fierce and scary, no? Look at the picture above - it's so angelic *put palms together*
He put on so much weight , lol!

I still love him with his tight leather red skinny jeans * wiggle brows* 

I swear November is the luckiest month.

I added Garb Age - which is a online boutique quite long ago then the owner approach me and ask me to join a contest by easily share and like the picture so I did it twice to show some support. 
and unexpectedly,
I was chosen to be the winner! 

I wasn't sure what the price is but I'm really happy to be the winner though.

Believe me or not,
I never have luck in lucky draws -.-

Oh well,
I guess after the wink from TOP change my fate ...... :D

Last paper on the 12 and I just simply do because I can't wait for it to be over. I just want to get home and sleep. 

this is how I actually look like originally.

My power is 600+ and 800+ .

You don't know how thick and heavy my glasses are. I'm practically blind when I don't have my specs or lenses on. I can't even see the person's face even if he or she is just an arm away.

Remember I have mention in this post ?

I wanted to buy a sport shoe or just shoes to match with my casual outfit. And so - as mentioned, I decided on the leopard print ones. I wanted the floral design but there aren't any size of available and I really think it's too girly for me and so - leopard print it is.

I can't believe that I really spend half of my own earnings after IDK how long on that shoe. Honestly, I can still feel the pain in my heart when I recall the time where the promoter swap my card. 

This shoe cost me 690 bucks.

It's like,
690 BUCKS!

I can buy so many dresses, heels , make up and even head to penang for a holiday omgwtfbbq TT

But to think at the bright side,
at least I've gotten myself something I want in such a long time and not spending my dad's money. To think back, this is just a reward for myself for all my hard work. 

So I guess, 
it's worth the price.

Till then.