Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Double Double Double Combo, Bubble Bubble Bubble Gum.

Oh hi (:
Just like what I said in my previous post, I did went to queue for Big Bang's concert ticket in Malaysia in the middle of the night which is 4am.

But still,
I didn't get the VIP ticket that I want so bad as it's sold out together with the Premier Rockpit tickets in half an hour time. I swear that I cried on the spot as I literally went with a heavy head. I just want to sleep then but I guess, once in a lifetime - it would be worth it. I used to queue for Rain's tickets in year 2007 overnight but I had my parents with me , I was sleeping in the car though but this time, I'm just with a friend. I did meet more friendly VIPs over there and we spend so much time talking about Big Bang and our bias. 

It was definitely a very awesome experience and I want to keep every part of it until they announced that the tickets I want is sold out. Lucky me , as I got the last Cat 3 tickets which is around rm488 but still, I want the VIP one. As a 'quite' hardcore fan, honestly - I would pay extra for the VIP tickets though. I mean, I would just fork out my own money to get it as I can''t be heading to the stadium early to queue to get a good place. Oh well, I'll see where my luck goes.

But trust me, 
luck haven't been on my side lately.

I start knowing Big Bang with the song , 'Haru Haru' in year 2007 - I think. I still remember as my friend was playing the song with her orange turn turn sony ericson phone. The song was just fine , to me. I loved the song 'Lie' more though. I didn't bother even to look at their faces on the net , as I was crazy over Rain and still am! 

Things changed until I notice GD , Kwon Ji Young with Heartbreaker. Oh hot damn, he was so hot and adorable and I go like @!%@^@#&#*#%*&#$^%#@%@# over him. The song' breathe' was just that good. 

I didn't really go fangirling over them until GDTOP - sub unit group came out. Most of my friends were crazy over Tae Yang with Wedding Dress & I need a girl. Oh well, nobody can compare to GDTOP :D - to me.

And ,
High High was really good. I swear, I have been playing it all the time and go all hyper over it. 

TOP was so good with his white hair and I was watching IRIS , there goes - my bias in Big Bang is him and all the VIP I met, likes him too. I also love GD alot but, he doesn't look violent enough. Muahhahahah. 

How can anyone look that good with silver white hair, seriously!

Gosh (:

Best picture ever , I swear. So handsome! :p


And I don't know why ,
GD just attracts everyone - as in everyone even boys. I have quite a number of guy friends that admire him. Not because he is cute, but he have that swag that make people go " oh my god, this boy is damn..." And , nobody could doubt his talent in music. He's only turning 24 this August 18,  for god sake - and he is driving a white Bentley sport and I seriously want to know how much he have earn with his copyrighted song.

His fashion sense is really good although I hated some of them because it made him looks 'dirty'. I prefer him with just a long sleeve shirt and jeans - just simple outfit already make him look that good, I swear. 

And his recent pink hair is good except for the center parting.

Oh well,
G Dragon is just looking good in everything . He just have the confidence that make him shines , no?

Sorry, it's too cute! :p

I screamed when I see this picture. I mean..it's like..so sexy TT

It's so .... it's like porn, you know !

Out of all the song GDTOP have , my favourite was


I can even rap the parts right now , of course with the music along. I replay the song more than twenty times a day , I swear. I think it's the best song in the album. I loooooooooooveeeeee it so much.

Idk why YG removed the music video from Youtube but seriously, the music video is nice. And you notice the hoodie that they are wearing? It's so pretty with the playboy - GD TOP sign at the back. People call it the 'playboy' sign while to me, it represent GDTOP. IDC IF IT BELONGS TO PLAYBOY , I DON'T CARE!!! GR * VIP power*

Other than the black and white one,
they even have the red one .

I wanted it so bad and it was like heaven when I got the news YGeshop is selling them . 

It was heaven until it's sold out, wtf. I mean like, I was collecting money okay! And , it was sold out ): I really dig high and low for the hoodie though. I mean, I would just find anyway, everyway to just get it.

Although this song is from 2 years ago - late 2010 , I still want the hoodie so bad. I wish I could just go to Korea and get them back from the official shop itself as they don't put it online anymore. I mean, I really want it that bad!

And there comes my dream came true.


And yes, 
I got it from Korea and it's original. 

Just so you know, 
I owned a blogshop  - Raqul Reed which is currently under 'renovation' as I want to change the whole concept. I now get my stocks from Korea instead of getting from local suppliers as I don't want to clash outfits with the other blogshops. 
So, I was telling my supplier about how much I love GDTOP and wanted their merchandise especially this hoodie. They ( as Idk which one of them) actually went to YG official shop and got one for me - of course , with the original price for one. I chose the red one with zip though because it's so nice!

I actually hesitated whether it was real or not , until I saw the GDTOP sticker at the cover together with YG entertainment sticker at the bottom. The quality of the hoodie is really good though. It's really thick and really keeps me warm - but Malaysia is so hot so I could only wear in college which was freezing cold. And you don't know how happy I was wearing it, I feel GD AND TOP wtf. 

Some of my friends also wanted it as they love them too and honestly, who wouldn't?

I have decided to bring in - in bulk by using Raqul Reed's name .

I wanted to be selfish and special so I can only be the one who have it. It's difficult for other people to get it as , they don't really have connections in Korea and thank god, I have a blogshop. 
Thank you, Raqul Reed!

This is one of the catalog the supplier send me , with the bulk price and the price with single pieces. The price range is definitely different and I don't care, I'm going to buy every piece with different colour. I would just spend my whole month allowance on that, I don't care if I'm going to be penniless the rest of the moth or whatever.

They even give me the size . I'm not sure whether S is available in Korea though because YGeshop used to start at M size and I bought M size. 

And now,
I'm so freaking proud that I have it!


Oh yeah :p

And so , 
the main point of this whole blog post isn't just about me bragging getting this original hoodie from Korea.

I'm also doing you people , I mean VIPs a favor.

I could help you guys to buy the hoodie and post it to your guys no matter where you are!
But currently, I only have the price range of a few countries as it's stated in the catalog.

So it means that,

I really love it though - I was stuck in the jam while it's raining. It was so cold!

And so,
to whoever which is interested - you can email me at limcarmenxo@live.com

I'll reply asap and don't worry, I could ship worldwide but of course, it kills at shipping fees.

It'll be always available unless the official shop in Korea ran out of stock - which is saddening. I'll send you guys the catalog if you email me!




Email me at limcarmenxo@live.com.


Saturday, July 28, 2012






Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Party like a rockstar!

It've been long , no?

I swear Raqul Reed , college and all those hang out sessions with different people occupied my time completely. Do you know that there's only a month left to my trials and I'm still going everywhere. It's not actually a benefit to get license but oh well, it's beneficial in many more ways.

I guess , 
that's how it feels like growing up.

The smell of freedom never been odd to me since I'm in high school but seriously, I guess I should get lock up somehow. It's getting overboard and trust me, for the past months on weekends - I've never been home. And suddenly,I realized I miss home so much. Trust me, nothin is better than home.

there are some pictures I've transferred from my camera.

The other friday at Vertigo for Xuelin's eighteen. 

Another legal babe! :p

I hate how my cameras takes blur pictures !


Totally love how my hair turns out but as you can see, it's fizzy.


Awesome dress from bangkok! 

Childhood neighbor!


that claimed, he looks like TOP wtf hahaha. he's so cute!

And some other pictures ,

love this.

love this, although my eyes is retarded.

And you know what,
I have more obscene pictures and I wanna slap myself.

Alcohol always beats me flat and take control of what I wanted to do.

Ish ,

Oh well,
I updated , no?


ps too ugly to camwhore these days.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

So busy nowdays .

I'll update soon, I love you.

Visit Raqul Reed, please!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Not changing.

You know what?

Sometimes words couldn't just explain how I feel.

Oh well,

I swear it will heal. 

Or maybe,
it's just going to get extra longer time to heal

Or maybe - just maybe,
it will never heal.