Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Make Love by Big Bang.

I never knew I'd find a love so true
This one right here, is just for you

Remember that One day
I held your hands then I kissed your lips then I told you
Our love was meant to be and always will forever
Give me that happiness I get from you just being there

I always see you when I close my eyes, you're on my mind
So can't you see, I need you right here with me, close by my side
This time for sure, Gonna let you know, My love is straight from the heart

Forever you're my girl, Forever be my world
You are the only one
The only one I'll ever need, my life is you and me
Forever you're my girl,Forever be my world
You are the only one
I'll never break your heart "no", so baby don't let go

Even through the hard times
We made it through just fine
When it hurt we put in the work
To show that I'm yours
And that your mine
That's how we got this far
Let's never be apart
Girl, you're my queen
I'm here for you
'Cuz you're my everything

You always make me feel like everything's gonna be alright
Wit the things you do, because it's you the real true love of my life
This time for sure, Gonna let you know, My love is straight from the heart
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Forever you my girl,Forever be my world
You are the only one
The only one I'll ever need, my life is you & me
Forever you my girl,Forever be my world
You are the only one
I'll never break your heart "no", so baby don't let go

Uh... baby! 
You know I'd walk them miles
Climb mountains switch up styles
All I wanna do, is be with you 
Ain't no matter what, where and how
[Right here and now] we can both get down [straight work it out] yeah
Like that sound bump 'n grindin' perfect timin'
Let's dine and both be proud yeah yeah yeah

Gonna take you on a joyride today
Me and you stay true never hesitate
To make love — sure enough
You're the only one I'm ever thinkin' of
Just to hold you baby I can hardly wait
As we go through the motions damn it's great
To make love — sure enough
We're gonna take it to the end and that's what's up

You are the only one I want to spend my whole life with I know
Anywhere you are, that's where I will call home
So just take my hand and say that you will never let it go
Two hearts always beating as one forever more

Forever you my girl Forever be my world
You are the only one
The only one I'll ever need, my life is you & me
Forever you my girl Forever be my world
You are the only one
I'll never break your heart "no", so baby don't let go

I'm nothing without you I'm nothing without you girl
I'm nothing without you I'm nothing without you girl
My love

p.s must download!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cause baby, you are the one.

Just a short update before I head to bed.

I guess that my life is really boring that I have nothing much to update about anymore. It's proven from the number of loss of reader. Somehow, I never feel like giving up on blogging. I just want to keep this blog going on , so I could read back my past and realized the mistakes I have done. And of course, to remind myself to not forgive people who put me through deep shits before. I really don't want to go through those kind of moments anymore.

And oh yay, I'm finally a legal driver.


I have like 3 incidents in two days , fml.

So last friday, instead of eating with Mingli as usual. I went with my classmates as we have something to do together. They brought me to this real nice place which is quite far away from college - if walking distance. It serves good spaghetti and most of all, the ambiance is really nice. It would be really romantic to have dinner at night for the couples, but I'm sure that it's going to cost a bomb. But, the lunch set for students is really really reasonable.

The bow :p

It's actually bright orange, haha.

And nice mirror in the restaurant?

too tempting!

Hi :p

A new way to camwhore , LOL.

Carmen & Carmen.

Everytime I call her, I feel like I'm calling myself . LOL.

eyebags -.-

The colour of my bow under the pretty lightnings in the restaurant.

It's even more prettier , in real.

Sometimes, it's amazing how iphone HDR could take such nice pictures. The spaghetti look so yummy TT. I chose cream cabonara. I guess, I'll try to try another flavor the next time. Oh yeah, the set comes with a soup, a drink and dessert! How awesome right?

Couldn't help it.

You don't know the stare they gave me when they see me camwhoring.

But oh well,
goodnight loves.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shine A light.

The pictures above were in my phone from ages. I still remember I literally took at least a hundred photos in 20 minutes , while waiting for my bathtub to fill in. The sunlight just made me feel that my hair look nicer, in a mess wtf. That was the ever first time I feel okay with my hair in a mess.

Oh well,
you have no idea how narcissistic I can get day by day. Probably beyond your imagination , lol.

And remember the twins I used to blog about?

here they are! 

Took them to Mydin the other day. No wait, I was forced to be there and left with them. You have no idea how many things I have to deal with. Growing up is sure no fun at all.

But ,
I'm so glad that they're growing up so well and healthy.

I really don't want them to grow up and realized that the world is that realistic and scary.

oh well,
good night (:

Just a short update to tell you that I'm alive, lol.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vainity ,
that word couldn't even describe me.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Forever be my world.

Just a short update to keep my blog alive.

I realized that,
I have not enough time for everything even studies. 

I slacked too much so I decided to stay home last weekend and all I read was a chapter of econs which didn't even help at all. I have so many more chapters to go for law and haven't even flip a page of business first. I guess I should just off my phone the entire month or put it on silent or something. There are not much time left and honestly, I'm getting paranoid TT

To take a 'break' from studies ( 1 chapter of econs which is chapter one wtf) ,
my aunt and I decided to hang out at pavillion. Little Venice did tag along too and have I told you that both of us never get along. I'm going to be eighteen in less than a month time and I still argue with a 5 year old kid wtf. The worst thing is , I lost -.-

But oh well,
camwhore shots in the car.

Hi, eyeliner! :p

favorite spec frame :p

I have more pictures in my phone but I don't think that, your time would worth them.

We reached there around 430pm.

That's because my family NEVER wakes up early , except for my grandma and maid. The earliest we wake up is 12pm and the latest might be in the evening. I woke up at 6pm before and I slept at 12 the night before. No joke. And, another thing is we are never punctual..unless there are something really really important though.

Off to tokyo street since I was craving for ramen.

Those look where people just stare at you when you act all tourist TT

Didn't settled for ramen though and instead, something better. 

Suki-Ya for dins.

It's like sukiyaki that you find in Jap restaurant but this time , there is a free flow of beef, lamb and chicken. The side ingredients are unlimited , although there are only a few varieties. The sushi was awesome and the best thing they have is the roasted rice flavored ice-cream. Gosh, I ate 3 wtf.

when I feel depressed or so , I used to eat 7 scoops of ice cream. 
maybe more lol.


the awesome Ice cream I was talking about.

And toilet break?

And to think back,
I used to love striking colours and although I still do, I do not really wear them anymore. I just don't want to be too outstanding in college wtf. People in college normally wear clothes in dark colours or simple attire which gives them alot of comfort. I really wish that I could have all design of jerseys and different basketball jersey or whatever it is and wear them to college everyday. It's so hard to just go around to find one nice shirt. Plus, my wardrobe had never been tidy since 2 months ago. It's freaking overloaded ):

Need to really touch up my hair soon TT

and after hanging around , shopping or so.

Juice Works!

It's definitely better than starbucks. It's healthier , more cheaper and of course , I do not feel very sick of the creamy taste. It's really refreshing too.

Try waterworks! 


wish me luck for driving test tmr TT


Monday, May 14, 2012

It's funny how time flies.

It's funny how when I see you, I already feel nothing at all.

It's even funnier that I start to rely on somebody else again.


it's really funny that things are actually back to square one.

Ha Ha Ha.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Double Double Double Double Combo.

Just some random update of me during Fridays. 

I do not really like to take pictures nowadays as I don't bring my camera along anymore. I normally use my phone , the secondary camera to take pictures and mostly, it's myself. But, I kinda took quite alot of pictures on friday which only don't consist myself. But before that, did my previous post made you hungry? I really have no idea where do those pictures came from and I guess, I'm just too used to take picture just like that. 

And so , 
friday started off okay and the dress code was red.

Since I'm in law class so I guess, it's not surprise that I'm in Law Society. I guess I'm one of the most useless one around since I have always been skipping meeting due to transport problems and so. But we have events these few days and the last one , will be on monday. So I hope you guys ( who is in Taylor's SS15) to drop by to buy some batches , take some polaroids and leave some facebook message.

Trust me,
you will be fascinated with the facebook message thing.

And some classmate that I hang out with right now,

You have no idea how nice and happy they make me feel. And of course, different personalities may crash everytime but definitely it is better to actually speaks what they think. Just like some old sentence people always say, I seriously never thought that we could actually get along.

If you know me in person, you should know how slow I am in doing my work. You can never imagine my laziness and how blur I am. In other words, stupid -.-
they are patient enough to guide me through.

I have also read some question from my formspring asking why I do not hang out with some of my old friends anymore. And this is the first time and will be last time of me clarifying the rumors you have heard or so. Oh well, I can imagine how many arrows will be turn to me but it's okay.. since, it's not the first time anymore.

The fact is,
I still DO hang out with the old people I use to hang out with and I also want to question where their patience come from, actually. I do not hang out with SOME of them anymore because I realized that they couldn't accept me for who I am. Tbh, I never did something that is too over to 'them' and I swear, I never even 'bully' them. That's what I heard so don't assume that what I say is totally right and of course, don't assume it's YOU unless you're guilty of something. I just don't know how people love to turn all the stories all around just to get rid of me and instead, I hope they tell me in my face. If they do that, I could at least let out everything I have inside me but based on what I know, cowards without any guts would just search for another shelter and attack people from that shit hole. In other words, only retarded people do that.
I mean like,
I used to think that they are that *insertsuitableword* and I guess , first impression they gave me is right .

I know it sound so ridiculous right now. I also feel ridiculous about myself because I can't believe that I was so stupid that I cried over them hating on me for fucks. yes, for fucks. Why did I even waste my time, effort and tears on them -.- And oh well, if I got a time machine and go back before how we used to know each other. I swear, I will not choose the same path. And also, I might be 'bitchy' ( just like how they call me) and kick them in their face as well. 

You have no idea how much I want to rip those innocent face off them , every moment.

Treating a person you dislike nicely is not fake, it shows that you are mature enough to put those grudges behind to work for something more important.
But what I meant was,
I don't even care about their existence anymore. 

I repeat ,
Don't assume I am talking about you unless you're guilty of something (:

so bitchy :p

Somebody's shades .

And around 1130am, 
we went down to set up the booth.

This is an example of the facebook message thing,

I see my faces :p muahahaha!

One of my favorite message from Amanda. Yes, currently an active VIP.


And it was quite quiet as most of them went to Teacher's Day celebration. Since class dismisses early, everyone should be out.

My CMI hair. ): 


And ,
classmates and I just sat at the bench by the guardhouse and sang our lungs off for an hour. 

You have no idea how many people gave us weird looks. But, YOLO right? hahahaha. 

Got so angry , grumpy after that since my friends and I was stoning and not doing anything. So I went home and lazed around until Xiuming came over. After she went home, I washed up and there we go for dinner at ou.

I look so tired everyday. ):

At Sushi Zanmai for dins. 

I have been eating alot of japs lately though ):

which cost me 15bucks TT

And walk around ou.

I am not going to shop anymore, I swear. Other than me being broke, my clothes couldn't fit anywhere anymore. I will just repeat every single thing.

I need a new iphone cover, again ):

And went for Dark Shadows around 1030pm.

I guess it's one of the best show I have watch so far other than Avengers of course. It's really funny and really, Johnny Depp will never disappoint me. 

Oh well,
knocked out around 1 or 2am.


ps Raqul Reed is on hiatus. ):